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14 koolness234, Jan 20, 2018

First of all this list is completely my opinion remember that before you decide to get your pitchforks out. I will not be including myself on this list even though I did win in 2017 :). Also for those suggesting placements for themselves in pms feel free to make your own list and tag me in them. Sorry for the delay school is fucking me in the anus.
Bengalboy The British lad that so many of us want to fuck and so many of us already have. Came into stars the clear favorite what was interesting about this stars is that you have some very notable players in there ie myself justme halloween ect and then some flops but... Nevertheless, Dru was able to help formulate a strong alliances called the #vets who controlled the game without anyone ever knowing. We all played our part in preventing bengalboy and justme from going up for 7 dcs in a row. The only reason Dru is this high on the list is because it was kind of expected that he would win. Despite him probably being able to go up 8 times and still take home the crown he fought hard and played one of the better strategic games in the house.


STARS 467: What the f*ck was all that about?

25 BengalBoy, Oct 28, 2017

TL;DR VLOG/QUOTES https://tengaged.com/blog/BengalBoy/8333116/vlog-cheeky-stars-vlog
MORE QUOTES https://tengaged.com/blog/JustMe/8332508/best-stars-467
In one of the most entertaining games I've ever played, I made it to final 4 with someone I've seen n*** (jk ;p) and a top mate who lives close to me. Some people dedicated their entire games to getting me up and out, now they're all gone and I'm here. I know a lot of the noms really PERPLEXED some people so here's why things went down as they did...
DAY 1/2: Bluejay7622 vs jhoffheat (x)
From the beginning, me, JustMe, EliotWhi, koolness234 and tpidude73 banded together making a strong and loyal core 5- this became the #Vets. We knew people would be targeting us together and we had to work to avoid any of us going up.
Another chat was made by packersfan12 called 'Irrelevants', their main goal was getting us more known players out, starting with me and Sue. For some wacky reason Eliot was added and instantly leaked to us- https://prnt.sc/h0cjwb . Eliot went to work on causing chaos amongst their alliance while me and Sue got side allies- joey96, Volibear and Obstreperous in particular were a few of the people I personally tried to build a rapport with.
Jhoff brought himself down by exposing his alliance in the game, meanwhile Eliot made Bluejay into an easy target. We turned the game on them and kept ourselves safe.
[03:45:04] jhoffheat: Everyone is saying that I want everyone nommed
[03:45:30] dru: right
[03:45:34] dru: so whos telling lies?
[03:45:46] jhoffheat: Honestly everyone including me
[03:45:56] dru: LMAO
[22/10/2017 04:27:05] SUE: LOL NOW THE SETS ARE bluejay/jhoff jhoff/voli bluejay/voli
[22/10/2017 04:27:14] dru: LMFAO
[22/10/2017 04:27:18] dru: as long as it aint us
[22/10/2017 04:27:41] SUE: THIS IS LITERALLY CRAZY
[22/10/2017 04:27:50] dru: i think its hilarious no ones even nomming us
[22/10/2017 04:27:51] SUE: 4 hours ago me and you were the only nomset
[22/10/2017 04:28:11] dru: as long as we keep letting other people shoot themselves in the foot it should be alright
[22/10/2017 04:56:05] SUE: spartagow just told me everyone is locking in jhoff and me/you isn’t even a set anymore
[22/10/2017 04:56:13] dru: ROFL good
[22/10/2017 04:56:32] SUE: how in the world did we pull that off
[22/10/2017 04:56:36] SUE: the biggest targets
[22/10/2017 04:56:42] SUE: and we aren’t a choice now.....
[22/10/2017 04:57:17] dru: I think people realised jhoffheat and bluejay495282 are bigger popularity threats
[23/10/2017 01:37:54] Sparta Gow: I'm gonna be straight up
[23/10/2017 01:38:10] Sparta Gow: The reason I went after u two was bc I wanted to make a name for myself on tengaged
[23/10/2017 01:38:16] Sparta Gow: I watched maturo's cast assessment
[23/10/2017 01:38:22] Sparta Gow: And..


Best of Stars 467

4 JustMe, Oct 28, 2017

After a LONG HARD game, #Vets made F6 and that is something we all can be proud of!
koolness234 eliotwhi tpidude73 bengalboy ILY so much! Thanks for a great game!
I just had to share this because it was #iconic and I still laugh about it........
[10/24/17, 4:50:17 PM] SUE: It don’t matter to me at this point id rather renom garret
[10/24/17, 4:50:21 PM] dru: lmao
[10/24/17, 4:50:22 PM] SUE: Get him out
[10/24/17, 4:50:22 PM] dru: [22:49:42] Bluejay//Wes: Would u do Cyrus/packers
[22:49:52] Bluejay//Wes: Sue said she would and so did mike
[22:50:08] dru: oh really?
[10/24/17, 4:50:39 PM] Eliotwhi: are we renomming garment ow
[10/24/17, 4:50:40 PM] Eliotwhi: lmfao
[10/24/17, 4:50:48 PM] Mike - tpi: On 10/24/17, at 4:50 PM, Bluejay//Wes wrote:
> Ok sue and dru said they would
[10/24/17, 4:50:51 PM] SUE: I said I would rather
[10/24/17, 4:50:51 PM] Mike - tpi: oh really?
[10/24/17, 4:50:53 PM] dru: LMAO no I didn't :s
[10/24/17, 4:50:57 PM] josh kool: we can
[10/24/17, 4:51:00 PM] josh kool: im down for that as well
[10/24/17, 4:51:06 PM] dru: what are we diong
[10/24/17, 4:51:07 PM] Mike - tpi: I think its dumb tbh
[10/24/17, 4:51:08 PM] SUE: Get the votes
[10/24/17, 4:51:11 PM] Mike - tpi: to flavor him
[10/24/17, 4:51:17 PM] dru: what should I lock in
[10/24/17, 4:51:26 PM] josh kool: garret vs who though
[10/24/17, 4:51:28 PM] SUE: Tell me what to lock omg
[10/24/17, 4:51:34 PM] Eliotwhi: garret vs blue?
[10/24/17, 4:51:43 PM] josh kool: will we have the votes for that
[10/24/17, 4:51:50 PM] Eliotwhi: i think we could get joey
[10/24/17, 4:51:56 PM] SUE: Maybe packers
[10/24/17, 4:51:59 PM] Eliotwhi: maybe packers
[10/24/17, 4:52:00 PM] Eliotwhi: yh
[10/24/17, 4:52:03 PM] Eliotwhi: shall we do it
[10/24/17, 4:52:06 PM] Eliotwhi: it will be so funny
[10/24/17, 4:52:10 PM] Eliotwhi: garret will cry
[10/24/17, 4:52:12 PM] dru: if u want
[10/24/17, 4:52:14 PM] SUE: It will be amazing
[10/24/17, 4:52:16 PM] dru: garrets sneaky as hell
[10/24/17, 4:52:19 PM] dru: go for it
[10/24/17, 4:52:28 PM] dru: see if blue will do it
[10/24/17, 4:52:30 PM] Eliotwhi: I’m talking to joey
[10/24/17, 4:52:31 PM] dru: with like cyrus
[10/24/17, 4:53:03 PM] Eliotwhi: someone speak to packers
[10/24/17, 4:53:14 PM] Mike - tpi: wait do we have voli
[10/24/17, 4:54:09 PM] dru: LOL its happening
[10/24/17, 4:54:13 PM] dru: someone talk to voli
[10/24/17, 4:54:13 PM] josh kool: do we lock it in
[10/24/17, 4:54:13 PM] Eliotwhi: joey will do it
[10/24/17, 4:54:16 PM] Mike - tpi: wtf
[10/24/17, 4:54:16 PM] dru: yeah
[10/24/17, 4:54:17 PM] Mike - tpi: LiukBBtpi and joey going up ?
[10/24/17, 4:54:17 PM] dru: do it
[10/24/17, 4:54:18 PM] Eliotwhi: yes lock it in
[10/24/17, 4:54:18 PM] SUE: Wes isn’t answering
[10/24/17, 4:54:20 PM] Mike - tpi: AM I COUNTERED..

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