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85 JayElVeeIsBack, Mar 2, 2015

and I will tell you how you would do as
#Utsumi - You would be a fair mod and you would allow me to do all the stupid shit I want without consequences :)
#Delete2544 - You would ban everyone that is ranked between you and Maxi1234
#Pegasus1234 - You would probably become a shop owner by banning everyone that owns shops and spams and everyone that has more Ts then you :P
#Harrywasnak - You would be such a  nice mod and it would make you terrible because you would probably not ban anyone due to being too nice
#Absol - You would join a hunger and ban everyone that isnt you so that you could win
#colbelliveau - You would turn tengaged into a french only website lol jk Idk you but you seem fairly nice so I would have to say you would be a pretty decent mod
#Thumper91 - People would be posting porn and you would be like HES SUCH A SWEETIE I CANT BAN HIM
#Iggy - Well lets see first of all you would make me wake up every day being permed and then unban me and tell me you were just fucking around.
#chibideidara - You would be a nice mod but probably too nice because you would let to many people walk on you and tell you to do what they want to do. So it would be like 20 other mods that aren't you
#Padfoot - I feel like you would ban me whenever you are spamming just so you wouldnt have any competition ;) LOL and about now you would ban Marcel so you could attack him and have him die from not being able to run for 8 hours
#Boots22 - You would be the first mod to say good morning to everyone everyday it would be so nice and you would be the most social mod we ever had
#McBenjamin - The first thing you would do as T-mod is ban all of Affinity to say that you rid tengaged of a cult but your reign of terror would only last for 1 day
#Sjsoccer88 - I know for a fact you would ban Jordanlloydfan and then after you did that you would ban everyone on your current OT to assure you get another 10 merges and but after you pass Bluestar you would be a fair mod
#Shawnpat7 - You would make another one of your blogs about what rhymes with a certain word LOL JK idk much about you sorry Shawn :(
#Ilovetosing - You would ban everybody that is in the singing competitions because you want to be number one since you love to sing :) LOL idk
#_Teemo_ - You would unperm xxandytracyxx so you could go back to the TV Star life
#christossss - You would make tengaged have an honorary bae day and everyone who didnt participate would be banned for the day :P
#Tdiloka - You would be a great mod because you have been here for a long time and really would know how to enforce the rules correctly plus you seem like a by the books type of person
#Bluelagoon506 - Vishala You would be a good mod and you would take away the whole if one of the bamold premade talks shit on lemjam they get banned rule :P  So I would like it
#PurpleCows - You would become a dictator and try to perm Randomize. Which..



44 crush, Jul 6, 2014

and I'll let tell you if I would align with you in Big Brother
#Utsumi - I think I would align with you in the beginning because you would be very social player but would try and get you out in the beginning of jury. 
#AustinRules6969 - I would align with you, you would be someone loyal and someone I can work with till the end
#britney2341 - I feel like you would be an early boot I'd see how you interacted with the other houseguest and see from there.
#Chlltownofcourse - I would be wary of aligning with you, I feel like you would be in a showmance and choose that over your alliance.
#Orlando652 - I'd align with you because you would be one of the likeable people in the house, but I'd cut you off before jury
#LittleBrother123 - I don't think I would align with you because you would be playing a little to hard to fast
#Lemjam6 - I'd watch out for you, you seem like the sneaky one. I would make a fake alliance with you
#babiicakes - Yes, I'd align with you, we would have a pretty girl alliance :)
#DumbGinger - You would cause a lot of drama in the house so no I wouldn't align with you
#Thumper91 - You would be like the Jordan Loyd, so I would align with you
@rawr121 - I feel like you wouldn't have that many alliances and I'd try to reel you in one of mines
@jojo7784 - You would be one of the girls who tried very hard and gets cut off fast, so I wouldn't have a chance to align with you
@chelss - I think you would be a leader of your alliance, I'd try and make an alliance with you so I wouldn't be a target of yours
@alanb1 - You would be in the middle of the two main alliances, I'd try to persuade you to vote with us a few rounds before I get you out
@IDGAF - You would be the loud one, causing drama and making yourself a target, I'd see if you made it past the first few weeks before I would align with you .
@ImGonnaWin - You would be a threat to my game, I'd have someone nominate you.
prince_Eric - You would play both sides, and get caught, I'd nominate you and made sure you got evicted.
@baza76 - I can see myself making a core alliance with you
@yoshicoolman -  I can see you float to whoever is in power, I'd watch out for you and only align with you if I need the numbers
@BoyToy4Cato - I'd make you in my core alliance
@Maxi1234 - You would cause a lot of drama for no reason, and make yourself a target so I wouldn't align with you
@MichaelFisher - I think you would be loyal to those loyal to you so I'd align myself with you
@mikespike - You would be one of the guys who ran the house, I'd align with you.
@DaniD - You most likely would be a first boot, so I wouldn't have time to align with you.
@Kentuckyy - I can see us aligning for a little than turning on each other.
@PotatoSalad - You're gonna be the one who lays low and I'd see you as a threat and probably try to get you out.
@hwest14 - Would be the eye candy of the house, I'd align with you until I didn't..


i've finally made it on tengaged

0 Utsumi, Oct 25, 2013

i'm trending


Post the name

6 Utsumi, Jan 28, 2013

of someone that would be a good match for me to date, and i'll do the same for you!
mickjagger - satan
foxox - jacco (and you're gross)
insanity - #Utsumi

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