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PYN for an opinion

21 Carlisle, Nov 16, 2015

bc im bored and cant sleep because i just napped for 3 hours before bed lmao
Delete2544 - Yeh you're cool although we don't talk lmao because i'm not really ever online
Maxi1234 - Hopefully you've toned down the hot thirsty mess that you used to be lmao but i like you
Phenomanimal - luv you my canadian boyf xx
DanielKennedy111 - I don't think I like you tbh because you're the reason why I've wasted like 3 years on this website lmao h8 u
JasonXtreme - You're a cutie and if i was more active i'd like to talk to you more again :)
Thumper91 - #Thumpisle is love. Thumpisle is life.
Guigi - Lmao you're alright but I don't really know you. Your username always makes me think of Gurgi from the Leaky Cauldron & his 'sacrifice' is one of the saddest things in film history.
PureEssence - Ess you're adorable and although we have literally not spoke in like months lmao you're so fab & your voice is angelic < 3
Arris - lmao are you even at still!? I'll never forget all of our romantic nights together you closet gay x
Cornelia - aw im a little bit in luv with u and i still feel bad for attacking your hairline when drunk lmao. You should talk to me again although i dont have kik anymore so GL with that
RobertGuajardo - Aw Rob you're funny lmao but we don't talk at all and haven't for like 2 years oops
FighterMan - One of the few people who are "relevant" who I've never actually spoken to because you got relevant when i started not ever being online or on skype but i'm sure you're nice.
SurvivorFreak13 - Aside from your obsession with drag queens ily and you're really nice even though you're the most annoying person to play stars with ever lmao or atleast you were at the time in retrospect i understand but at the time you were like a massive thorn in my ass with all them lies
brandonpinzu - what a victim you were when johneh & sue power tripped on your ass. Stuck up for you bc you're a cutie and hope everythings good in the hood with you! :) Grats on changing your stars position from 4th to 1st i voted you to win both times.
winner132 - i like you but from what i've heard you can be annoying sometimes but i don't really have a problem with you bc i don't know you much/at all
Galaxies - I was your friend on your previous account I believe!? You removed me as a friend so I guess we ain't friends no more ;(
blakejenkins14 - One of the nicest 'noobs' on this site! Lmao you aren't even a noob just a low colour level but idc i still ly you're so nice and one of the only people who properly keeps in contact with me so thanks for that :)


Thank you for the gift

3 Carlisle, Jun 9, 2015

Thumper91 and the message that accompanied it. Was really nice to wake up to, and I love it!!
Love you < 333


I ship

1 muffinman, Jun 12, 2014

thumper91 and carlisle
(or does Carper sound better?)

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