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PYN for an honest opinion.

30 maturo, Jan 15, 2018

I am very bored so I will do them all!
judi - I don't see you around that much anymore and it is very upsetting because you are extremely entertaining and I enjoy talking to you!
arris - I don't think we really got along that well up until recently when we had a heart to heart about personal stuff! I really enjoyed that conversation and I hope we can talk more in the future since you are a really nice down to earth guy!
brayden_ - The true definition of a misunderstood hero... I don't understand why people dislike you when you are literally so funny. You're the type of troll I aspire to be!
electric - You're the coolest 15 year old on the block.. I remember when we first went on call and your ass was a squeaker and then when we talked again one day you woke up and sounded like a grown ass man. I can go to you for everything and you always know what to say. Calls with you are so fun because you always leave me laughing my ass off. I miss talking to you on an everyday basis and I am really glad you came back to tengaged!
goodkaren - If I am being honest, I don't believe in the whole "nice girl" act. I think it is all fake. Cheers to you though for being such a sweetheart for the past 3 years you have been on tengaged. It really is hard to keep a straight face on her sometimes and it takes a real person to do that so congratulations!
cornelia - We don't really talk that much anymore and it upsets me because I miss you! It really has been a while since we talked. I hope all is well and life is treating you good. Tell the BF I say hey < 3
deshonbannedisback - our past is v rocky to say the least LOL but I am glad that we are friends and worked passed all that obnoxious bullshit! You are an icon and really really freaking good at stars
lifeiscool - I stan a legend.. You're a nice kid and we talk a little bit. You always ask me for gifts and I feel bad I can't gift you! I will get you one day though, for certain!
masonx - I stan another legend. Girl you are iconic... I haven't seen you around that much lately so I am assuming you went and got a life! HMU sometime because i miss u...
katherinepierce - The best legend of them all. You and I are 2 completely different people but we get along so well and I love it! If you ever need anything, let me know! You have always been so great helping me out when I need something whether its advice or a design being made so its the least I can do :)
joaovictor - It was very fun playing stars with you. I wish I stayed longer for us to talk more! You seem like a very nice person! Message me sometime amigo :)
tennisplayer963 - One of the reasons I join stars is to make friends and I am glad I left this most recent game with a new friend in you! You're a great guy and we better start talking daily..



0 Matt64, Sep 30, 2017

When #Thejoe was only suppose to have a 30 day ban but when mods got removed by Randomize no mods were able to unban it so its permed


never forget

1 ThunderBird667, Jul 5, 2016

when I gifted maturo / #thejoe and 2 seconds later he was
From TheSexiestDude990 bought in shop Handwritten
I love you...


oh shit

1 Matt64, Jun 20, 2016

#TheJoe turned skeleton a couple days ago Maturo
It really has been a long time hasn't it?


does anyone remember

1 TallaRejaei, Apr 25, 2016

when i got trending for arguing with
and kaseyhope101 all at once
i do that shit was hilarious
none yall remember me by username
but do you remember that crazy betch that would call everyone out by blog?


who wants to do a stars assesment with

1 Kelly0412, Mar 12, 2016

Former Stars Winner Cornelia
Stars Runner Up Kelly0412
Stars Flop Maturo / #TheJoe / #DanceFloorparty



0 ThunderBird667, Mar 10, 2016

to when I had my first shop and gifted #TheJoe only for him to be banned SECONDS later


Case Solved

3 Girllover101, Mar 9, 2016

#TheJoe = BadKaren
Kaylabby sent that boob pic to #TheJoe and BadKaren leaked it..
there, it's offical.



0 Nikkayy, Feb 5, 2016

to when #TheJoe ( maturo) thought I was a nurse for cars.



0 joshie1, Jan 19, 2016

KingCobra the multi of Maturo #TheJoe


Try not to remove this blog

6 blatastic1234, Dec 26, 2015

I just seen what happened and that is someones kid! Tht is a innocent child! There is no excuse for the actions that were done, not one. And to the people who actually have plussed that design you are just as disgusting as the 4 people who had a part in making it and uploading it. Like I knew this site was full of assholes but I thought that the people on here had enough humanity to not support something as vile and disgusting as this, everyone who plussed that design, who made it, upload it, defended it or the people who had a part in it you should be ashamed of yourselves. This is a sickening act.
Brandt69 Mathboy9 Notnicky333 #Thejoe Maturo what you did is not human. That picture is a mothers pain and grief, the things she had to endure, watching her child die. That is a pain like no other, that is the ultimate torture, to see your child suffer and die and knowing that their is nothing you can do. And for you guys to bring it back up and post it on this site. It is in-human, there is no words for that. I don't know what happened or if she said something to you, or what got you 4 to do this, but no one deserves this, no matter what they might have said or done. You made a mother feel pain, you made her have to relive this. How would you feel if that child was your brother? How would you feel if your mother lost their kid and someone did this? For you to post a picture of a innocent baby, a baby in pain and dying! Just to scorn someone. This is something that is hard to make up for, you cant just say sorry and sweep it under the rug. You 4 are twisted, vile, horrible things. You don't deserve to be called a person that would mean you woul have humanity and to post this and have to make a mother see it, that shows no humanity. So tell me, are you satisfied? You proud of yourselves?You made someone relive pain, you got attention, you got what you wanted when you posted that photo, was it worth it?


Giving Up My Crown

13 JetsRock12, Dec 26, 2015

For the most immature thing to be done on Tengaged . Com...
*Hands it over to Brandt69 , Mathboy9 , #TheJoe , NotNicky333


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