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8 levonini, Mar 20, 2018

pyn if u want to be tagged when the episode is posted


drag race thailand ep 4 rankings

0 Bridgette77, Mar 15, 2018

1. Jaja
2. Dearis Doll
3. Anne Waywong
4. Petchra
5. Natalia Pliacam
6. Amadiva
7. B Ella


My Dress

1 WillowKLebeaux, Mar 13, 2018

so granted my dress wasn't  the theme but to be fair i don't own anything that can read winter  and it had snowflakes all over it the rainbow coloring  didn't show them well  but i mean to be fair i didn't have the worse runway *shrugs*


The TRUTH Behind Austina's Elimination

14 Eaurea, Mar 13, 2018

(Receipts INCLUDED)
This was austina plan the ENTIRE time she planned to be in the bottom she even tried to say me goreta_gore and giraffez THREATEND TO QUIT if she stayed which is a total lie she kept arguing with production ALSO LEAKED SPOILERS and wanted to be first boot but acted shocked when she hit ROCK bottom 2 and thats THE REAL reason why the bitch went home #tgdr


Tengaged Drag Race Episode 1 Rankings

1 RightToCensor, Mar 13, 2018

Phoebe St. Jefferson marybethdaisy - LOVE THIS. Love the top and how well it goes with the skirt even though you think it wouldn’t because of the colors but the HAIR!!’ I love love love the hair. This is a Toot!
Tara Toma Rollingderp - TOOT! I love the dress and I loved your entrance. The drsss in some weird way gives me alice In Wonderland realness and I love it. This is a TOOT!
Goreta Gore Goreta_gore - TOOT I love this so much. That fucking hair is bomb dot com and I loved the leggings with the dress and the makeup TOOT.
Dinah St.Jefferson Cyrus - ok let me start with this. Hated the wig. And you’re makeup is a little too rough for me. Try working on the contour and your makeup would be stunning. Now as for the dress I loved it. I loved the pattern of the top part and I think the bottom of it whether it be shorts or a skirt idkkkk lol it definitely fits the look and you showcased your shoe which most queens didn’t so that’s a plus so I’m going to give this a Toot.
Austina Glitz Itsaustin - so this was cute I must say but it’s still the same one note look at me I’m a witch! Honestly If you had put a little more effort you could have been a front runner but in all actuality the outfit wasn’t bad so it is a toot I just wish there was more makeup.
Willow Kerrigan Lebeaux Willowklebeaux - ok so EXTRA Points for quoting my favorite movie of all time Heathers but on to the look. I like the top and the boots. Don’t know if the pants really go with this look and the main thing that’s throwing me off is the veil. I think if you removed the veil and added a cool rocker wig this would be a toot but for me it’s a Boot.
Robin Banks Zuelke - Soooo there’s elements about this I really hate and really love. The Jacket is probably my favorite part of this outfit and I think it fits the look and I thInk the makeup is ok but honey you need a WIG. And the top is just a no for me so I’m gonna have to boot this
Kam Possible eaurea - I was looking for something more high fashion instead of pedestrian but I loved the jeans and the purse!. However I do think you can do better so for me it’s a Boot.
Giraffez Buckel Giraffez - oh Giraffez..... let me start out with what I did like. I LOVED the hair and you looked fucking gorgeous with the makeup!! Props girl. However this outfit was a total boot for me. Now since you’re a big girl like me  I think what would work for you is if you find a style and silhouette that matches your style that works for you!. But besides that this is a Boot.
Arthur Chokes Ashszoke - Boot for me. Although I do think the hat works for me and the jeans are manly, the shirt is too feminine for me and what I would do since your a drag king is tape down your boobs to give the illusion that your a guy, unless your going..


I can’t believe

3 5651Omar, Mar 13, 2018

That Charlie Hides beat Trinity Taylor in that lip sync! Omg #TGDR


I agree with everything Austina said

6 BritishRomeo17, Mar 13, 2018

EXCEPT that levonini and karim shouldnt get non tgers on tengaged drag race. sis, you really think we gonna get a good cast if its a bunch of tv stars dressing up in clothes from their mama's closets? its hosted on tengaged, has a tengaged audience, why should it matter where the contestants come from? Literally if they just went for ppl from tg there would be no hope in HELL of a season 2.
IDK if the rumour about girls threatening to quit is true but if it is ye i agree with that too.


TGDR Ranking - Episode 1

0 Iconique, Mar 13, 2018

1. Nurse Tara Toma (-)
2. Phoebe St. Jefferson (-)
3. Goreta Gore (+3)
4. Kam Possible (+6)
5. Willow Kerrigan Lebeaux (-)
6. Giraffez Bucklez (-2)
7. Robin Banks (-)
8. Austina Glitz (-5)
9. Dinah St. Jefferson (-)
10. Arthur Chokes (-2)
10th Place - Austina Glitz
Second boot prediction: Arthur Chokes or Robin Banks


what ha happen

1 WillowKLebeaux, Mar 13, 2018

so something that wasn't aired the hosts said my lip-sync was on point and i embodied the song so i mean yall can say i should have went home but  they saw me taking being in the bottom as  a way to grow more   and slay in upcoming challenges   theres also the fact if u can't   even fake the lyrics  right u deserve   to go ..



61 levonini, Mar 13, 2018

Opening Credits - 0:53
Workroom Entrances - 1:20
She-Mail - 3:00
Workroom Drama - 3:30
Variety Show - 9:27
Runway - 26:20
Critiques - 26:09
Bottom 3/Winner Saves - 33:27
Lipsync - 35:32


TGDR False Accusations

4 Goreta_gore, Mar 13, 2018

For it being said that me and other contestants have threatened to drop out if willow didn't stay.  THAT IS NOT TRUE! im not wasting my time or energy with any of the bullshit drama <3
#TGDR #drama #bullshit


My Rigged Experience

15 ItsAustin, Mar 13, 2018

I might as well leak the truth. Goreta/Girrafez/(possibly Kam?) pulled the hosts aside and threatened to leave the show if the hosts kept me safe in the lipsync. So the hosts eliminated me so they wouldn't have any quitters. The hosts also were irritated with me for being kind of bitchy and leaking things, even though Dinah and Kam leaked before me. They were sending me home regardless of the lipsync.
I don't mind being first boot that's why I signed up, but not when the other girl did the worst in the challenge, looked terrible and just stood there in the lipsync. I would have been fine losing if I deserved it.
Also the challenge was to do a talent that wasn’t singing dancing or lip syncing unless there was a twist on it. I followed the rules when others did not. (Pic).
Before I left I told Levonini that he fucked up by barely having TENGAGERS on TENGAGED Drag Race in the first place, that he's fucking up a good idea, and if he eliminated me his show will just go downhill.
Episode 1 was fun, but moving forward I will be boycotting Tengaged Drag Race due to biased riggery. Told y'all not to fuck with me Levonini and Karim.


Gabrick's TGDR Ranking Episode 1

2 NotAfraid, Mar 12, 2018

QueenRosalina and I decided to make a ranking on the Tengaged Drag Race Queens & King.
1) Phoebe
2) Goreta
3) Willow
4) Kam
5) Tara
6) Austina
7) Dinah
9) Giraffez
10) Robin
Patrick's Fave of the Episode: Phoebe St. Jefferson
Gabbie's Fave of the Episode: Goretta Gore


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