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52 Matte, Jul 22, 2018

and I'll say what I think about you :)
I'll update everyone :)
I think you are very communicative and always available to help who needs. I saw you helping new people around here and that makes the game better with people as you :) Unfortunately we are not close or even talked to each other that much, but I see in you a really good person. Take care of Felipao, bc he's a good guy as you. Thanks for the help so far and I hope we can play a game together soon. Wish you the best!
Heeey friend. I like you a lot and you have always been able to help me. You are such a nice person and you are a lot concerned about well-being of the people. I see you always trying to help and that's very nice. You are pretty hardworking and I admire you for that. I'm sorry I haven't been talking to you that much last years, but I basically been here to play survivor and to answer mails. Skype isn't that active for me anymore. Let me know when you need something. You're such a great person, I'm glad I'm your friend <3
Hey! I don't know you that well, first of all. For second, did we already play a game together last years? :s By what I see of you, you are very friendly and you protect your friends, that's great :) You seem mature as well.
Hey friend. Tu es un amigo muy querido y gracias pelo que fizestes en la tribu. Demonstra que eres una persona muy amigable y jugas para ayudar otras personas también. A ver se nos conocemos mejor y hablamos más. Ya me ayudaste en muchos espacios y te quiero mucho, amigo. Se necesitas de ayuda, solo necesitas me preguntar. Un abrazo!
Hey, are you Mexican? You nickname remembers me Mexico. You seem a very competitive and nice guy. Did we already play a game together? You're seem funny and I think you are very unique in here with your way of being.
Hmmm, you don't seem that friendly to me. I remember I helped you sometimes you asked for plusses and help in games but you didn't return me the favor. Honestly, you gave me a very negative image of yours as an usurper (I'm sorry if this word may sounds strong, but I'm not a native english speaker).
Ah, Sara! Such a queen. Someday I'll learn Swedish and I'll visit you if you wanna meet up :) You're a lovely person and have always been available to help me along the years in here. If I'm not wrong I was first Damo's friend and then by him, I met you. You were always very welcoming and I can trust you for everything. Thanks for being such a good friend and maybe soon we can talk more to each other. I admire you, Sara.
I have a few memories about you. Idk where they come from, but well... Grats for your stars. You seem for me a very competitive person and friendly, but also mad sometimes. I don't have that much to say about you..

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