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sweetener ranking

1 rollingderp, Aug 18, 2018

from a casual ari fan
1. The Light Is Coming (ft. Nicki Minaj) fight me. i love this song
2. No Tears Left To Cry
3. God Is A Woman
4. Goodnight n Go (I LOVED THE ORIGINAL IMOGEN HEAP VERSION AND ARI DID JUSTICE BUT DID IT NEED THAT UGLY FIRST VERSE. also just know you can thank queen legend imogen heap for this song's existence in the first place)
5. Everytime
6. Better Off
7. Breathin'
8. R.E.M.
9. Successful
10. Get Well Soon
11. Sweetener
12. Borderline (ft. Missy Elliot)
13. Blazed (ft. Pharrell Williams)
14. Raindrops (An Angel Cried) (if this was longer id would be higher)
15. Pete Davidson


ƃuᴉʞuɐɹ ɹǝuǝʇǝǝʍs

0 MelloJello, Aug 17, 2018

~best to worst~
uɐɯoʍ ɐ sᴉ poƃ
oƃ u ʇɥƃᴉupooƃ
ʎɹɔ oʇ ʇɟǝl sɹɐǝʇ ou
ɟɟo ɹǝʇʇǝq
uoos llǝʍ ʇǝƃ
uospᴉʌɐp ǝʇǝd
ƃuᴉɯoɔ sᴉ ʇɥƃᴉl ǝɥʇ



4 Chic, Aug 16, 2018

Dangerous Woman was truly one of the best pop albums of all time IMO (easily in my top 10 albums of all time), I'm so disappointed that #Sweetener doesn't live up to it when she absolutely has the potential.
I whole-heartedly hope that others appreciate it as I love her and her as an artist but for me I'm not a fan of the low-key production and lack of the amazing vocals she possesses, I'm not saying every song needs to be a belter or a pop banger but if you have it you should flaunt it! DW was the perfect blend of all of those things. It's very reminiscent of Beyonce's last few albums.. just frustrating.
HOWEVER, there are totally some great tracks on the album and I'll do a full ranking in a week or so once I've listened to it more, I just don't think any of them live up to DW apart from 'God Is A Woman'.


A shame.

5 Chic, Aug 16, 2018

I'm sure a lot of people will love Ariana Grande's '#Sweetener' and there are definitely some great tracks on it, but this isn't half as good as 'Dangerous Woman' was for me.

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