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44 TaraG, Jun 29, 2018

to find out if you are high, low, or in the middle of my ranking list of you
CalebDaBoss (high high) cause I love you
BigBrotherDonny (middle high) cause I just love BBD!
Maddog16 (low high) you did hurt me. you don't say plus on something that is hateful
Lazeric (high high) cause you are loyal and I <3 U
CiTy (high high) but not the highest, 2nd highest ;)
Matte (high high) such a sweetie!!
adamgrant (high high) but I miss you soo much!
MarieEve (middle high) you are always so nice
Strawberri (high high)  I love 馃崜
Minniemax (middle high) cause you are you <3
danyyboy67 (middle high) a high middle high! lol
Arris (high high) we only played that 1 casting, but I can't wait to be in another game with you <3
UnderwearJim (high high) today are lacy black ;)
Icarus_Mark (high high) of course! top row friend <3
Spicoli (high high) one of my 1st tg friends <3
patricenka9 (medium high) one of my newer friends, real sweetie <3
Dado22 (high high) cause you are Daduccio ;)
JSBReality (middle high) you have one of the nicest male avis on here!
DuncanSurferBoy (middle high) I think we only played 1 casting, but you were so nice :)
iamremedy (high high) colorful hearts! <3
Sameed27 (high high) you are a sweetie :)
nijoco (high high) cause I love you nicky <3
astone929 (middle middle) cause you such a player :P
underwzc (high middle) cause we havent played a game in forever
Vanili (middle middle) cause I really like you, but you picked game over friendship
BengalBoy (middle middle) I feel we got along better before
Jameslu (high middle) I like you but we never talk!
#Steven999 (high low) cause it is like we dont know each other anymore
joey65409 (high low) cause I don't know/remember you
#Mickiejames22 (low low) your blogs are almost as annoying as you
varlto (high low) cause I dont really know you
J2999 (high low) I don't dislike you, we just never seem to get along in games


I'm High PYN

32 yoshicoolman, Jul 22, 2017

PYN for an opinion... currently high right now
#Steven999 idk u
#BigBrotherDonny we used to play roblox and ur cool but like I havent talked to you that much recently and yeah
melindamrskk bitch I'm 16 get off my balls also you're amazing ily Callum can't wait to meet up
LasVegas butch you know how I feel about you dude
livvieboo12 u suck at league but you're nice
mrbird idk you
dwipeouts Idk u
etaco75 you're cute tbh and nikki is nice so yeah haha I wish we were friends
Darbe you sound familiar idk
Thumper91 honestly we need a streak ur cute but like idk you got shot out of hunger and I was sad I wish we talked more and idk I can blab about you for an hour haha
dakotacoons you're really hot like wowza 10/10 :)
geazybeast21 ur name is long and idk you
mathboy9 ur just a less annoying version of Nicky with a worst haircut sorry
_ashley lmao u suck tanners dick all night
alanduncan we played stars and I don't know if I found u cute I have no idea
m7md26 like you get annoying to talk to but I'm like in love with you as a friend like lmg
totaldramalover1234 honestly we'd be dating if you were gay like Caleb ur so nice and I miss when we were best friends at the real fakes and I love your YouTube videos they are so fun
Danny12 we have had our ups and downs in the past few years idk we haven't talked recently
xoxu you seem familiar but i can't pinpoint where I know I from
instagram I love when you cammed with max and I last night. 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍 robozoe
- not high anymore but im still gonna update -
malachite05 you are the "straight" tengager and thats all i really see you blog/comment about
NotNicky333 Honestly you are like that one foster kid who just stays with his fat friends that are 15 years older then him. Your'e fun to hang out with and very.... messed up. :)
Rizzo before like 2 weeks ago, I bandwagoned didn't like you because of your background, but in the last few weeks I've gotten extremely close to you... you're so sweet and I can't want to get you a hunger win :)
ricardogv you hate me for being friends with Instagram and Minie but before that we were cool ... i dont get why you and your friends hate me so much :(
spikedcurley you are friends with LasVegas ... thats all I really know
hints TISHA you are legit so nice and i love you xx we need to hang out more and play league and you should carry me to gold
ghrocky100 I like you personally, you seem cool. You just sometimes get annoying af on the blogs page spamming your shit every day ... but a dudes gotta do what hes gotta do..


Terrible game move

0 Kaseyhope101, Apr 29, 2017

You suck at this game
I hope to see you never
~ #Steven999 ~


PYN for a Christmas present

40 SmoothStalker12, Dec 24, 2016

I'll tell you what I would give you based on what I think of you!
#steven999 - Male skin, time for an upgrade!
#turkeylover - Turkey, hence the username
#Maxi1234 - a personality for obvious reasons!
#GoodAllan - beats pill since you like music!
#Arris - a mirror since you enjoy posting photos of yourself!
#hugatree343 - Groot stuffed animal so you could hug it
#m7md26 - a new shirt since that blue polo looks off centered on your avatar idk why
Mickyboomy9 - an exploding micky mouse (micky that goes boomy)
masonx - Pia Mia cardboard cutout
eva1 - friends dvd set
obstreperous - my middle school notes
pmmguy - candy (get it, kandee)
nattie - double ended dildo for u and owlb0ned
Evaa1996 - female skin!
WpwSers196 - a red/black shirt to match ur hair and bg
brandt69 - nick robinson sex tox
DanielleDonato - Simpizzle
Oliviaxoxo - NOTHING jk plane tickets for me to wales for me to steal your (mum's) heart
saraj10 - thirsty-boy repellent
badBoyy2699 - alvin and the chipmunks CD
born2pizza - pizza of course!!
MargaretWilkins - an autographed photo of myself
Icebeast - How To Be A Doctor For Dummies book AND me
mastropola - a scrapbook of you and all the Kellys from survivor
EmilyThorne - a trophy that says EmilyThorne>>>>BellaThorne #BellaThroneisOverParty
joshie1 - holy water
k4r4k - movies!
twentyonepilots - tickets to see TOP in concert with me of course
pizzawithcookirs - pizza and cookies of course
ashszoke - female skin
@gig10 - a less gay username
pegasus1234 - a reality tv show
benp428 - hunger games movie set


i need more Karma

0 Steven999, May 26, 2016

Why do I always get 3rd? i need karma and its gonna take a really long time. Any easy fast ways for Karma? #Steven999



37 HaliFord, Apr 30, 2016

and I will post a gif that either describes us or how I feel about you.
Funnehliner - http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view3/2065133/i-don-t-know-you-o.gif
JourdanBabyXoxo -
Puakai - http://files.shandymedia.com/images/body/hollyscoop/kendall-jenner-gigi-hadid-bts-vogue-new-brat-pack2.gif
Crissy15 - http://49.media.tumblr.com/eb0f48354f8e7387fbdcd37f3ada86aa/tumblr_nszwq9l1aQ1sfysqqo1_500.gif
Pieguy555 -
Ethan000 - http://33.media.tumblr.com/4ed4dbb26272164f45b9b2bf9794ebb7/tumblr_inline_naqdq9m6La1r561jx.gif
CutieAmy -
s73100 -
Rawr25 - http://static.tumblr.com/66ac81e009a85dbd2c279a7e0289b7b1/xdaurlr/0Olntolio/tumblr_static_1oqs9ty8f7dw0ogwkos8cg88k.gif
MickyBoomy9 -
Patootie - http://i.imgur.com/nO3g3ib.gif
KingGeek -
Maxi1234 - http://i903.photobucket.com/albums/ac233/spollenz/Gifs/Amanda2.gif
Willie_ - http://i.imgur.com/892vfqa.gif
Mathboy9 - http://33.media.tumblr.com/3dc6101e971c68dab3366b083c18889c/tumblr_inline_o30cqdKi9q1r2xhmf_500.gif
Vlad21 - http://33.media.tumblr.com/16285e1d96e205a3b3fb91737a8d2f6d/tumblr_nb5ws0uyhq1rwkr16o1_400.gif
LeahBel -
Billions - http://data1.whicdn.com/images/45865413/large.gif
Livvieboo12 - http://i.imgur.com/3CL6d.gif
Rellizuraddixion - http://cdn3.gurl.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/tools.gif
BBTDFanatic77 - http://25.media.tumblr.com/c33308304914730a27d10e826e52c131/tumblr_mxd3djY2q01rrori1o1_500.gif
Petro - http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-LWdvPHnAt7w/UMnkQWJMZeI/AAAAAAAAAdM/sVqY0IZRUVY/s1600/tumblr_mdn3v3DDwB1rw6ccb.gif
TR1364 - http://vomzi.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/47-hi-gif-866.gif
FrozenShadow09 - http://sarabynoe.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/tumblr_inline_mk6qh7usd11r7gwvt.gif?w=500&h=293
#Steven999, #Ohheydudeski, #AshleyBabyx3, #Ghrocky100, #Survivornerd (bc you didn't plus the blog) -
Admir - http://i1253.photobucket.com/albums/hh594/NKassirer/Reaction%20Gifs/Random%20or%20Other/PocahontasHeyGurl.gif

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