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if you're mistyping like a BUNCH

5 Phenomanimal, Jul 8, 2013

and you're "drunk", you're faking how drunk you really are
shoutout to MTman


let's face it

3 Phenomanimal, Mar 23, 2013

Manda didn't play that stars herself and the proof is right there at the beginning of that game. #srryimnotsrry


i dunno bout yall

2 Phenomanimal, Mar 8, 2013

but i'm gonna wait until prices in shop go back to like 500 or w/e to buy shit, cuz i dont want to spend 750Ts for 1 design


just gonna say this once

5 Phenomanimal, Dec 8, 2012

a 20-post casting is the most retarded thing ever



154 Phenomanimal, Oct 4, 2012

And I'll post whether I HONESTLY like or dislike you, with reason.
Kinda turned into an opinion blog. Whoops.
P.S. If I don't know you, you'll get a shitty entry.
Playboyy - Never had a problem with you Jake, even when you were back on xexplosive. I never really got to know you. You seem like an interesting fellow, very fun and energetic. You get into a few conflicts though, but that's your own thing, so yah ;o
tyboy618 - I like you, you seem pretty nice and a great guy to talk to! We talked a little bit a few months back, but we haven't really talked since then, hope you're still doing good!
Slice - You're such an amazing guy Dan, if only people would see it. You're so nice and you really care for your friends more than most people do, and that's really admirable. I'm really really happy to be your friend :)
connorthomson - Now did you REALLY think I could ever hate on such a cutie like you? Pfffft, you're so amazingly sweet Connor, I can't say bad things about you, I really can't < 333
Milkisgood - With you, it's down the middle. You're very cocky and arrogant about your scores in challenges, and I find that annoying. However, if we talk about normal stuff, like we did for a little bit in our Stars together, you're a decent guy to talk to!
xXandytraicyXx - I don't know you that much Andy, but from what I know, you seem like a great guy, you like to mess around with your friends, and make jokes. I absolutely can't hate on people who joke with their friends a lot, I do that myself. Props to you. (Y)
miya - You mailed me when I came back, and you seemed so sweet and nice, it was heart-warming that you just wanted to get to know me, I'm glad that we talked a bit in mails, but we need to keep on talking and such, we've stopped for a little bit :(
MarekK27 - Honestly, I think you're bad at Stars overall, you always end up going up early on in the game, and you're renommed fairly quickly consequently. In the one Stars we played together, you went up both times that you were a counter. Nuff said. But personality-wise, I think you're a great guy, and we had great talks inside and outside of that Stars!
mikec51 - Uh. Not really much to say about you, good or bad. You seem like a decent guy with a good group of friends, but I don't really know much about you other than you came and
BB5lover - W E L L ! I honestly have no idea why we haven't legit made up. For my last few Stars, all you do in the pollbox is wait for me to get nominated or openly hope that I get nominated with someone popular, and then evict me when I go up, but I don't really have any good reason to dislike you aside from that.


There is no way

0 pokemaster, Jul 12, 2012

a girl will be winning this season.


Is it just me or is this normal?

4 TolisKalkas, May 14, 2012

When I first heard "YOLO" I thought 'Oh shit! A new frozen yogurt shop just opened! Where can I get me some?'


I keep trying to avoid this annoying bitch

11 titan24maniac, Apr 30, 2012

but he just won't leave me alone. Does anyone know how I can get rid of Mangos808?

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