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Lee/CrimsonEnnui 馃惐馃枻

28 beccajo16, Jul 16, 2017

And I'll give you a short opinion. I'm bored so why not. :)
#Ribs idk you buy you were robbed in stars
#Thumper91 haven't talked to you much but you seem very nice
#tditdatdwt1234d glad you got your account back! You seem very chill
#AdamLovesEverything idk you but always willing to get to know people :)
Sam_Hamwich king of everything. One of my favorite people on here! <3
Ethan000 love that you love the challenge
BigBrotherDonny we use to talk but I think you got mad at me over a game
Arris a genuine person on here! Love talking to ya!
ImGonnaWin met you in stars and you were so nice to talk to :)
BrainJak you seem really nice :) but haven't talked to you much
Brandt69 one of my fav Canadians <3 my outspoken bby
Steven999 idk you but you seem chill
ConstanceMarie you always have my back and I love that! Ill be doing the same for you
CalebDaBoss idk you either but you seem like you're one of those sassy 15 year olds
CrimsonEnnui bestie boo <333 one of my favs who always is there for me. Love you!
1001games my baby! My fav person ever! My prince! You make me so happy <3 glad to be us again :*
Crayadian I thought you were chill but you dislike me for some reason :/
DrG2 seen you on the blogs page and you seem chill :)
tryandbeatme16 one of the kindest souls on here. I'm always here if you need me :)
Piddu you're hilarious and we haven't been able to talk in awhile! Hope everything is going great :)
XxLoveWakizaxX you've been nothing but kind to me :) I think you're hilarious and fun to work with
presea6789 idk you but your Avi is cute :)
shellbelle you've been really nice to me and have been a huge support to Jonah and I <3
pizzawithcookirs your username is cool and I loved your shop name :)
Mexus idk you but you seem nice from what I've seen from your blogs :)
brandonrichie love you boo <3 so excited for you as you start college!

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