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Thoughts on Reputation's next single?

6 joey96, Feb 28, 2018

Since it was announced today that it will be Delicate, what are your guys's thoughts?


End Game has already started playing on the..

2 joey96, Dec 10, 2017

And Taylor has started doing live performances of Gorgeous. Queen of lining up her next two singles.


Next singles from Reputation?

3 joey96, Nov 21, 2017

I think End Game will be the next single for sure. Following that probably I Did Something Bad and maybe This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things.
I know New Year's Day has already been released as a single specifically on country radio.
And she usually releases her final single after her tour ends to coincide with a tour music video, but none of the songs on the album really give me the feeling that it will be on her concert music video, so maybe there's a deluxe edition coming and we'll get that on there?
But End Game, IDSB, and TIWWCHNT are my top 3 picks for next singles :)
EDIT: I could probs see Gorgeous popping up on the radio too I guess


reputation CLOSED

3 joey96, Nov 18, 2017

Hope the shop for the people made many happy. Anyone who was gifted/bought any of the designs hope you enjoy them! S/o to anyone who let me use pngs.


Reputation Song Ranking

3 MyMilkshakes, Nov 13, 2017

I've listened to the album nonstop over the weekend so I feel as if I have a general idea for my rankings. I do love all of the songs on this album though, even if the song is ranked low on my list :)
1. Getaway Car
2. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
3. Dress
4. Don't Blame Me
5. Delicate
6. Look What You Made Me Do
7. New Year's Day
8. Gorgeous
9. ...Ready For It?
10. King of My Heart
11. Call It What You Want
12. I Did Something Bad
13. Dancing With Our Hands Tied
14. End Game (feat. Ed Sheeran and Future)
15. So It Goes...


Reputation Album Ranking

5 joey96, Nov 13, 2017

After like my 12th time listening to it lol
1. I Did Something Bad
2. This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
3. End Game
4. New Year's Day
5. ...Ready For It?
6. Don't Blame Me
7. Getaway Car
8. Gorgeous
9. Dress
10. Call It What You Want
11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied
12. King of My Heart
13. Look What You Made Me Do
14. Delicate
15. So It Goes...


Reputation Rankings

2 rory17, Nov 13, 2017


my 8 year tengaged anniversary

10 finklestein123, Nov 12, 2017

is in 2 days (ive literally been on this site actively on n off since i was 13 yikes) so i felt like tagging n briefly acknowledging some pals that ive enjoyed interacting with throughout my years here and knowing that ill probably forget about this by tomorrow im just gonna post this now so yea if ur tagged thanks for bein amazing/a joy/fun to me at some point
kingb24 - one of my BFFs, met in a rookies game and became super close overtime especially with league, a legend
_teemo_ - one of my BFFs, befriended him as a noob, joined every game 2gether where he won most of them despite his designated role as the "sheep" xx
splozojames50 - one of my BFFs, knew each other irl b4 it was revealed that we were both tengagers and then it rly took off from there, so many ICONIQUE laughs
trust - one of my BFFs, i dont even know how we got close but yea we talk pretty often on n off about almost everything
timster - i consider him a good friend despite us never rly talking intimately but our interactions on the blogs page are always a JOY
sshg - an icon who loves commenting on my insta stories and fueling the attention i need
vh1clown/ lights/ superkevin79 - at one point were part of my main friend group, they are the reason why i know about some of the kpop bops i still cherish today
halloween - used to be in a close friend group together in the randomize dictador days, ive always loved how he has praised me in the past it makes me feel great he's an absolute icon
@devinwithparasites - Randomize Dictador were iconic days and he was a central part of the group, he's so hilarious i hope he's doing well
dakotacoons - added each other's snaps on the blogs page, cool to talk to, asked me to send him nudes the other day and briefly touched on me attending a kesha concert with him (waiting on the #reputation tour offer)
megan - my original tengaged BFF, we literally never talk anymore but i have her on facebook and instagram, A QUEEN
mickjagger - used to be pretty close when we were both more active, befriended him when he was a noob, now i just neg half of his blogs whenever i see them
bridgette77/ robozoe - though im not rly close to either of them, we barely talk, and our snap streaks had zero longevity they're both hilarious and i most likely will need chem help within the next few weeks so yea
these are the more recent or notable ones i cant possibly name every1 over the course of 8 years but yea
and now it's done



2 Yeoman3, Nov 11, 2017



reputation predicted to sell 1.3-1.5M copies

0 finklestein123, Nov 10, 2017

this is only the first prediction from HDD so its subject to change and her predictions usually increase as the week progresses so this should be INTeresting as this already outsells 1989's first week in a far worse sales climate


having reputation on repeat

4 finklestein123, Nov 10, 2017

gives me a heart attack
going from the calm dreamy piano melody of "new year's day" to the album looping into the giant bass bursting tiger whips of ready for it's intro truly is an EXPERIENCE


the more i listen to "delicate"

5 finklestein123, Nov 10, 2017

the more it sinks in how much of a masterpiece it is
so HEAVENLY my current trinity is not safe


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