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Mafia Game Season 1 Episode 5

10 Macda27, Aug 8, 2015

The remaining townies watched as pleaseletmestay's body has the necklace of rope and his feet were off the ground.Swaying in the soft,warm breeze.The Doctor knew that the Doctor was the town's last hope.
Everyone went to bed except the Mafia (ofc) and thought of who the Doctor could be.After a quick vote they decided killing two people was too hard with 3 people and from now on the Mafia were going to kill 1 person a night.They crept into there room and stabbed them in the left eye,killing them instantly.They were certain they just killed the Doctor.They crept away from the dead townsperson's house and back home.
The Doctor woke up,instead of looking to save a person,the Doc would keep there self alive.The Doctor fell asleep under a car opposite the town,hoping no one would look there.
The townsperson woke up.Knowing the Mafia had won,they crawled out of bed and walked outside.They noticed the familiar,bare and dry cracked earth they called home was now covered with a thin line of cotton-white snow.A tear brought to there eyes,as if it was god telling them something.So spinfur walked on stage and untied the noose #pleaseletmestay and wrapped it around his own neck.
"You cannot kill me Mafia" Spinfur said.He realised he cannot pull the lever and was about to undo the rope when a Mafia member stabbed him in the back.The pain of the steel entering his body.He only felt the burning pain when a wave of pain swept over him.He cried out as long as possible then blood in his mouth.As he dribbled the red liquid down his cheeks and chin,he turned and saw the attacker smiling..and then pulled the lever.
The town woke up.The death spinfur were shocking yet unpredictable.But what they didn't realise was newnightmare7 was missing.Someone finally noticed Nightmare at the entrance of town.A car had run him over and it seemed his skull was cracked,possibly smashed.There was more blood than anyone has ever seen,as if the killer had purposely drained his body with blood and staged a car accident......
The remaining numbers were less than 10 which scared almost everyone.But the townspeople were winning with a 4-3 vote but still.All it takes is a Mafia to make a person flip and they have pretty much won.So the townspeople and Doctor better take a good stab at who the Mafia are,its there last shot.
Vote who should be murdered!!
In Game-
Mafia (3)
Doctors (1)
Detectives (0)
Townspeople (3)
20th/19th- redthings556 Night 1
20th/19th- turkeylover Night 1
18th- tommy123 Day 1
17th/16th- me2013 Night 2
17th/16th- redwing91 Night 2
15th- loopycoco1 Day..



1 Edogg31, Aug 6, 2015

Hes One of My Best Friends on Tengaged we help eachother and do good stuff im sad why he get banned


pleaseletmestay was such an active

1 dogcalledzak, Aug 6, 2015

nice person. Who was always great in group games. He was in many of my group games and was always active and played really well. Why he was banned is unfair if he really didn't mean any harm by it.
So much bullying is allowed on this site but yet pleaseletmestay get's banned!


OMG Why Are Good People Getting banned?

1 RobiLee, Aug 6, 2015

#pleaseletmestay like he does not deserve to be banned. Like look at my blogs comments and shit. I guess bad things do happen to good people honestly if some get away with it. :'(

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