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shawnpat <3

3 EliotWhi, Apr 12, 2015

sorry that this is late, going into stars for the first time was nerve racking because there was alot of people that have played alot of times.I am still in shock that I managed to make it this far and i wouldnt of done it without my supporters so thank you!
alot of people have said that I sheeped my way to final 3 but I dont agree with this in my group alliance someone would suggest a nom set and if I agreed with it I would go with that if not I would come up with a different nom set.
Im really happy that I made finals with jets and austin eventhough we didnt speak much there still great people!
Tributes for the cast:
wumblebee I wished you made it further in the game because ik for a fact that me and you would of worked together till the end your so nice and I hope you do better in your next stars
#pens87 noah you are a great friend to me, you was 1 of the people i knew before the stars game and your a amazing friend im sad that you got banned but maybe next time!
marlakk we spoke on day 1 about having an alliance but after that we never spoke and maybe next time dont get halloween to play for you.
imthtawesom you was 1 of my closest allies in the game I trusted you so much from the start and i was really sad when you got evicted I hope we can stay in touch.
#ohhayy we didnt speak much in the game but you was targeting me before you got banned.
padfoot another 1 of my great allies im sad that it was me and you that faced the chopping block together I wish you gl if you join another 1
boneworks we had a final 3 deal from the getgo we instantly clicked and trusted eachother alot we both looked out for eachother when are names was getting thrown around. your a amazing guy and should speak to me more!
vixanu another 1 of my great allies i knew you before entering the game and ik we would allie up and im sorry that it was me and you that was up for eviction!
smi9127 sean we spoke a couple of times but to be honest I didnt really trust you because i felt like you was in the other alliance and thats why i locked you in when you went up for eviction you played a great game though!
jgoodies you was like my closest allie in the game I did everything I could to make sure you was safe but sadly you got put up with tomba and i was sad when you left but we will obviously stay in touch.
mikeroro on day 1 I could see that you was a big threat in the game and I was the one that suggested you and jets to be put up and wumblebee got the blame for it.
tomba you played an amazing game you had alot of people in the game that was basically your sheep and thats why you got so far but it was really hard to trust you.
@jetsrock12 jets we never really spoke and most of the time we was targeting each other but im happy we both made finals!
itsaustin im..



2 ChilltownBB7, Apr 5, 2015




0 ChilltownBB7, Apr 5, 2015



Random.org Hunger Games Day 5

8 XavierR83, Dec 2, 2012

Bottom 5 in Challenge (Lose 10% Health): #Pens87, #GentlemanG, #Ohhayy, #Tigerfrmny, #Kaden
Duels: #Mjaa43 vs. #SamSam14 | #Pens87 vs. #Mrkkkkyle | #soxroxs247 vs. #Roachster10
Duel Losers (Lose 25% Health): #SamSam14 | #Mrkkkkyle | #Roachster10
Tributes (When you DIE you LOSE your trend)
Snowflake3 D1 55% Health
Mjaa43 D1 55% Health
TylerK D2 40% Health
Soxroks247 D2 100% Health
KindlyCruel1 D3 45% Health
Dalagninja D3 90% Health
Roachster10 D4 40% Health
Lachie227 D4 100% Health
GentlemanG D5 90% Health
Mrkkkkyle D5 65% Health
Bowling4fun D6 65% Health
Kaden D6 80% Health
EliOrtiz1234 D7 100% Health
Finnick D7 100% Health
Lavaworks D8 75% Health
LHume D8 100% Health
Pacers D9 90% Health
DanielKennedy111 D9 90% Health
xGirlyBlondex D10 100% Health
Duke714 D11 100% Health
Pens87 D11 90% Health
Tigerfrmny D12 80% Health
SunnyBunny D12 90% Health
CK11 D13 100% Health
Ohhayy D13 45% Health
26th: #SamSam14 KILLED BY #Mjaa43

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