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Just Bought Red PYN

58 cfff, Mar 13, 2013

for an honest opinion.................
#nick24678 - ur one of my closest friends on this site and im so glad i got to meet u:D. Ur so funny and I love our skype conversations.. but if u want to improve urself just run level 5 on the treadmill!!!!
#haiiderr we dont know each other that much but ur super nice and srry wat happeend to ur ccharity:(
#guess_who we probabbly should talk some more cause we only did it once and ur really cool!!
#kingb24 chase- ur really cool and a great player! We really need to talk more though!
#cheapcheep - we havent talked in a while but when we did u were really cool! we gotta get back in touch!
#taylorstlouis We dont know each other so much:( but the time i have talked to on skype ur really cool to talk to and seem super sweet!! lets talk more!
#vans im really srry but i dont think we have talked but we should def change it!
#TheSexiestDude990 jullian get that stars win! another person im glad to meet and super cool guy!
#baseball12 well we have a different realtionship since u think im fake:D but beyond that i still think ur nice guy and we gotta be closer!
#swagger_jagger im really srry i dont know u and we got to changee that!
#sunnybunny well ur one of the first ppl i really talked to on skype and ur super nice and really funny!
#Typhlosion37 hey we really havent talked but i know u did amazing on ur first stars!
#awks - i played quick stars with u before and ur super sweet
#piviko  i love u man! ur one of my closest firends here and I am stil thankful for my first gift! love u:D
#xcelestex - we didnt really talk much but i have u as a friend probs cause ur super sweet:D
#splozojames50  jame ur rally cool! i got my second gift from ur shop! ur really funny during skype game:D
#JboyIncorporation i dont know u vbut we should change that!
#hobnobgpro we really dont know each other but u seem nice and we r in the same frat and that pretty cool!
#JasonXtreme  i dont know u but we should change that!
#survivorrocks ben ur really cool person and we need to talk more!
#jacksonjoseph99 we r the definition of a love hate relationship! but at the end of the day i dot hate u and i think ur a pretty cool funny guy :D
#boots22 we have only talked once and ur pretty cool! i was supporter u during stars!
#skye10 we dont talk that much but ur in my frat and ur a pretty sweet girl:D thanks for the sign!
#hipposunite cool username!    and another frat memeber where we need to talk more!
#stick   im glad i got to meet u on skype u r super cool and funny! we need to talk more!
#Qwertyioup   i think out of all the ppl i talk to on skype ur the one person i became friends with beofre that. ur a very cool dude:D
#bailey5000 ur one of my closest friend on here! ur so cool and funny! we have the same enemies ( u know who) and the same friends:D(and yeah im including hannah)
#thesexiestdude990 julian get that stars win! another person im glad to meet on here and ur a super cool..


Thank You 48.7% !

7 bellajennaxo, Nov 15, 2012

I'm proud of the way i played that game. I didnt sheep/follow the leader. I was strong enough to make my own decisions and it got me that little further in the game. Obviously not far enough. It's hard playing with a bunch of floppy tits who don't know what side to choose but eh i learnt to cope with it.
Made a classy exit (coz i was asleep) aha
Thanks to everyone for the saves but it wasn't enough.
You may see me in stars one day, but it's highly unlikely :S like very unlikely coz i love sleep too much (sun)
BYE STARS 209 < 3 Was a great experience !
Quick shoutout to Foxox for having to deal with all my whining on calls and for being there when i was angry. You're the best and ilysm < 33



0 AlexRyder, Nov 15, 2012

Who let #Nick24678 stay in?


That awkward moment

2 Imthtawesom, Nov 14, 2012

When you find out Awks is actually #Nick24678 ! Haha



0 Fame, Jul 3, 2012

Why did #Nick24678 get banned????!!!!



0 Nick24678, Apr 30, 2012

yay somthing changed

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