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9.2.09-9.2.18 ~ 9 Years, HOLY HELL!

23 PrincessTeePee, Feb 8, 2018

'What a night. Nine raids...NINE'... (really?!?! That feels weird!)
So much has changed, both on here and IRL since 9th Feb 2009... sometimes I think back, and its like thinking of another life. I definitely feel more 'adult' now though for sure. Changes are good, and as you grow older, you get so many different perspectives from life..you don't want to party as much, you want to save, travel, and aim high in your career.
People here have come and gone, and as far as games go I rarely play nowadays - pretty much exclusive to charities tbh. I guess I got bored with the whole 'competing' thing. It didn't seem worth it, especially when all it did was make people target me :P
If you've ever been my friend...or even enemy... on here, past or present, know that you will have made a great impact on me regardless, so thank you! Forevz missing my first friend I made here, Alex, as well as so many others, but thank god for social media for my past favourites :) Shoutout to Megan too as I know she joined around the same time as me, and has always provided fabulous Easter blogs [not long now!], and remained a lovely girl throughout :) Other thanks go to the likes of TSC, Istvan, Bluesapphire Harley Aidan0621 s73100 Spicoli Tyboy618 Lamia Brandonpinzu BengalBoy and anyone else I can't remember at this dodgy time of night, THANK YOU ALL!
As for drama, I guess that will always be there, but just know that it isn't the be-all-and-end-all. If you can forgive, do so, if you can't, save yourself the hassle and just do you.:) Just know though, I'm real and I'll fight yo ass back :D
Posting these for my own ref, but have a read if you want to. The first few are so long though lolol.
2010 ~ http://www.tengaged.com/blog/PrincessTeePee/322547/tengaged-year-life [LONG!]
2011 ~ http://www.tengaged.com/blog/PrincessTeePee/990304/9209-9211-2-years-continuing [longish soz]
2012 ~ http://www.tengaged.com/blog/PrincessTeePee/2504643/9209-9212-3-years-tengaged-zomgz [long with a load of tags, as they were new-ish at that point.. well, about 3 months old anyway.]
2013 ~ http://www.tengaged.com/blog/PrincessTeePee/3960010/9209-9213-4-years-wtf [yay not too long!]
2014 ~ http://www.tengaged.com/blog/PrincessTeePee/5174208/9209-92145-years-tengaged
2015 ~ http://www.tengaged.com/blog/PrincessTeePee/6108600/9209-9215-6-years
2016 ~ http://www.tengaged.com/blog/PrincessTeePee/7150627/9209-9216-7-years-ohmygod
2017 ~ https://tengaged.com/blog/PrincessTeePee/7891256/9209-9217-8-years-wtf
PS... hmmm charity crookies anyone? I mean it doesn't have to be a charity, but a crrokies with people who like me, would be nice!
PPS...My 1000th is also approaching, please can I win...hunger?! LMAO #nicetry
PPPS...I thought I'd share with you all, the song that was UK #1 the day I..



7 Icarus_Mark, Dec 27, 2017

Another pedo
3YouAllSuck, Dec 27, 2017
makes sense. he is online 24/7, always talks to minors and clearly this site is the only thing in his life. Just look at his front page, yikes
Please be aware that he is just like wwemrpeeps
If you ACTUALLY believe anything about what you just about me is true, then I can safely say you're delusional.  Get some help, because I am not a pedophile.  The pedophile around here nowadays is you, so if anyone needs to watch for anybody on this website, it's fucking you!



3 Guigi, Jun 27, 2015

Nobody Likes Asians


It's called gender reassignment surgery hun

2 JourdanBabyXoXo, May 10, 2015

jourdanbabyxoxo you got fake pussy!
Sent by ColdWaters,May 10, 2015


So my co-worker...

2 Volibear, Nov 11, 2014

she quit her job on Thursday
She wrote a letter of resignation and with it she printed out a Facebook Status I wrote about a parent that really irritated me.
My boss' response?
Gave me a full 40-hour week and I'm getting a raise next month.
#NiceTry #BetterLuckNextTime #ByeFelicia


Can't believe teachers threatened,

10 75937563748, May 15, 2012

Me and are asking me to LIE to the school inspection team - OFSTEAD, who are coming tomorrow and Thursday.
My teachers are panicking like mad because they don't do their jobs properly and had a massive last-minute book hand-in so they can mark work.
I REFUSED to hand in one of my books because I don't want to help my lazy teacher deceive Ofstead. She hasn't marked it in 6months and most of the class hasn't written in it for four months.
These people have put my GCSE grades at stake...Why should I help them? Their pitiful blackmail attempts washed over me and that has made me more determined to drag them down.


Ok This Is Kinda What I Was Waiting For

0 ThePinnapleGod, Apr 30, 2012

But randomize did it in the ugliest way possible

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