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60 Icarus_Mark, Jan 30, 2016

I'm bored and need some health, so I'm gonna do something I haven't done in a while and take another trip down memory lane.
PYN for an opinion from me AND also I will see if we've been in a game together before or not.  If you feel you won't like my opinion, then you don't have to comment at all.  Got it?  Good.
#magge555550101 - No, though we were just on opposing tribes  lol  Anyway, I've seen you around, but I've never actually talked to you.  You seem okay.
#Smoothstalker12 - No  You're in the same boat as Magge.
#Downeaster - No IDK you
#Galaxies - No  I've seen you around spamming for a shop I believe, but we've never actually met.
#MTMan - Yes  It's been years since we've talked.  You were in one my chillest first games on Tengaged and you were pretty nice.  :)
#zachboy967 - Yes  Finally someone I've talked to recently.  From our talks, you're actually a nice person, though you don't seem to act very confident at times.  Stay sharp and you'll go far.  :)
#skyler1822 - No  We did however talk in mails and you seem like a very sweet dear.  I've actually enjoed talking to you.  < 3
#coreyants - Yes  However, I am not decided on what to think about you.  I know you play a strong social game from our first days and I remember you were a hated a lot.  Don't know if that's still the case.
#ohheydudeski - No  I believe I've seen you around, but idk you.
#2Beastly - Yes  Bro, I'm glad to have met you way back when in 2014.  Thanks to you, I had begun to see what Castings were really about: having fun and making friends.  I'm still sorry I didn't get to do more for you when I joined that charity of yours that undeservedly got ruined.  And it was awesome of you to message me the day I came back here.  I hope we get to talk more in the future and meet up in a game again.
#amylou8251 - YES  OMG Where to begin?  I still love you and I regret all the time I've been away from you.  I can't believe I've been such an idiot to you for so long when I lost my phone.  You deserve a lot better than that.  If there's one person on here that's been here for me more than anybody, it's you.  I hope you still love me too.  < 3
#silas86 - Yes  You were one of my closest friends on here a few years back.  Our separation from when I was gone has distanced us more than I imagined.  lmao  But I still remember as this sweet, lovable guy given how much you've grown up here.  I'm proud of how far you've come.  ^_^
#TaraG - No  That being said, you seem like a nice girl from our talks, as few as they have been.  :)  Maybe when I get full health again we might meet up in Survivor.  :P
#Petro - No  While we haven't really met so to say, I DO remember you being in a close vote in Stars.  I voted you to win because you actually took the time to message me and, take notes for those who play Stars, I always appreciate that.  :)
#Chemicalali - No  I did have to double check just to make sure though.  I've seen you around, and I..


Hey, I'm flashing!! PYN

50 Oliviaxoxo, May 19, 2014

yey silver, happy happy!! PYN for an opinion!:))
edit: i need to go study but i'll update as i take breaks!:)
#magge555550101 Magnus, one of my few first friends from when I joined  TG! so glad we still are close and thank you for everything!:) you've been there all the way up to here and i hope we'll never stop talking!:) you're a sweet boy who is a boss at comps!! teach me your waaaaaays!!:p loves ya hun!< 3
#nikki101 thanks for the grats!:) I've never come across you in a game before i dont think but i hope that'll change!
#purplecows yey thank you!:) i always plus your spam and you always plus mine whenever i have some!:p you seem really friendly and i'd really love to get to know you better!:)
#Dancefloorparty errrr if that means grats, then thanks!:p if im honest, im never too sure if you like me or not BUT i dont care because your blogs always make me giggle!;) < 3
#Cornelia thank you for the congrats! < 3 I dont think we've ever met but i managed to get anon opinion from a close friend of mine: 'he's a queen!  he's really nice, friendly and a good game player' :)
#zachboy967 we don't talk that much but i have you on snapchat! you've been in like the past two castings ive been in but you always die at 20th or something!:p you seem like a nice person!:)
#Tommeh208 thank you tommy!:) im soooooo glad to be in the same frat as you because you're funny and oh so sweet! you're comments in games always make me giggle and you're fun to talk to! I'm really enjoying getting to know you better!:) lotsaaa looooves!< 3
#Tyboy618 i've seen you're name around TG but we've never met! hope to see you around because you seem friendly!
#brookie0126 thank you for the grats!:) unfortunately i dont know you that well but i hope that changes too! i managed to get an anon opinion from a friend of mine though!:)  "I messaged you once and had a couple questions that you answered and were super nice about! A very sweet girl!"
#Rocker917 Billy Bwaaar you sweetie, thank you and your mail made me smile!:) thank you for being a fab friend and i miss you!!:( you're always so fun to talk to and you are super kind! you and magge always secretly try to get me as high ranks as possible in games and it means a lot that you both would do that for a friend, especially without me even knowing! you're a thoughtful person Billy, bwaaaar for life!;) lots of love! < 3
#lewisc gee your grats couldnt be anymore unenthusiastic!;) you're the better, cuter, funnier, sassier half of #Lewivia and you're the bestest friend anyone could ask for! glad we're both going through exams the same time so i have someone to moan to and to motivate each other! letssssss do online shopping once we're free!:p love you < 3 ps, I still remember you and magge555550101 telling me how to buy yellow in my first casting!..


Avas Random.org big brother gift game day 6

21 ava_adore84, Feb 16, 2014

Sorry #Magge555550101 you  have been eliminiated :(
tomorrow will be a double eviction
1 winner132
2 mikey_elite
3 cheesee10
4 frozenshadow09
5 robertguajardo (GOLDEN KEY)
6 phillipA
7 rickertude
8 alissarose428
9 temponeptune
10 absol
11  nickdaboss
12 jeremybb
13 jessiheat
14 bradyspaulding16
15th - magge555550101
16th-  xcountryboyx
17th - bigbrothermaniac
18th- @lltinkerll
19th- riskybusinessxoxo
20th- woollybear98
HoH-  #mikey_elite
Nominees - #absol, #winner132
Pov Players-  #absol ,#alissarose428 #jeremybb , #frozenshadow09 #mikey_elite, #winner132
pov winner- #jeremybb
Veto - not used
please vote to evicte either #absol or #winner132 gl nominees!

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