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Top 5 Challenge Women

0 JetsRock12, Mar 2, 2021

1. Cara Maria - I'm #loyal
2. Ashley M
3. Jamie Chung
4. Theresa
5. Amber B



75 Lemjam6, Feb 24, 2021

and I will tell you if you're #Loyal or not. Even if I don't like you, I can still appreciate someone who is loyal to others.
As ElectraViv once said, "You don't have to be loyal to me, just be loyal to someone."
amandabynes - #Loyal
rohanprabhu - #UnLoyal
andalarew_2231 - VERY #Loyal always to your day 1s
Barbrastreisand - I honestly think you're #Loyal to your allies, I just think you're an idiot
Pinkiepie512 - Extremely #Loyal, ride or die. It's just natural Taurus instinct to be loyal
Brandonpinzu - #Loyal ... but you can definitely be shady in games, just not to me
Bamold1999 - This one is weird because you are loyal to your friends, but you were never loyal to me so I guess maybe we just were not actually friends. I guess that's why you weren't loyal to me. So I will say #Loyal just not to me
Galaxies - #Loyal
Midiaw - You know I love you, but honestly... #UnLoyal you really fucked over that tribe who was loyal to you for no reason and it wasn't a good look. I wasn't even on the tribe, but it was hard to see you be so unloyal and get manipulated
iiGalaxyii - #MixedLoyal a friend to all is a friend to none. I love you and you've been loyal to me, but it's definitely hard to be loyal to everyone when you usually have a lot of friends.
KingGeek - #Loyal lets just forget about Outlaster
Turkeylover - Oh queen I don't have to know you that well to know that you are 100% Team #Loyal
Zoon - Oh easy. #UnLoyal. You expect everything and give nothing.
Jessie_ - You seem very #Loyal
Mathboy9 - Absolutely #UnLoyal I saw you flip on Kelly, Sandy, and Ween for no reason the other day. Next.
Kennel123 - We don't really get along, but I think you're very #Loyal to your friends and I love that even if it means you go after me.
Washed_Ravioli - Very similar to Kellen, I think you're #Loyal. We aren't really friends and we target each other all the time, but you're loyal to your friends and we used to work together in frooks all the time back in the day.
Hisoka - You have that psycho #Loyal energy. We love that.
joey65409 - #Loyal
MmabatlokoaMolefe - You're actually a very #Loyal person even if others see you as crazy
Pieguy555 - #UnLoyal like you're so shady in games, but you have been working your way towards loyalty lately
Kindred7 - Oh bitch we know you are #Loyal to death even if you're too scared to speak up sometimes!!
Mbarnish1 - Sometimes too #Loyal for your own good
S73100 - Just like Andrew, #MixedLoyal it hurt my heart what you did to Benop, you're usually in such a good spot that it's tough to be loyal to everyone


this is the worst take i've ever seen

3 Singsongers, Feb 23, 2021

notnicky333 - I don鈥檛 know how you matured so quick, you went from one of the most annoying ween sheep鈥檚 posting vlogs being weird and stuff to like this deep voice, super laid back drama free person, I really think you鈥檙e awesome and team #loyal af



10 Akeria, Oct 23, 2020



Happy Birthday Greg! 馃挏馃挏

8 cheritaisdelicious, Sep 25, 2020

Happy birthday, spikedcurley!
Greg, you give off such all around good vibes. You鈥檙e smart, funny, mellow, have a huge heart, and you鈥檙e all around a super loyal friend and incredible person. I have so much fun talking to you, snapchatting, playing games with you on here, and making you laugh with my weird commentary. I鈥檓 so happy that I met you and I hope you have a fantastic birthday and an enjoyable week off, because you deserve all the best things.
Also, I wanted to include a song for you, and since one is called September, figured it was fitting <3

Happy birthday, babe.
And here are some messages for you from some other cool people:
Bblover96 - oh greg, you light up the world so much. You light it up like walmart lamps in the parking lot for those poor soulds shopping at 3am. You are a hard worker, a harder lover, and have an even harder body xx. lol in all serious, you are a real cool dude, super chill, and so just relatable it's hard to not love you. Enjoy your bday dude and plz dont fuck it up and stay sober. Thank you < 3. Kill it today
Shellbelle - Happy happy happy birthday Greg!! I hope you have the best fucking damn day ever! You def deserve it. One of the sweetest and down to earth guys ever! Love you!!!
Becksta20 - Happy Birthday Greg!! Hope you have a wonderful day. I鈥檓 glad I have had the chance to be in a few games with you because you are such a nice and fun person! We need to catch up in another casting soon! Anyway, have a great birthday and I wish you amazing things for your future 鉂わ笍 Beck
LolaIndigo - Happy birthday hun :3 i miss you so much in games. I hope all its right in your live. And can celebrate this birthday in a different way sure, but in a special and lovely way :路3
Washed_Ravioli - Greg! You鈥檙e one of the sweetest people I know on Tengaged and I adore playing games with you and talking with you. You鈥檙e always so busy and I wish I saw you in games more often but it鈥檚 always a pleasant surprise when I do side you. I hope you have an absolutely amazing day, Greg, because you deserve the best! 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
_Adidas_ - Gregory, you might have a clearer idea as to how we even met but i know you will ALWAYS be #loyal I think of all my friendships in this site yours goes without question. We don't have to speak to comprehend we got each other and that's what I love about us.
Thank u for helping me whenever I needed. All the saves. All the games. All the charities. My all time favorite memory still remains when I faked nomed u and nichole98 in ur charity but it eneded up noming u anyways lol.  Happy birthday go have fun enjoy ur day smoke a fat blunt or bowl for me and party hardy love ya bud <3
Maddog16 - Hello Greggybear! Happy Birthday sexy I hope you have a good birthday. I love..



7 Delete2544, May 16, 2019



31 purplebb4, Apr 27, 2019

And I'll rank you based on loyalty!
(If I don't know you this will be based on what I've seen of you from my 2+ years on this site!)
J2999 ( the purple crown gave you this spot xoxo )
Hellomynameis347 ( we slay together as irrelevant utr players!!!)
Haykee (even if u do nom me ur still loyal in brant's MWAH)
Birks4444 ( Us premading fastings <3333)
Pokepat ( MEME Girls and ROBLOX)
peace123 (enjoy xxxx)
CoachWade ( Ik you would cut me in a gg if you had to so eek, luv u tho!)
Latisha0987 ( QWEEN but we connected like a week ago and you don't stan Tina enough!)
GrrrImaBear (I rlly did sheep u in UNCAST and even if u can be toxic I stan!)
J0K3R ( you hated me for a good week after Uncast but we've grown together </3 )
boicam77 ( VioletBB6 is shaking + Twisted Tea is cute! )
Burgerman2929292 ( Good host of BBB and you have slayed with me before, but we rlly don't talk or connect!)
FireX ( we aren't loyal to each other but in the end your incredibly loyal to your closest allies)
lionsden121 ( I blindside you and cut your throat, not the other way around!!! )
MrBird ( the better JR BB host fr )
pinkiepie512 ( MOM but we haven't played together)
NopalitoLegend01 ( R.obbed in BBB!! )
BengalBoy ( Are you asking for a fight?)
RedFabFoxy ( I feel like you are ride or die with the ppl you like most but you'll cut out anyone else if need be!)
Cheeseman2468 ( Same as Grace honestly, KING but we haven't rlly played that much together)
sprtsgy1989 ( Ur loyalty to Fiona got you this spot!)
JetsRock12 ( idk you that well either but your loyal to icons I do know so you don't deserve last!)
Jasoi ( you seem erratic at times but you also seem loyal others xd)
Tester ( haven't played that much with you either lol, but in gg's you rlly have been #loyal to others! )
chillum ( it was a delight hosting you but we rlly haven't talked or played together at all since then so I cant rlly judge LMAO)
countrysavage ( I think we played a gg together and you self voted out LMAO! other than that I rlly cant recall that much about you :( )
Amnesia_ (I don't know you that well either, but from what I've seen of you, you rlly do slay!)
lexeyjane ( once more I rlly don't see enough of you anywhere to make a good estimate LMAO)
AxKxAxBatman ( I rlly haven't seen you around so I cant say much lol, but nice to meet ya :p)
ShaneDawson12345 (I don't know you at all LMAO and Shane Stans sociopaths!)



11 Lemjam6, Apr 24, 2019



Top 25 BBUSA Female Ranking #3

4 Kaseyhope101, Jul 25, 2016

25 -  Jackie Ibarra
24 - Jessie Kowalski
23 - Michelle Costa
22 - Rachel Plencner
21 - April Lewis
20 - Jocasta Odom
19 - April Dowling
18 - Ashley Iocco
17 - Renny Martyn
16 - Jordan Lloyd
15 - Amy Crews
14 - Shelli Poole
13 - Vanessa Rousso
12 - Amanda Zuckerman
11 - Danielle Reyes
10 - Keesha Smith
9 - Brittany Martinez
8 - Jennifer Vasquez
7 - Candice Stewart
6 - Daniele Donato (& Kalia Booker)
5 - Britney Haynes
4 - Jessica Hughbanks
BECKY BURGESS [BB17, 9th Place]
The trainwreck (inlove)
Fun fact every member of the returning juror comp is on this list... Guess who won!!!! The guy with the screamy voice. Which WOULD HAVE BEEN FINE. but, he did nothing post re-entry and said in his eviction interview his target was... Meg. Gg Shelli.
But, Becky was afraid of NOTHING. She wasn't afraid to stand against Vanessa and if it worked, it would've been the best move of the season.
Sadly, James didn't let it happen.
Steve was so obsessed it was sad. I'm happy he didn't get her out, but rlly. What a pansy ass bitch. God, I hate Steve so much. See : Iconic moments to see his obsession.
But, Becky started out lying low, sharing her train story, winning a few comps (well, one HOH)
But DAMN. HER HOH REIGN WAS FIRE. See : Iconic moments for a few quotes.
She was originally second, but I moved one contestant up a few spots.
Overall, this trainwreck was a 10/10 player, who got robbed when she finally started playing the game.
Pathetic Steve's obsession with her :
Bitch ain't afraid of no Vanessa :
Her telling Clelli about a plan against them. #Loyal
"No more deals, #BasicBecky" when secretly she just was over Vanessa and planning a backdoor.
Her perfect plan against Vanessa, that James idiotically ruined. Dumbass Asian.
Her train story : "when you think trainwreck, just think of me!" (Paraphrased quote)
"I worked Black Friday, I can handle Vanessa."
Her MURDERING the physical endurance HOH competition like it was nothing.


Kim Kardashian West CLOSED! [34/35]

4 RobertGuajardo, Feb 28, 2016

Even though I got one steal, i still consider it a successful shop. vitamin u were robbed :( thank you to my amazing designers/permission givers for letting me post designs in this shop. I can say, this was such a glam & exclu shop xo.
Thank you to my #loyal and speedy gifters!
next shop coming soon: Justin Bieber. :)


I stopped watching BGC: ASB

3 RiDsTeR, Jul 9, 2013

After Week 1 when mehgan got out.

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