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10 Philip13, Jul 23, 2018

*Taps mic*
Is this thing on?
Shoutout to all who told me they wished I could be silenced forever and shoutout to everyone who started the #LetPhilipSpeak movement.
I was blacklisted because a bunch of people banded together to share a common lie with Admin.
The mod is biased.
If I was blacklisted only on account of my blogs, those would have been taken down, but there was no other proof to back up having “uttered death threats” to Me2013 or of harassment other than from the false words of many deluded individuals which does not constitute “proof” at all.
I have contacted Admin many times for him to remove the facebook connect on my account that links me to #Ametrine but I have never gotten a response.
So I guess his secret group only acts on requests which fit within their best interests?
This first blog post might be my last when Mel’s group finds a way to turn this message into one that was meant to harm her and Admin’s inbox gets filled with the screams of Hell’s fury.
I’ve filtered half the people off her friend list to make sure I can’t cross paths with them again.
None of them know me, half of them don’t even know what’s going on beyond the lies fed to them by their Queen and the rest are just machievallianistic, deluded, depraved, degenerated cyanotic cysts. (K these words might get me blacklisted but WAY WORST has been said on the blogs page; the only difference is that the people I’m talking about have a wide inter-connected group based on undying loyalty and delusion, so I should definitely just leave them alone and TRUST ME, I WILL. I don’t want to have to defend myself to an ignoramus for the remaining length of my Tengaged stay. Which is also why I’ll no longer be replying to my name being tagged by anyone tryna drag my good christian name through the mud for these allegations.)
You’ve shared your deluded side of the story. Now let me share mine. And it includes describing you in accurate terms (the same way you’ve done to me).
It’s been a wacky 48 hours! There will be many people screaming #BANPHILIP13 on the blogs page but I THANK the psychos for making me more popular than I ever thought could be achieved.
If this blog gets me banned or blacklisted, I’ll be sad but unfazed because it’ll only go to show the type of mod our beloved Admin is.


Philip should do what Admin did

1 JonMcGillis, Jul 22, 2018

And post his blogs on a group

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