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94 koolness234, Dec 30, 2016

And I will tell you what Pokemon you are and why.
#kyoot You would be my Umbreon. Reason why is Umbreons are usually bulky and cant take a lot of hits (hatred). While also doing some heavy damage. Basically you can deal with a lot of shit coming your way and still pussywreck
#mastropola Kirlia The unevolved form of gardevoir. Basically the prettiest of her evolution line. I can just see you know dancing to ballet while delivering deadly physic attacks
#Blujay112 You would be a skitty young still naive and adorable. However when you grow up you will literally destroy lives and dreams with your tail slaps
#Notafraid A female charizard that never has her shit together. You never use the right move when you are told to, and sometimes try to tackle rather than fire blast. However, if you land something correctly it could be a 1 HKO
#titoburitto A Snorlax you dont do much however when you get pissed you go off like Tiffany Pollard on BBUK.
#TheBlackDog a Houndoom because of your user name. Always thought Houndooms were epic
#Ethan000 You are Ursaring in my Pokemon Normal Monotype challenge. You basically are the saving grace of my team considering everyone else sucks. You have carried like 4 gym leader battles for me
#Masonx A Smoochum The pre-evvolved form of my favorite Pokemon. You will get ballsy and fierce when you are older
#brandonrichie Eevee because you never know what you are going to get with you
#Popcap93 Dewgong You know why :) BTW my Nachos were great
#brandt69 Magikarp sometimes you flop and sometimes you turn into gyrados and literally slay everyone
#bigdizzleyomama Muk Literally a ball of sludge that slays so hard. They do damage they take hits and they look flawless with what they pulled from the garbage
#QueenRosalina Starmie because you are a fierce fucking Star that does not need any validation from anyone else because they have their own physic gem with powers
#flickgamecolin Jolteon sometimes you faint and are fragile and sometimes you can shock the world just depends on who you are playing against
#alanb1 Pheebas the are rare and some people dont treasure them. However, when they evolve they literally turn into the prettiest and fierciest water type pokemon.
#m7md26 Electrabuzz completely electrifying and can man handle teams. Also you can invisibly tumble into my heart anyday
#IyBf A pichu an adorable little pokemon that can pack a shock however you have not fully evolved yet
frozenshadow09 An unknown because there are so many of you and so many different personalities you could be playing with just 1 of you or 34342312312321312
#levonini ekans......SNAKE
#EmilyThorne Lopunny cute sassy and one hell of a haircut
Mitchkid64 A dratini. Still very far from being a Dragonite but you are on the right steps to pokemon FAME
Arris Zapdos a legendary fucking bird of electricity. However if any rock type move hits you...


Rest in piss

2 SydneyWalsh, Feb 27, 2015


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