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My Offical Goodbye blog

43 BigJoeFrimodt, Sep 24, 2014

Tengaged it has really been fun, in all honesty it has, the days i have spent on tengaged were truly the most happy of my life to date, it was an excellent adventure and i am only the better for it. However, each day i am gaining less and less from it, and i think its a sign for me to move on. I need to start experiencing more of what the world has to offer, and there is a lot, if you could experience a small fraction of a percent, you would have lived a full life.
Before i go, there are some people i have met along the way that i feel like i owe goodbyes to.
unkown - You were my tengaged brother, and you know how i feel about you.
macken - you are truly one of the greatest people this website has to offer, you burst to the seems with personality and life, and you will have a rich and prosporous life, i can garuntee that. You are probably the person that i have talked the most with, and i will charish those conversations, because i have never laughed as much in my life as i have with you. thank you.
_adidas_ - i dont even know where to begin with you, you are one of my oldest friends, and we have spent quite a bit of time together, especially recently, im sorry that i wont be around to buy TV star with you, i wish you the best of luck in all that you do.
clutch8791 - another one of my old beloved friends, you are such a good friend, i cannot even begin to explain it, i miss spending time with you like we use to, but i will always charish those moments.
karebare - we met in one of my first games, in fact you were my first final 3 partner, if it wasnt for you, who knows how far i would have progressed on this website, it is really because of you that i made all of the friendships i have made, its because of you that tengaged became more than a website.
timeflies - i was so happy to reunite with you, i cannot even begin to express it, your friendship was easily one of my favorites, and its one that i will remember for all of my life.
parvatis - you are one of the funniest people i have met on this site, i live for our conversations, because they have brought me so much joy, and i cannot express enough how much they have meant to me
esquiff - my tengaged idol, you were a badass when i first joined tengaged, and your still a badass today, ive talked with you about sports more than anybody, and the conversations have been great.
#koin - we met in KBB2 and you have been such a good friend, probably better than i really deserve to have, i love talking to you, because you are one of the most fun people i have ever met, and im sorry im leaving before you get a chance to see this.
stuartlittle16 - we also met in KBB2 where i easily bonded more with you than anybody, i love the friendship that we have had, its one i wouldnt trade for the world, you are absolutely one of the people i will miss..


let me get this straight

7 Koin, Feb 17, 2014

#Koin is trending my name
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Yes or no?


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1 Jared242, Jan 19, 2014

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