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Pyn for an honest opinion

61 Arris, Apr 22, 2017

No holding back !
#KatarinaDuCouteau - You know I love you ! I think you're a very nice person, and you have a good sense of humour. You usually crack me up in chats, and I like having conversations with you :)
#Kelly2722 - DJ, right? First of all I hate you nickname because I always confuse you with the other Kelly, but I think you're a really nice and funny dude. You have your moments when you get really extra, but overall you're a good person.
#Brayden_ - I didn't like you at first but you definitely won me over with a time. I think you're a really chill dude but sometimes you're doing too much with Avril. You're also quite funny , and some of your blogs crack me up.
#EliotWhi - We didn't like each other at first over frookies, I think but then we got through  this and haven't beefed since then. We don't really talk much but from what I see you're nice. I remember you plugged few times with me as well.
#ZooWap - Sorry I really don't know you :(
#Vlad21 - You're a good pal overall, and I love talking to you I know we can say a lot of shit and none of us will ever leak that so I like the fact that I can trust you! You annoy me tho sometimes but it's okay because ur a hobo ; D
#ImGonnaWin - Oh Terrence I've known you for a long time now, and I really like you. I love your snaps, unless you send too many haha then I get annoyed but overall you're a very positive and funny person with a big heart !
#Steven999 - I didn't like you at first , I thought you were obsessed with me but then you said sorry and became nice. I like you since then, I think you really nice and sweet guy for most of the time. You should hmu sometimes.
#Danny12 - I know that you can be very extra sometimes, and annoy with spoilers but you haven't done anything to me personally. You've been nothing but nice , so I like you.
CalebDaBoss - I really don't know you but I find some of your blogs really depressing. Lighten up ! Hit me up if you need 2 talk. :)
#brookie_cookie - Don't know you much personally, but from when we talked I found you really nice, and also you're like the queen of funny blogs on tengaged. It's always a pleasure to read your blogs.
#brandonpinzu - You're very chill and mostly nice, I've never seen you being rude to people but I've heard you've been doing really shitty things as a moderator back in a days, but anyways I personally like you. hmu sometimes xx
#NexusCain - Don't know you. Sorry :(
#Acyuta - Acy! You're one of my favorite people on Tengaged. You're very kind to everyone and I love talking to you about movies, and also playing games with you. You're a great allie and a STUD !
koolness234 - King of vlogging, i think ! You're super funny and charismatic. I find you really entertaining and even your fights are iconic. I love how you're always so sweet to me!
ashleykarp - I don't know you really but you seem really nice so hmu anytime..


♥ Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge ♥

35 mastropola, Dec 29, 2016

and tell me if you think I'm a hero or a villain & then I'll do the same
Idk im bored and this will be fun to get personally offended when everyone says what I don't want but is true.
C_Shizz96 - HERO! *Coach Boomer voice*
Zuelke - The only reason you're a hero is because you're not smart enough to be a villain. Not really a read but nobody thinks you're devious because your attention span is about 6 seconds.
Diogojsgomes - I think you're an illiterate fag who didn't give me an answer.
mrcool - Hero
Dinosaurdan - You're a hero but your skype name is white trash Dan and it really just gives off an "I don't shower" demeanor and ik it's not true but please God fix it.
hugatree343 - Heroic icon
Kinggeek - LMAO you ain't lying.. I'd say you have some villainous thoughts but your actions are only hero like
Blujay112 - Hero!
Darriusdabest - Truthfully I find you excruciatingly annoying to talk to so I won't be handing you a compliment, but loud/obnoxious aren't qualities of a near decent villain, so I'll just say neither and move on
Emmett4 - Heroooooooo
QueenMichelle - (I THINK UR THE ONE WHO USED TO HATE ME AND THINKS IM FUNNY NOW?) Regardless, I don't ever see you doing anything chaotic, hero!
Steven999 - More hero than villain but if you are who I think you are, you have your moments
Brashful - Villain
Deshonbannedisback - A hero amongst wannabe villains
Titoburitto - I don't think you're smart enough to be either =[
Masonx - Hero
Darbe - You're kind of a dick but I think it's because we're questionably enemies? Both?
xxlovewakizaxx - Villain
DJ4460 - Depends on the topic, but you're usually a little condescending. We're on good terms now tho so don't h8 me 4 it!
Joshie1 - You're drunk if you don't think you're a villain
Maturo - You're astoundingly more heroic these days than when you spammed D w/ P out of stars
Iybf - Annoyingly a snake in the grass who thinks they're a hero but isn't
xoamanda - Hey! I dont really know you, hero!
#KatarinaDuCouteau - I think you try a little hard to be notoriously funny, but perhaps because you're generally nice irl? Who knows!
#Lassidoggy - Drag Queen Extraordinaire
#Arris - Boring 1 dimensional hero
#Thumper91 - I can be your hero baby (music) But 100% Hero!
#Brandt69 - Herosus
#CaptainzacSparrow - Well thank you! Hero ;)
#S71000 - Hero I GUESS but you never talk to me literally ever anymore
#Kelly0412 - To the public eye, you're a wildebeest yelling racial slurs, as a friend, you're quite tame.
#Roshy - I'd say you were a villain in your older days based on frooks LMAO but I feel that, even though association is out of my..


PYN and I will tell you if

84 skyler1822, Oct 11, 2016

you live or die in a horror movie and what happens next for you in honor of Halloween of course lol
#KatarinaDuCouteau - You die :/ because you and a girl have a fight in the beginning. The killer ends up attacking you right when you are heading back to your room
#Masonx - You die :/ while you are on tengaged trying to spam designs into auctions. The killer was right behind you u_u
#Darbe - You live :) because you were able to figure out the killer's true identity. But can you do the reveal quick enough before the killer claims another victim?
#EyooMarcus - You live :) (but barely LOL) the killer almost got you right when you were going to perform a ballad on stage. But your manager was able to call for you in time to do another sound check #SlayingForTheGods
#cswaggerr - You live :) because you were able to make a deal with the killer right when he/she was approaching you with a knife. You got lucky that the killer really wanted new gemma weaves and wonderland eyes
#Violets - You live because... you're one of the killers O_o but why did you do it???
#Brayden_ - You died :/ I think one of the killers got sick and tired of you blogging about Kristen Stewart tbh. Idk why because I loved her in the movie, Speak
#Pegasus1234 - Girl you died :/ the killer just wasn't a fan of your last album or the musically
#TheSexiestDude990 - You died :/ you fought long and hard, but you just weren't strong enough. It took 2 killers to take you out. I think they were hating on you because you put a ring on it lol
#tryandbeatme16 - You disappear?? You were on your couch eating nachos and watching netflix. But one of the killers kidnapped you and the other finished your nachos. Your whereabouts are unknown for now :?
#eliserose - You live :) because before the end credits start rolling, we see you in front of a mirror fixing your makeup and smiling when the killers walk into the room, oh the shade of it all girl lol #DoubleAgent
#Cornelia - They got you beau x_x you died :/ The killers couldn't handle the amount of times you made it to finals in stars
#Brashful - You live :/ because you're another killer! How could you do it?!? You're supposed to be bashful lol
#turkeylover - You died :( because they weren't fans of your username. They like chicken and ham more. Idk. I personally, prefer turkey
#Maryland - You died :( I don't think they cared that you were gay. They just wanted to claim another victim
#TayBear17 - You died :( The killers couldn't deal with all your sass and back talk in games lol
#Dreamdoll - You died :( But you died peacefully almost like it was a dream
#k4r4k - You lived! :) Dakota showed up in the knick of time attacking one of the killers disarming him or her which gave you enough time to escape. Shortly after barking at the killer, Dakota catches up to you, girl that was a crazy scene, what a good dog :)
#TotalDramaLover1234 - You're alive because... You're one of the main killers!!!..

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