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7 m7md26, May 2, 2016

Mail me that you plus the blog and i'll mail you a tengaged user! give an opinion about them and i'll post it here anonymously!
Not taking anymore
Queen of TG robbed in Stars
jk no you deserved 3rd or 4th or w.e tf you got
Bryce is so nice and a #victim
OMG i love Willie, he's such a good friend of mine and he is super funny to talk to. we have each other front page friends, so i think he'll know who this is. i wish we spoke more :(( but i love his snap chat stories! :D he's my bro
We are friends (I think?) even though I don't know if she's mad at me because I deleted her oops :X She has always been nice to me and I don't think she's as awful as some people she say she is. I wish I could get to know her better because she's actually a very caring & nice person, the design obsession sometimes can be a little bit too much though.
hates me for no particular reason. he is obsessed with me over something that he thought i said but actually didn't and is very good is holding a grudge.
Super nice! Don't know you too well but from the conversations we've had, you're a super chill person and I wish we were friends
I don't know this person but he seems pretty cool and nice.
#Vanili !
She's as delightful as her nickname (couldn't resist cracking little joke lmfao) I always liked her but recently we started talking more and snapping as well, so I like her even more. She's a really chill, nice and beautiful person inside and out. Also gl in Stars < 3
LOL hum.. I know him more from the drama exposed on tengaged because we never really spoke a lot. I'll admit he was ok on calls when I was in a group chat with him and other guys.
It's also a good player on league, probably taking a little too much serious games on tengaged? I never played HG/Stars/Survivor with him so I don't know him in a personal level. Despite all of this, I don't see him negatively but messaging family on Facebook isn't cute, dear Tyler *insert last name*
I don't know Ashleybabyx3 very well but they seem like a sweetie and it was great doing business with them =] Also the 111 gifts is cute
oh i forgot to do this...
Robert is that kind of person who is nice when you first talk to him, he is understanding and extremely generous. But all good things must come to an end and so did my friendship with him. What is funny is that he CONSTANTLY leaked stuff that i told him. anything i told him he told other people and so on and so forth. then eventually it came to me that i leaked what he said to me,  and well now he is mad at me for it. Karma i guess?
Mcbejamin is just a baby boy!!!!!!!!!! Like you are not that much older than me and he will never win stars
all i know is that imthtawesom used to hate him i dunno if he still..


por favor

2 k4r4k, Jun 7, 2015

please support me in es stars :) #k4r4k #firstesstars


Survivor Brantsteele History

0 maxcrosby2419, May 27, 2015

1. San Juan del Sur (Winner: Kara #k4r4k)
2. Worlds Apart
Akshar #jameslu
San Juan del Sur: 4/18
Ashlyn #Ashlynarehart
San Juan del Sur: 10/18
Baylor #KingGeek
San Juan del Sur: 8/18
Chris #chris2pei
San Juan del Sur: 16/18
David #Davidftw123
San Juan del Sur: 14/18
Jessie #Boococky
San Juan del Sur: 12/18
Julian #Thesexiestdude990
San Juan del Sur: 15/18
Kara #k4r4k
San Juan del Sur: 1/18
Kyle #kwiens18
San Juan del Sur: 6/18
Latisha #Ghettoyah
San Juan del Sur: 13/18
Matt #bearclaw1212
San Juan del Sur: 11/18
Max #maxcrosby2419
San Juan del Sur: 5/18
Missy #lanadelrey_
San Juan del Sur: 17/18
Nik #nikw98
San Juan del Sur: 2/18
Noah #noah_kondon
San Juan del Sur: 18/18
Peyton #xXpeytonX3
San Juan del Sur: 3/18
Sam #woollybear98
San Juan del Sur: 9/18
Tiana #Barbiie
San Juan del Sur: 7/18


Queens of Tengaged Season 2: Week 1

10 AliciaNever, Aug 5, 2014

The Queens had to put themself in duo with another queen, there is how it goes:
Duo #1: #k4r4k & #MichelleObama
Duo #2: #hujain & #QueenDoe
Duo #3: #Guillomouve & #Maxi1234
Duo #4: #Etienne & #Megan
Duo #5: #STOKES2009 & #Jouix
Duo #6: #HelenCoops & #finklestein123
However, #honeybunch1 didn't got  a duo, but the production bring her a soulmate...
Welcome Queen #14...
randomize !
So Duo #7: #honeybunch1 & #randomize
HoHs: #hujain & #QueenDoe
Pre-Veto Noms: #Etienne & #Megan
Veto Winners: #HelenCoops & #finklestein123
Post-Veto Noms: #Etienne & #Megan
#QueensOfTengaged #rookies #stars #casting


♐ Day 6 Calvin's Hunger Games ♐ *Last of..

18 SmoothStalker12, Jun 9, 2014

➵ Only 10 people may comment, anyone is allowed to comment
➵ Only one comment per person
➵ Please comment HEALTH or ATTACK following the tribute's name
Day 5 Events
#k4r4k attacks #blakejenkins14, causing -66
Capitol citizen #ajg1397 sponsors #Maxi1234 +25
The fierce #Maxi1234 attacks #NJKoda1998, causing -97 *Killing Him*
#OldNewz Attacks #blakejenkins14, causing  -25 *Killing Him*
#SomebodyAwesome finds a healthpack in a tree +25
A coyote  #borisXborisette bites #bowkane, causing -17
#JourdanBabyXoXo attacks #ghrocky's dead body, causing -0
Trackerjackers #LordJza once again stings #k4r4k causing -12
Bloody thirsty #rawr121 charges #k4r4k, causing -88
The Lion #Boots22 eats #blakejenkins14's body, causing -0
Remaining Tributes (21)
District 1
1 Deanooo *100*
2 Maxi1234 *150*
District 2
3 thetrumpetman423 *100*
4 JourdanBabyXoXo *100*
District 3
5 ILoveSurvivor23 *125*
6 brosky17 *100*
District 4
7 mastropola *75*
8 MariahAnn *100*
District 5
10 Lynette *125*
District 6
11 RoughNightBro *69*
12 jdog *125*
District 7
14 k4r4k *152*
District 8
15 SomebodyAwesome *125*
District 9
17 OldNewz *125*
18 rawr121 *125*
District 11
21 Rocker917 *100*
22 magge555550101 *100*
District 13
23 useamint *100*
24 bowkane *47*
24th - tvdude01 (D10) killed by #rawr121 with a trident
23rd- darriusdabest (D10) killed by #ILoveSurvivor with an axe
22nd - ghrocky100 (D8) killed by the lion #Boots22
21st - NJKoda1998 (D7) killed by #Maxi1234 with a sword
20th - blakejenkins14  killed by #OldNews with throwing knives


Kara's Gift Game Season 5: Duos!

64 k4r4k, May 20, 2014

Hi Tengaged :) I've done some gift giveaways in the past and always try to change things up a bit to do something different each time -- this season will be DUOS ^_^
I will be accepting 15 teams/duos for this game - so a total of 30 people.
What you need to do:
1. tag yourself and your partner of choice in the comments along with a team name
EXAMPLE: #k4r4k & #smoothstalker12 #teamcalvara
2. have your desired partner do the same with a team name (NOTE: team names don't have to match, just the partners - i will later pick which of the two team names is best to use for the season if you both put something different)
3. the first 15 duos to comment (as shown in the example) below will be a part of this season :) BOTH PEOPLE IN THE DUO MUST COMMENT to officially be in the game!!! i will not be partnering people up - you must do this on your own :x
If you have any questions, feel free to mail me < 3
1. owlb0ned & mozues #mob0ned
2. jojo7784 & avalon #Jovalon7784
3. fenwicky & rowan22 #teamunderdog
4. marieeve & music #MaMu
5. ava_adore84 & alissarose428 #TwistedSisters
6. Sharpshooter4 & Dancefloorparty #IronSides
7. lexxxy & cfff #nonames
8. njkoda1998 & archerskyfire #teamtwins
9. StraightLoonie & ASupreme #TeamAlphaMale
10. scotton215 & tyler93 #TyTons
11. ImGonnaWin & LewisC #Lewin
12. m7md26 & novascotiachic #teamlegends
13. thetrumpetman423 & thumper91 #trumpthump
14. bowkane & brenla #thecuntz
15. CDeal & Czucker #CSqaured
(these are the first 15 partners who completed the instructions)


Kara's Gift Game WIN POLL

2 survivorfan007, Mar 3, 2014

I have been fighting from the start to be where I am now. I am in the final three. I spammed, I played, and most importantly, I never gave up. I never backstabbed anybody. I played a great strategic and social game because I made it to the finals without an HoH or PoV (randomly selected). I was even evicted and managed to return to the game once more and climb to the top. Vote for the guy who never gave up despite being at a constant disadvantage and got himself here! If you vote for me, I will be able to finally receive my first design and win the game I have fought so hard to win for two months now. If you need any questions answered about my game before voting, feel free to mail me your questions.
VOTE FOR SURVIVORFAN007 HERE: http://www.tengaged.com/group/6519/poll/vote-winner-105099


Random Org Hunger Games: Day 2

19 Billybo10000, Dec 26, 2013

The Fallen Tributes for Day 2 will be shown on the 'Night 2' blog. So for now, let's get into Day 2!!!
District 2)
Xoxokiller (No Tributes Killed) (Alliance with Snelly and Bklimas)
District 3)
Michland143 (Killed SomebodyAwesome) (No Alliance)
District 4)
SmoothStalker12 (Killed Jeremybb) (Ex-Career)
District 5)
BeautyLiciousInsider (Killed Chloeox) (Career)
Sammyp (Killed Minie) (Career)
District 6)
k4r4k (Killed Nobody) (Ex-Acyuta Alliance)
District 7)
Ryan_Jambe (Killed Nobody) (No Alliance)
District 8)
Natepresnell (Killed Striky) (Career)
Snelly (Killed Nobody) (Alliance with Bklimas and Xoxokiller)
District 9)
Bklimas (Killed Nobody) (Alliance with Snelly and Xoxokiller)
District 10)
JamieN8954 (Killed Nobody) (No Alliance)
Claud (Killed MrJordan and Mckendo) (No Alliance)
District 12)
NightOwl (Killed Acyuta) (No Alliance)
#k4r4k (District 6)
I ran... I didn't know for how long, but I kept running, the ground falling down, sloping into the sands of the beach area. Even after the boom of the cannon, I kept running, faster and faster, until the night turned to day.
I was weary, and ready to collapse when I felt myself fall onto the sands of the beach. I struggled to stand, shaking and trembling violently. What scared me was that after I had fallen down, I heard all of the different sounds around the area. The crack of every twig seemed to be a Tribute, ready to take me down.
I finally began to feel energy returning to my limbs, and after managing to pull myself up into a sitting position, I heard another twig crack, but though nothing of it. And then he came.
"It seems I've found a Tribute," A voice jeered, and I span around to see #SmoothStalker12 standing there!
"Oh no! P-Please... D-D-Don't hurt me!" I gasped, pulling myself back across the sands towards the ocean.
"Oh, I'm sorry. Did you think I wanted to kill a pretty girl like you?" Smoothstalker grinned. "No, I have our best interests at heart. I got away from the Bloodbath with a few things and have been looking for an alliance."
"Wha- Really? T-Then you won't kill me?" I gaped, staring at this boy.
"Well, we all have to die at one point. But I'd like to keep you alive," He smiled, moving his hand to help me up.
I took it gratefully, smiling while twirling my hair in my hand. "Thanks, I'm glad."..

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