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81 JayElVeeIsBack, Aug 1, 2014

PYN For Opinion
#Jbshafer - We Met through a blog I posted asking who wanted to come on call with me and Marcus and basically since then we have been tight no matter how much we butt heads I am a taurus and I am stubborn So it'll happen   Either way you have quickly became one of my top 5 best friends on the website and hopefully we will never turn on eachother over a stupid game
#DrPepsi - We met before you always Comment on my blog's as a voter and entered a few of the Madden 25 Tournament's we never exactly talked much but I hope at some point maybe we can get to know eachother better possibly talk on skype or something like that.
#SimplyObsessed - Well to make this one Simple you are obssesed with me LOL JKJK But that is a good name ;) I like it we havent ever met but you seem to be a good guy Maybe you could add me on skype - JayElVee1 We could talk
#Lotus - We play together all the time unfortunately we usually aren't always on the same side which sucks cause you are a good player and hard to take out when we go against eachother I just hope we can start working together more and possibly become friends you are an excellent adversary when we work together and I appreciate your friendship for what we have
#ShyanneMystik - I think we all can agree that you could easily be a popular person on the site if you put your mind to it. But you prefer the small time which is cool cause most people wouldnt be fine with that and take advantage of their popularity when it last's. Which is why I consider you humble but at the same time you do some ridiculous stuff sometimes LOL which is okay cause don't we all?
#Darrel42 - You are The Man, The president of our frat without you it would be chaos between me JB Macken Luke Chris and Shyanne LOL JKJK But still it would get bad if you weren't there to resolve our issue's you are absolutely one of the most down to Earth person I have met on here when it comes to most things. I infact have the utmost respect for you and Hope at some point in the future You and I could join stars together ;)
#Panda13 - MAX YOU WERE LEGIT one of the first people I ever even made friends with on tengaged and I am sooo suprised your survived the Biocalypse LOL jk but yeah it was pretty bad and I am glad you are still here Also first game we played since I've been back is survivor together and we are about to make our 3rd merge together ;) I am so glad and our first final 2 ever
Spinfur - We met recently I think you are pretty cool from what I know so far you are a big supporter of Charities and you dont have that many T's so that is really generous of you. I hope to play some more games with you Cause you are very extremely Loyal ;)
Ybbob - Bobby Backwards  We met about 20 days ago never really talked much but once I found out you had a skype I tried to search for you all over until I found you and now we played together a few times you are a good friend I hope that We can become..


Having My SILVER Charity Next Crooks!

5 samnala, Jul 17, 2014

Hope some of you can come and help me out (: Thanks :D!
Claiming NEXT Rookies!
Thank you everyone!


HG Blog Game ~ DAY 6 ~

11 Deanooo, Jun 6, 2014

~ Only 10 people can comment (In-Game or Spectators)
~ Comment either HEALTH or ATTACK followed by the tributes username (ex. HEALTH Deanooo or ATTACK Deanooo)
~ First commenter will give DOUBLE health or do DOUBLE attack damage!
~ Day 5 Events ~
#jbshafer finds DOUBLE health, +50 health.
#CheapCheep is attacked by tracker jackers, -60 health.
#disneygeek finds health, +25 health.
#IAmPaxton is attacked by tracker jackers, -56 health, killing #IAmPaxton for 18th
#hobnobgpro finds health, +25 health.
#Phenomanimal is attacked by #MrPokeguy9, -82 health, killing #Phenomanimal for 17th
#XavierR83 is attacked by a storm, -51 health, killing #XavierR83 for 16th
#Runaway finds health, +25 health.
#Qwertyioup is attacked by muts, -31 health.
fredthebeast sponsors #Phenomanimal however he is dead.
1. SmoothStalker12 Health - 100
2. Runaway Health - 175
4. wyatt33 Health - 100
6. Survivoring Health - 14
7. Imthtawesom Health - 100
10. MrPokeguy9 Health - 100
11. jbshafer Health - 150
13. CheapCheep Health - 65
14. Robinhood99 Health - 100
15. Sam_Hamwich Health - 100
16. hobnobgpro Health - 300
19. disneygeek Health - 150
21. Qwertyioup Health - 69
22. rowan22 Health - 125
23. Stitch_18 Health - 100
24. hints Health - 100
16th: XavierR83 killed by a storm (DAY 5)
17th: Phenomanimal killed by #MrPokeguy9 (DAY 5)
18th: IAmPaxton killed by Tracker Jackers (DAY 5)
19th: Darriusdabest killed by poison (DAY 4)
20th: EliotWhi killed by #MrPokeguy9 (DAY 3)
21st: XavierR83 killed by a storm. (DAY 3)
22nd: kmaynor2 killed by #hobnobgpro (DAY 3)
23rd: unkown killed by muts. (DAY 3)
24th: rawr121 killed by lighting. (DAY 2)
When someone is given health, 25 health will be added to their current level, and when someone is attacked, I will random.org a number between 1 and 100, and that will be the damage done.
Only the first 10 comments count, and there is only 1 comment per person!


Wait what did I miss???

0 CheapCheep, Dec 30, 2013

Why is #jbshafer banned???



21 CheapCheep, Dec 30, 2013

Holy shiiiiiiiiiiz I was trapped in a car for 6 hours getting home just so I could finally purchase blood level. Augh my goodness MY LEGS... but enough of the complaining on top let's just get down to business.
Well, finally the bets came in and an unexpected win from a casting that ended in 2 1/2 days got me to blood just before 2014. I'm happy about it, and now, obviously, i'll just have to begin working my way to TV star. Only roughly 400 karma and 950 T's to go...yay...
After 296 games that bought me to a grand total of 1623 karma and ranked me 443rd, I can officially say what a journey it has been to get up to this point. I've received 5 gifts, so now my avatar doesn't have to look QUITE as much like it was caught in a freak accident and forced to look stupid for like A YEAR....
As usual I couldn't have come this far without the help of my many friends. I'll try and keep this short. As usual, tell me if I didn't mention you and I probably will. Don't take it as a complaint i'm just basing this off my friends list and I can only mention so many of y'all.
#jbshafer (Why you banned????)
Maxi1234 (Who un-friended me AGAIN WHYYYYYY)
Michaelf1114 (Grats on TV star, omg dude i'm so far behind you)
And honestly, I couldn't do a big blog thing like this without mentioning Booyahhayoob, we've known each other on TG and through Xbox and such for quite a length of time, and I hope one day i'll be able to really repay you for being such an awesome friend. =)
I appreciate everyone who has been here throughout my time here on Tengaged. I'm getting closer and closer to becoming TV star, which basically will just be my retirement where I collect a bunch of T's whenever and gift people / myself obvi.
But whether you're a new friend to me or an old friend, I appreciate you being on this wicked journey with me. Thanks guys illy. < 333333
I wish I had more to say but i'm bad with words. Maybe i'll come up with something more moving in 2 months or so when i'll be able to get TV star. xD

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