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James' Music Taste: All Stars [ELIMINATION]

4 Jameslu, Jan 14, 2021

After some FANTASTIC submissions for Round 2, the Top 2 will now battle it out in the hopes of winning and ELIMINATING one of the bottoms.
The theme is "T r o y e  S i v a n"
humanwebjet1 "Dance To This" by Troye Sivan ft. Ariana Grande - AWWW! This song is honestly such a bop and I really did enjoy. It's such a cute song with Ariana & Troye and I was just vibing along to it, well done!

SeaViper "My My My!" by Troye Sivan - Not you posting one of my favorite Troye Sivan songs! YES MA'AM!!! I honestly just love this song sooo much because it's honestly such a VIBE!! And it just gets me in a good mood and I was just singing and dancing along, excellent song choice!

So you guys both SLAYED but the WINNER of this Round is SeaViper!!!
SeaViper, the time has come for you to eliminate one of the bottoms: J4ckWilko or ilysuiteheart.
SeaViper: The contestant I will be eliminating is
ilysuiteheart, you had your ups and downs in this All Stars season. But, it's now time for you to sashay, away.
You will always be an All Star, baby! This isn't the last we'll see of you ;)
SeaViper reasoning: "I have to eliminated Ilysuiteheart here, simply because All By Myself SNAPS and I have no idea why it's ranked last :/"
J4ckWilko, this means you're SAFE! STEP IT UP!
Let's find out who humanwebjet1 would've eliminated: "I would like tooo eliminate #ilysuiteheart, sorry we don't really interact and I lovedd Jack's song choice better."
1. ChrisParker13
2. stuartlittle16
3. tswiftlover13
4. SeaViper
5. Rubes
6. J4ckWilko
7. paul028
8. humanwebjet1
9. ilysuiteheart [OUT]
10. Becksta20 [OUT]
11. NewNightmare7 [OUT]


[S1] The Taste Of Music Episode 11: RESULTS

5 J4ckWilko, Dec 31, 2020

1. 1001Games
2. 3pi14159
3. Becksta20
4. Crazybone5000
5. Jameslu
6. Lhooper902976
7. Mrkk
8. Nicolef
9. Paul028
10. Rubes
11. Stuartlittle16
12. Tester
13. Zach3051
14th: #ilysuiteheart (Grey's Anatomy)
Theme: Michael Jackson
Google Sheets:
Welcome to the second elimination of the merge where you had to post a Michael Jackson song. I have to say this is one of the BEST rounds this game and I really felt it hard to choose placements.
Jameslu - (Billie Jean - Michael Jackson)
One of his most popular hits and it's just so good I could scream. Also in my opinion this song was realeased when he was at his best. Basically before the skin bleaching. With the song I just wanna hit the dance floor and dance along and it just has that beat that I love.
Stuartlittle16 - (Earth Song - Michael Jackson)
The one thing I hate about this song is the small echo behind his voice which is just annoying. However, the message in the song is so cool and I think is vocals in this is one of the best of his and theres no wonder the covers that come from this song and how good they are. I am really nickpicking here and I just think the other one that has a message like this, does more and is a lot more impactful.
Rubes - (Beat It - Michael Jackson)
This is so classic M.J and it's weird but unique and I absolutely love it. The beat of the song is actually the best i've ever seen it from him and it reminds me of grease and that time. The song also is one of the most recognisable of Michael's and this is one of the songs I think of.
Becksta20 - (Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson)
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I can't tell you how much I love this song and how I can just dance to it. I think the whisper singing in this is actually so good and so professionally done. I also like the fact the song builds and it really personifies a Criminal as being sneaky.
Nicolef - (Thriller - Michael Jackson)
Another classic of Michaels and I think this is the most recognisable song of his and it's probably the first song I think of for Halloween. Loads of effort was put into this song and I think the cinematics of it was perfect. It does take a while to get into sometimes but that time is used effectively.
Lhooper902976 - (Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson)
This song speaks volumes for me and is probably the song with the most amount of messages for me and I think how Michael had proposed these problems were perfectly and the fact that he even criticised himself, saying that he could change. One of the best submissions I have to say.
1001games - (The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson)
In my opinion this is way too..


[S1] The Taste Of Music: Episode 11: Michael..

15 J4ckWilko, Dec 29, 2020

1. 1001Games
2. 3pi14159
3. Becksta20
4. Crazybone5000
5. Jameslu
6. Lhooper902976
7. Mrkk
8. Nicolef
9. Paul028
10. Rubes
11. Stuartlittle16
12. Tester
13. Zach3051
14th: #ilysuiteheart (Grey's Anatomy)
Theme: Michael Jackson
Google Sheets:
Welcome back mergers, and we have had out first merge elimination where we had to say goodbye to Ilysuiteheart. But now we are moving onto Episode 11 which means a new theme.
For this episode I want to see you post a song released by Michael Jackson or that he was featured in it.
With this theme I am looking at how Michael the song is and once again have fun but remember you are getting to the final 13. You can't slip up or you may be saying goodbye.
Also thanks for the heavy plusing. Keep it up!


New's Music Taste - WEEK 12

6 NewNightmare7, Dec 29, 2020

Welcome to week 12! I said I'd kick it into overdrive and im gonna deliver.
This round is all about diversity. I wanna see what you can bring out in two completely different sides of the genre spectrum. This week is "Contrast" and all you gotta do is send two songs that are extremely different from one another. I will judge on the difference but also on how good the songs are so make it count and be creative!
- You cannot send any songs submitted in the previous rounds
- None of the songs from the album round can also be submitted
You have 24 hours as usual but I doubt it'll take that long. Good luck!
1. Christian_
- "All the Things She Said" by t.A.T.u
- "Where the Wild Roses Grow" by Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue
4. useamint
- "Empire State of Mind" by Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys
- "All Signs Point to Lauderdale" by A Day to Remember
10. ILoveLarry
- "Sunny" by Boney M.
- "Blown Away" by Carrie Underwood
12. Rubes
- "Won't He Do It" by Koryn Hawthorne
- "Body" by Megan Thee Stallion
14. tbrown_47
- "Litost" by X Ambassadors
- "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross
15. Becksta20
- "The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson
- "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman
7th - #ilysuiteheart
8th - #Kmartt
9th - #QueenM1chelle
10th - #PennyTrationStan
11th - #Washed_Ravioli
12th - #crazybone5000
13th - #stuartlittle16
14th - #turkeylover
15th - #Evictionfreak
16th - #3pi14159


Pyn and I’ll rate ur avi πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ..

36 Lynn12, Nov 1, 2020

On a scale of 1-10. *10 being the best!
carriexoxo24xo - 8 😎 badass, love the jean jacket!
cheritaisdelicious - 10 ⭐️ Love it. Always glamorous!(And thx girl)
arris - 7 πŸ‘ trendy and has a chill vibe!
connorthomson - 7 πŸ€— slightly confusing with the halo but I like the jersey!
decisions - 8 πŸ‘Œ love the outfit and badass vibes
nateclove - 8.5 πŸ™ super cute and chill. I tried bidding on that sweater before haha love it!
top20fan33 - 10 ⭐️ Loveee. Couple of my fave bb players!
crazybone5000 - 7 πŸ™ŒπŸ» Although unfinished I LOVE the mask, need one for my avi lol.
lexeyjane - 7.5 πŸ™‚ - a little simple but classy! Love the bow!
yawnha - 5.5 πŸ˜… we need to get you more items for your avi !!! Haha.
3pi14159 - 10 ⭐️ classic 3pi, never change.
fromawindow - 8.5πŸ‘ I like the plaid for fall and my favourite colour is pink so love the backgroundπŸ‘Œ
redskanto - 6.5 πŸ™‚ cool sweater, needs a background or something idk! :)
_erica - 9 πŸ‘‘ so pretty, love the outfit.
midiaw - 6 πŸ˜… we need to get you more items!! I do really like the eyes though 😊
deshonbannedisback - 9.5 ⭐️ Love the pink hair and outfit!πŸ’•
woeisme - 9 😎 I like it. Especially the scenic background I need that for mineπŸ˜…
staymellow - 8 😁 has personality and I love the shirt
symmetry888 - 10 ⭐️😻 Adorbs! Pink hair and cats - love it.
danidtoo - 4 😿 you need some items for your avi !! But it is classic!
becksta20 - 8.5 πŸ’• I loveeee the pink hair and dress! Just need some eyes and the look is complete❀️
minie - 9.5 🌸 always so glamorous. Love the lookπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ
malamente - 7.5 😊 love the outfit, although she looks a little scared lol :)
amandabynes - 10 ⭐️ LOVE the outfit, twinning.
manniboi - 8.5 😎 badass look and trendy!
jwbrine - 10 :D Janelle is queen!!! love it.
Drpepsi - 7.5 :) I like that it coordinates with your user name!
temponeptune - 9 :) LOVE the pink hair and especially the eyes! Pretty
BarbraStreisand - 8 :) Scary, and totally in season!!
obey_me - 9.5 :) love this! super trippy with the background colors!
#ilysuiteheart - 8 :) so pretty, as usual! Love the pink outfit and cute winter accessory !!
#tbrown47 - 5 :) Definitely needs some work but I love that there's a smile and I like the purple top!

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