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Ok My 5's I guess

7 JustMe, Jul 2, 2015

My 2 groups of 5 Best Friends On Tengaged: (I can't just pick 5.)
5 People I Wish I Talked To More:
5 People I Miss:
5 People I Wish I Was Good Friends With:


4 years on Tengaged! (PYN)

38 JustMe, Feb 4, 2014

Yes, you heard it right, I have officially been a member of this crazy site for 4 years!  And it's my golden year ;)
Looking back at the memories made here, I have to say that had I not joined this site that day with Carolyn I wouldn't have met so many amazing people!  I may not be here as much as I was 4 years ago, but I still think about and miss all of you! 
I won't bother with a PYN because to this day I have not completed 1, but I will post some memories :)
gagaluv -where do I begin?  From the day we joined this site, we decided to take over....and I think we were successful back then (not so much for me now) but I have to say my favorite time with you was when MarieEve was sure that we were multis.  Oh the blogs she made about us! LOL
Jenna2010 -I can't really say a favorite memory because there are so many great ones, but the one that keeps popping into my head was that game that Carolyn joined to attack me.....I didn't think you would ever go against her to protect me, but you proved me wrong and we successfully stopped the madness!  LOL ILY
bengalboy -I have 2 favorite memories with you.... the first one was our "blog war" Remember how in love you were with peeps? LOL  and the 2nd was the day I won stars.  I was certain Pepper would win and you were all like "you won" I remember telling you to be quiet or something cus I didn't believe you half the time haha and you said no seriously go look!  LOL  That made the win that much sweeter for me < 3
pink03angel -I know you never sign on anymore and will probably never see this, but most of the memories I have from back in the day include you.  I can't really say a specific 1 because they are all great, but I do miss you terribly and wish I could talk to you again, but I got a new phone and lost your number, so call me! LOL
MoreBeastThanYou -HAHA I think the memory I have to bring up would be the first game we played together.  You joined to help Nicolette against me Jenna and Carolyn and you got Jenna and Carolyn out....They were so mad that I didn't nom you! LOL
Nicolette -Of course the best memory I have is when we met and had a nice long chat about people of tengaged LOL.  To this day, I have never told a soul the things you told me and I never would ;)  I miss you!  Congrats on the baby < 3
dav_o_79 -where do I even begin?  How about from the beginning?  LOL  The day I met you I was all like OMG I can't believe I am actually talking to you!  I love your blogs!  I was so worried that you were gonna be like OK STALKER.  But, you were so cute with your "Awe I have a fan" HAHA  it was all downhill from there and you will forever be my Kaba son < 3
Loowis -I don't think you have signed on in like 3 years, but I miss you!!  LOL Remember the group we had? HAHA You were always..


My A+ A-Z list..

17 JustMe, Aug 18, 2013

So, I have never done one of these and I am hoping I can think of someone for each letter.....
Here we go.....
A.) AlbieSweetheart -I met Albie back in my skype stompin days when skype games were all the rage and I was in like 100 chats.  He has always been a great guy and fun to talk to....and the arguments he used to have OH MY!  Great for Entertainment and great for alliances  ♥
B.) BengalBoy -Back when I was a noob, I thought Dru was like T-famous and I always looked up to him.  Then one day he decided to prove me wrong that black levels weren't all bullies and I never looked back.  Dru is an AMAZING friend, someone I have always been able to chat with, and still catch up with when I get on, so if you don't know him, you should :) Always good for a laugh ♥
C.) Chips47 - I met Chips when I was a Little Monster and he has always been such a sweety!  Great ally and fun to play rookies with, Chips can keep you entertained and keep the conversation going! ♥
D.) dav_o_79 -My Kaba son! I miss you Dav :( Always so fun to chat with, dav keeps everyone in line cus he don't give a sh**.  I remember when I met Dav, I was like OMG YOU ARE dav_o_79, OMG I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOUR BLOGS.  Yeah, I was a nerd.  Love you DAVID ^_^ ♥
E.) EEstrada17 -I have known Erik forever it seems.  I remember I used to always think his name was Erik Estrada but then I thought no that can't be right, cus that's like the Chips star (yes, we all know I am old) and he kept telling me that was his name, but then I would forget and think the same thing over and over.  I finally got it right, his name REALLY IS Erik Estrada, just like the Chips star. He is a fun person to talk to and play games with, great for conversation. ♥
F.) FrontierPsychiatrist -The other Dav. Dav is another one I talked to alot back in my skype stompin days. He has the most wonderful voice and is a great guy.  He left for a while and then I left and we just never caught up again, but I still consider him a great person and a friend.  Great for Entertainment. Great for Conversation ♥
G.) gagaluv -This list would not be complete without my Aunt Carolyn, because well, I wouldn't be on this site if it weren't for her. I joined after she found it and never looked back.  Carolyn, you know how much you mean to me.  You are a beautiful person inside and out and I love you ♥
H.) #Holiday - IK he isn't Holiday anymore, but he will always be Holiday to me....That's how he is listed in my phone and that's what his name will always be....Anyhow, Andrew was probably my best friend back when he was on his old account.  We had some pretty intense conversations and I will always see him as another one of my Kaba Sons.  I love you Andrew and I miss you :( ♥
I.) IamKingMac - King Mac is someone that you love to hate and you hate to love.  He was my first enemy but is..


What seperates Kaba Hills from the rest of..

7 BlueDust, Mar 10, 2013

From #Holiday  to JustMe, in shop Sex in the City
u smell like shit u are a crusty hag here u go i hope u enjoy because im never gifting u again u suck i hope u never get black level and i hope u dont enjoy this gift these lips suck and they are a disgusting color but here u go u picky lil b3tch
^^ That.

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