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58 sirbeastly, Aug 13, 2012

PYN and I'll tell you what I think of you (:
#greenivo - i know we have talked before and played together before but i have bad memory but from what i know your a really nice person :P
#tbibetch - played with yuo before funny guy really nice, good at challenges. Its interesting talking to you about how i use to play runescape and all that and i wish we could talk more :)
#queenqaren - I dont think i know you :(. You seem nice though :P
#Bo_om - I dont know you to well. You are in Fresh nuts (shake) with me, and i think youve talked a few times you seem funny lol but i dont know you real well :S
#egaga911 - another new hampshire boyy :P. Ya you a really good friend love talking to you and good luck this week :)
#avatar3939 - i dont know you very well and i dont ithnk weve meant bu you got a cool avi
#alexryder - lol i played with yuo once you were really fun and nice, i could see you bein t famous someday :P
#sweetheart95 - ive never played with you on here but your a high profile member so you msut be good lol
#chlltownofcourse - we played in stars and yuo were really good and a nice and funny guy idk if you were lying to me but we seemed to work together adn get along well
#vitamin -I dont know you very well and have barely talked to you but i know alot of people who talk to you and like you so you must be amazin, us what ive seen of you your really funny
#popeye - ive heard alot fo people hate on you and stuff but you dont seem like that bad of a guy to me  :)
#dmann - i havent played with you in a long time lol you were always really good i remember and yuor in the actives which i kind ahave respect for since i use to play with wwepeeps but you a good guy and a really good player
#nikkayy - I think your really nice and a good person. For whatever reason we just dont get along well when we like talk to eachother i guess :P. Just two really strong personalities.
#xoxohaihai2 - amazzzzzinnng great friend fun to talk to you suck at tengaged but who really cares lol good luck in band
#mooocoww - funn to talk to really nice, evan can be really harsh to you though and i feel bad :S
lafiercebrittany2 your a really good freind and an amazing person. If everyone in the world was like you the world would be a perfect place.
#mtman - i dont really know you but you are new to the site and doing really good so you must be good :P
#brookecwelsh -Your funny fun to talk to and just nice.
teamjacz - really nice guy your down to earth.. lol id ont even knwo what that means, but your really a good perosn you know alot and have good values i wish i was more like you lol and a good friend even though i wish you responded to me on skype
#taylor112399 - We have had our diffrences but you are a fierce competitor and i like that.you have one of the only usernames with multi numbers that i can remember to lol
#imthtawesom - another person i dont know well youve..

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