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Pyn for a what I like/dislike about you

50 TaraG, May 27, 2017

....but, I will only post 1 public the other private :)
#Emmett4 - I like your blogs
#brandonpinzu - I dislike I don't know you
#underwzc -  I hate how ur food chart in vivor gives nothing for collecting water
#iamremedy - I dislike that when I am waking up, you are going to bed
#GoodKaren - I hate how you give ur pussy away so easily
#AlaskanFiredragon - I like you posted on my blog
#DumbGinger - I like how you have your friends ordered
#Mexus - I hate you have so many gifs on ur page
#DakotaCoons - I love ur gif choices ( <3 Karen)
#Forest_Knight - I hate that we aren't friends!
#pizzawithcookirs - I have always loved ur username
#Lazeric - I hate I am on ur last page
#Evaa1996 - I love ur #1 friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DontTakeMyPeach - I remember you and am glad you are back!!!
Thirteen - I like how you seem so evil, but are really one of the sweetest people on here
Icarus_Mark - I hate you won't play a casting with me :P
Steel - I like you pyned on my blog (voted you to win stars :)
Joseline - I love all the gifs you made
con66 - I like that you think we could be friends :)
KingB24 - I dislike you got evicted so early in the rookies we were just in :(
Arris - I dislike I don't know you
RawrItsNick - I like you like kitties
acyuta - love your avi, and how sweet you seem
Harry1210 - I like that you are always so friendly
Hisoka - I like your hair!
Spicoli - I like that you added me back as a friend :)
Acosta1539 - I like that I don't see my name on your latest blog (hope it stays off it!)
Ethan000 - I dislike how you acted after I wouldn't work with you (because you were playing with the ass) in stars.
Brandt69 - I dislike we never talk!
s73100 - I like how you are always so positive and sweet!
Eva1 -  I like your avi
GerardoM13 - I like you pynd on my blog
Copado - I like how nice you are
ytrewq111 - I like that you too still pynd my blog :)
lionsden121 - I dislike I don't know what to say for you
scooby0000 - I like that you are such a sweetie
greenranger8 - I dislike I don't know what to say for you either
BengalBoy - I dislike that we never talk
Marwane - I dislike you unfriended me on skype!
Babeeeidah - I dislike almost everything about you!
ghrocky100  - I like the superman tatt on ur avi
HelenaG - I like your G


Pika's Dog Eat Dog S1E1

2 pikachu142, Feb 23, 2016

First challenge reveal & vote:
Lift Off:
The contestant must swim out to different ropes in the tank of water as it rains, hold on to them as they raise, then try to grab a flag before dropping back into the tank of water. There are six ropes and five flags. The contestant will lose if they fail to grab the same flag twice, fail to complete the challenge within two and half minutes, or give up.
It's time to choose the loser.
C_Shizz96 votes for #Emmett4.
Dolphinz811 votes for #C_Shizz96.
Emmett4 votes for #Dolphinz811.
LoopyCoco1 votes for #Rizzo.
PeachessnCream votes for #Rizzo.
Rizzo votes for #Dolphinz811.
There is a tie between 2 contestants.
Since this is the first round, a random person is chosen to break the tie.
Rizzo selects himself to do the challenge.
Rizzo is unsuccessful at the challenge.
He is sent to the Dog Pound.

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