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PYN for an honest opinion

71 Carlisle, Oct 11, 2014

And i'll do them all :') I'm in one of ~those~ moods so I'm going to say what I think & they're gonna be long GL.
Maxi1234 - "Although I think of you as a friend, I'm always cautious around you. You never made it apparent whether you liked me or not so that makes me feel weird. anyways." (credit to Tadd) is strangely accurate. We used to be good friends but I just feel like we're too different and it makes you pretty unapproachable. Take no offense in this but i'm a macho 20 y/o British lad and you're a 16(17 now?) y/o Canadian genderfaker who cares too much for designs. :P But i do still appreciate you & if it ever gets to the stage where I don't think I'm walking on eggshells around you/boring you then we could become friends again. :P
owlb0ned - #carlb0ned is seriously my favourite alliance ever and that's never going to change. I've said it before but I always knew you as this really cool girl who I had loads of mutual friends with and although we were more acquaintances but our Stars (although shortlived with my disgusting double digits placement) really brought us together :') You have a heart of gold and are seriously such a great person you can always make me laugh and smile and I love that in you! If I wasn't so shy on 1on1 calls I'd want to call you all day long (kate).
Stupendous - I know you from your spam. I plus all spam but sometimes I don't reply to it so please don't repeat spam me lmao I can't remember if you're one of the people who does that but it gets so annoying and is such a waste of an important 10 seconds (lmao i'm joking dont take me seriously!). You seem like a nice person and you're kinda gaining in relevancy which is cool I guess? :)
brandonpinzu - Welllll what do I say about you, you fruit loop dingus. ;o You're literally SO fake for Stars support that it actually physically hurts and it makes me S I C K. Just kidding, you're such a lovely guy and I wish we talked more because you're just one of those really friendly people and I remember feeling like you took me in when I was a lower level when you added me to my first skype chat (even though it kinda flopped lol) years ago. I still feed bad for getting you out in that Stars (although mostly because turney1805 never lets me forget about it) vs Jenzie when I genuinely did think that I was playing smart because there was no way somebody like you could lose to her, but I guess I was wrong, eh? I loved being a nerd with you for that week though. < 333
EyooMarcus - Like Maxi, honestly, I never know where I stand with you. You are always really nice to my face but I've heard before that you've been mean about me behind my back so who knows. And then there's the whole praying I get evicted when on call with Lauren and stuff. You're a confusing guy mister!! :p However, I know that although some people hate you I could never because..

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