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Blogs #cancelled




1 mathboy9, Jun 3, 2021

now that mellojello is #cancelled i am happy to take over the role of pretending to be a music insider on the blogs page but actually just posting shit i see on atrl/twitter



3 Mrkk, Apr 22, 2021

you just voted together against voila and shaniquajones and i'm sure lukesurvives didn't
so you five


If you were actually cast on BB

3 tycoon1234, Mar 14, 2021

would you delete all your Tengaged blogs before you left?
I would for sure. I know it would get back to me and I wouldn't want to be #cancelled for something dumb I wrote as a stupid 14-15 year old (I'm not referencing anything specific, but I feel like i've blogged some stupid shit)


fun fact

3 3pi14159, Feb 24, 2021

some of my humor is rlly dark but i dont say those jokes bc i would get #cancelled


Laughs in my confessional all bomb

3 HowLovely, Dec 10, 2020

Now that LovelyKiss is has been #Cancelled for being racist there will only be ONE LOVELY left...
And that is me


What ethnicity was jenzie?

3 Olympia, Nov 24, 2020

Now that she’s #cancelled I think it’s okay and unproblematic to pry around into issues like this, cause ain’t nobody like her no mo.
Anyway what ethnicity was she? I never could tell. She could have been anything from just a dark Italian to south asian. What WAS she?



1 woah, Sep 25, 2020

hamburgerbunzz is #cancelled.



12 Absol, Jul 13, 2020

a certain tengaged user's streak of having controversies with mentally/socially impaired users where they desperately exacerbate a situation beyond a necessary point for no reason other than attention is getting a little too long to just bat an eye at
i think it's an important conversation to have but i still use the r-word so i would just get #cancelled if i made an #expose blog
any very popular/famous/unproblematic tengagers who want a ghost writer?


Imma be honest

0 Macda27, May 21, 2020

When I was younger to the age of like, 16 or so, I said really inappropriate shit. I personally love dark humour and can joke about horrible shit, even if I personally know I don’t stand/support the jokes I make. Kids and teens or people that are immature don’t have a filter and when they hear a funny joke they’ll repeat it like a parrot, even if they dont know that it’s an offensive slur.
If someone says a racist or homophobic or transphobic or mis genders someone once or twice from years ago, are they #Cancelled ? Because I think people can educate themselves. Imma loving person, all types of people but I don’t stand by some things I’ve said from like when I was a tween.
My opinion: If people have said some bad shit from YEARS back or a couple years back but they know how better and acknowledged that what they said was wrong and have changed their view on the matter, then I don’t think you should #Cancel someone or #___isoverparty them. That’s just stupid. Humans are flawed.
That’s on education and growing.


Is BB22

1 SabrinaRayexxx, Mar 18, 2020

going to be #cancelled ?


Sherry Pie

2 Macda27, Mar 6, 2020

Is #Cancelled I’m so happy she won’t appear in the Finale and Reunion.
I wish they can quickly edit her to look at villainous as possible like they did to Phi Phi.


Tati vs. James Charles Feud SUMMARY

0 NJKoda1998, May 10, 2019

Background: Tati is one of the original YT beauty guru's and has been on the platform for 8+ years. Tati owns her own company called Halo Beauty, which sells vitamins (as of now, only two kinds - one for boosting better/stronger hair and nail growth + clearer skin, and one specifically for clearer skin and reducing the effects of aging). James Charles has only been in the beauty guru industry for 2 years, yet gained almost double the following Tati has, and it's very public that Tati has been mentoring James and gave him all the help he wanted since he started out.
April 22 - James posts a sponsored IG Story promoting SugarBear sleep vitamins, who is Tati's #1 competitor to her own brand. That same night Tati posted a 2 minute IG Story of her crying and talking about feeling used and betrayed, but named no names (fans speculated correctly it was about James though).
April 23 - James posts an apology message on IG Story, claiming he wasn't thinking about the competition and was devastated that he hurt Tati, who had been a second mom to him ever since his career began.
6 days ago - Gabriel Zamora, another beauty guru on YouTube who was part of the Laura Lee drama that happened months ago, posted a YouTube video (still up) calling out Tati for making a "huge deal over vitamins" and not being completely honest about the situation.
Today - Tati posted the 40 minute YouTube video explaining her side of the story.
She talks about how she and her husband have re-negotiated contracts for James to get him millions more than he was originally being offered. She talks about how she has constantly promoted  Jame's promo codes on all her social media, while James has only ever once even mentioned Halo Beauty on his channel. Along with that, she talks about how she constantly brought James onto her channel when he started out to help him grow a following, but James has only brought Tati onto his channel once (and brought Jeffree Star as well, not just her by herself), which was the only video James has spoke about Halo on any social media. She talks about how she is uncomfortable with how much James talks about sex (and how graphically), especially in inappropriate settings such as her recent birthday dinner in front of all her family and friends or at a dinner in Tati's own home in front of his own parents. She also says she is disgusted with how obsessed he is with straight men and convincing them to engage in sexual activities with him "strictly because he's a celebrity." She talks about how she is fed up with apologizing on his behalf to her family and friends because of his actions and comments, as well as how he's treated herself and her husband (specifically the lack of respect he's shown to them for how much they've personally done for him, and how he also never apologized to her husband) despite them never asking for anything in return from him.
Really you should just watch the video because there is a lot of good..


@J2999 Hates TINA WESSON

3 purplebb4, May 2, 2019

and negged my stan blogs about her! We don't stan a woman hater in 2019, #cancelled
RECEIPTS: - We were voting to evict here and imagine doing TINA or nasty RUPERT or ROB!
Skype Receipts ~


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