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2 Timster, Jul 17, 2019

My computer is dying so I was doing research on buying a new one. I share Amazon Prime with my dad (#boycottAmazon) and i was doing EXTENSIVE research on all sorts of computers. I take reviews seriously. So I added one refurbished PC to my cart, but I didn't realize I wasn't logged in. I opened another tab,  and found another computer a little more pricey and brand new, logged in and added it to my cart.
I went to sleep and decided I'll choose which one I want the next day. Then my papa calls me and tells me there's a computer in the cart and he ordered it for me. I was shook but mad at him cause I hate when others pay for me. I'm a STRONG independent woman who don't need no man!
ANYWAYS I thought it was the refurbished computer that he bought so I was convincing myself in my mind that it's a BETTER computer than the other choice, then I log into amazon to see when it's coming and it was the other pricier computer in the cart that he ordered 馃き
It's over for y'all when I return to Roblox on a fresh new touch screen PC, fresh off my million dollar auto Roblox Survivor win from last week.

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