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18 alanb1, Jan 25, 2019

1-10 from myself, bigbrother_78 , birks4444 , and #bluejay7622
Alan - 10
Birks - 10
Jacob - 10
Wesley - 8
Alan - 7
Birks - 8
Jacob - 8
Wesley - 7
Alan - 5
Birks - 8.7622
Jacob - 5.2845701
Wesley - 2
Alan - 5
Birks - 5
Jacob - 6.11
Wesley - 6
Alan - 8
Birks - 10
Jacob - 5
Wesley - 3
Alan - 7.39
Jacob - 7.38
Birks - 8
Wesley - 9
Alan - 10
Jacob - 7
Birks - 9
Wesley - 10
Alan - 8
Jacob - 6
Birks - 4
Wesley - 7
Alan - 9.1
Jacob - 10
Birks - 10
Wesley - 10
Alan - 8
Jacob - 8
Birks - 10
Wesley - 9.5
Alan - 10
Jacob - 5
Birks - 5
Wesley - 5
Alan - 10
Jacob - 10
Birks - 10
Wesley - 10
All 10’s ok


i may be late to the party

4 maturo, Jul 21, 2018

but why is #bluejay7622 banned? ;(


B. O. R. E. D. PYN

45 JustMe, Nov 9, 2017

I’ll I don’t know write a comment/opinion or something we’ll see what comes out.
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️A LEAGUE OF HIS OWN❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
bengalboy you were the last person i ever thought would STAB ME RIGHT WHERE IT HURTS
karim one of my faves ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ILYSM and always enjoy our chats 😘😘😘
LuckyLefty ok you just confused me and i put @lamar ROFL I love you you’re always fun to chat with
FelipeS you’re a sweet kid. Glad we’ve been chatting
jenzie ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love u girl and miss the “SUE HURRY PLUS” emails rofl i always went quick!  We need to chat more 😘😘
amills5 I’ve always loved you but i think you might actually hate me and idk why lol
ghrocky100 awe i remember when you were a noob and talked to me all the time now you’re out there in the great big world of Tengaged slaying the faves in stars and forgetting all about little ol JustMe 😔
thirteen your blogs are hilarious and your vlogs are terrifying but i die everytime ❤️
joey96 OMG ILYSM you’re one of the funniest guys in here and have the best attitude. Happy birthday also ❤️❤️
zachbbs even tho you hate me and attacked me over drama that had nothing to do with me i still love you and miss our fun chats
_adidas_ i just met you but feel like we could be bffs. You’re fun to play castings with we should do it again soon!
christossss it’s been fun having you back around lately hope you keep in touch cus i love giving you a hard time about poor Susanna
sosyomomma i Love Love Love you. You’ve always been really nice to me even when you were threatening to out me as tmod and i sent you a screenshot to prove it rofl but you’re fun and i wish we coulda gone further together in stars.
music ILYSM you’re a sweetheart and always great to play games with. I was reading through my old askme questions and we used to have some funny ones. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
brandt69 i don’t think we’ve ever really had a convo other than spam and never played a game but you’re always fun to chat with on blogs and in mails. We should be closer friends imo
icarus_mark you’re a really nice guy and i enjoy seeing you around the blogs page. We should prolly play a game soon and chat more
sjsoccer88 one of my all time faves (even if you did agree i sucked as a mod lol) we were at one point pretty close friends i thought and i miss that, we should do a new vivor soon ❤️❤️❤️
semajdude you are absolutely hilarious. No matter what it is i know when i see your blogs I’ll laugh. You’re a great guy and this site is just a little..


9 Joseline, Jun 1, 2017

[7:21:25 PM] #Bluejay7622//Wes: LMAO
[7:21:28 PM] Bluejay//Wes: ive told you before
[7:21:30 PM] Bluejay//Wes: im not racist
[7:21:34 PM] Bluejay//Wes: racism is a crime and crime is for black people
[9:20:37 PM] Bluejay7622//Wes: How does it feel having a blog about wanting you banned and it getting 600+ plusses
[9:20:44 PM] Bluejay//Wes: Black ass bitch
I'm sick of this shit!!!!! That's so low of you, you fucking bastard

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