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2 HollySmiley, Jan 10, 2018

well ive been wanting to make my blog section of this website into some type of theme i just dont really know what to do with it. i guess i can start reviewing games or players in games i play. idk i just want to #BLOG. lol i need ideas maybe i will host a fantasy game and have the public vote to evict lol or maybe ill start off with a video so everyone can really have a sense of who i am.
ALSO if you feel like following what ever i decide to do then leave your name and ill be sure to tag you as i go along be sure to leave your name and ill keep you tagged <3


I'm Back!

4 noobsmoke13, Jul 8, 2015

I think I am actually gonna work on my color level since I've been white for two years.


Every TV Show I've watched or will be..

1 noobsmoke13, Jun 18, 2015

Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Titans, The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, LOST, Once Upon A Time, Breaking Bad, Daredevil, iZombie, The 100, Video Game High School
If have any suggestions just put them in the comments below!
#blog #casting #rookies #tvshows #lost #breakingbad


Every TV Show I've watched or will be..

2 noobsmoke13, Jun 18, 2015

Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Titans, The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, LOST, Once Upon A Time, Breaking Bad, Daredevil, iZombie, The 100, Video Game High School
If have any suggestions just put them in the comments below!
#blog #casting #rookies #tvshows #lost #breakingbad



0 noobsmoke13, Sep 10, 2014

Use this chatzy to donate t$ to me! Put link to your donation chatzy and I'll donate back.
#blog #donate #casting #rookies


What kind of music do you listen to?

3 noobsmoke13, Sep 10, 2014

I mostly listen to any song that actually has meaningful words. So I listen to a little bit of everything. My favorite bands are Linkin Park and Skillet.
#blog #music #rookies #casting


#103: Blog

2 noobsmoke13, Jul 23, 2014

Hello! I going to start numbering my blogs from here on out. First off, does anyone know if the Heroes TV show is any good because Netflix has the full series. What other TV shows should I watch? I will begin my Ben 10 roleplay when atleast two more people join. It will have a darker tone than Omniverse, please COMMENT if interested in that or my Generator Rex roleplay. Both cartoon can be watched on Netflix excluding Omniverse.
               I'm wanting do this blog daily but will need a bit more support from others to be able to do that. I also want to talk about news that I find interesting in future blogs like movie, TV, comic book, or video game news. That's all for now.
#blog #news #benten #groupgame


I am doing a BB game!

2 BigBrotherFan72, Jul 18, 2014

I am going to do a BB game I need 16 people and we will do a game like BB16! I will look at your profile every now and then and see the placings you came in the person with the highest placing gets to be hoh! And the hoh will comment the noms and we will do like a weekly story and stuff and then the perso with the lowest placing will get the veto! I will look at the last game you played! In the comments, comment your name for the game if you would like to be in it!
#blog #casting #fasting #plsjoin #comment #your #name #iamdoingalotofhashtags #plsjoin #bigbrother
People so far:
Luke (luke_100)


Vote Next Blog Game

4 carlyjordan14, Jul 14, 2014

What should be CJ's next blog game?
1. Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 (
2. Celebrity Showdown (
3. Big Brother (
4. American Idol
5. X-Factor
6. The Voice
7. Dancing With The Stars (
#blog #game
#bigbrother #survivor
#casting #fasting
#rookies #frookies
#stars #bb16


Vote On Next Blog Game!

2 carlyjordan14, Jul 8, 2014

What should be CJ's next blog game?
1. Big Brother
2. Celebrity Showdown
3. Whodunnit?
4. Celebrity Big Brother
5. American Idol
6. The Voice
7. X-Factor
#blog #game
#bigbrother #survivor
#casting #fasting
#rookies #frookies
#stars #bb16


Blog Game Season 5

1 pj082998, Apr 28, 2014

Hey everyone! Now that I am a purple level, I decided to host another Big Brother blog game. Twelve HouseGuests, one winner. Sign up by commenting below! There are no prizes, unfortunately.
#blog #bigbrother


What are you supposed to do

0 Jnips, Feb 17, 2014

What are you supposed to do when you
Don't feel like going to bed yet
Are too lazy to put on Netflix
Have to wait five hours to play another Fastings
Don't feel like doing a Rookies
Already put up a design
Follow me on Twitta, @Jnipss
Plus my design please!


Welcome to Survivor: New Zealand!

14 pj082998, Feb 14, 2014

Hello, everyone. You sixteen have been named the cast of Survivor: New Zealand. This is my first blog game to be based on Survivor and is my fourth blog game. As most of you know, my previous games were Big Brother and only had twelve HouseGuests playing. Now, there are sixteen castaways competing for the title of Sole Survivor.
As you know, Survivor, at first, features two tribes that compete against one another in immunity trials. The losing tribe must vote out one of their tribe members, and eventually there will be a merge -- where all remaining castaways form one tribe and compete for individual immunity.
Everyday at roughly 4:00 PM, there will be an immunity challenge. They will NOT be entirely trivia questions as in my previous games.
Additionally, do not mention past Survivor seasons. I am currently in the process of watching the entire series on DVD, as I only started watching the show in its twenty-sixth season. Anyone that mentions anything from the past seasons of Survivor will immediately be removed. Just saying.
I'm sure you're all waiting for the tribes. Tribes are very important. These will be your allies. Your friends. Your family. You will likely gravitate towards these people once the merge comes.
The two tribes are Dobetton (purple) and Cherobin (black). There are sixteen of you. There will be eight on a tribe.
MoogaBooga - Cherobin
Nathan1999 - Dobetton
Swagthatbossman - Cherobin
NovaScotiaChic - Dobetton
oXAlyssaXo - Cherobin
neathery - Dobetton
giantsfan123 - Dobetton
mradamman12 - Cherobin
travisd13 - Dobetton
KickAss93 - Cherobin
carterbehne - Dobetton
sosyomomma - Dobetton
Waggamuffin - Cherobin
monkeyman - Cherobin
Walkerbait27 - Cherobin
ElectraViv - Dobetton
I determined the tribes randomly. I literally pulled your names out of a hat. I had nothing better to do.
Additionally, giantsfan123 is hosting a Survivor #blog game, please join it.
Each member of both tribes must make a blog. I don't care what it's about. Tomorrow, at 4:00 PM, I will count up how many points you have on it. The tribe with more collective points wins immunity. The losing tribe will vote someone out. You MUST tag me in the blog for it to count. Don't forget that.
**POSTED 5:19 PM***
Good luck, castaways. Survivor: New Zealand, blog game number four, has begun.


HoH of Day 5

3 pj082998, Jan 6, 2014

In a few hours, I will announce the eviction of our first jury member. Currently, the vote is 3-0, so the best one of the nominees can hope for is a tie, in which NovaScotiaChic will decide who is evicted.
For the next HoH challenge, there is no challenge. Everyone on Tengaged can vote on this blog as to who they want to become the next HoH. All my HouseGuests have until the next eviction to mail their reasons.
Swagthatbossman - I should be the next HOH because I have made moves behind the scenes , it may look like I'm a floater but beware swagthatbossman is here. You better watch your back because I'm ready to stab.
m7md26 - I've been fairly active this ENTIRE game, i've played hard and strong, GIVE ME THE HOH public i won't let you down with my nominations!
wwebeta - N/A
adammastro - N/A
MoogaBooga - I feel I should be the next HoH because there are only a few people in the game that are actually participating. It's been a few weeks since I've been HoH, and I would love to be HoH again to knock out some of the players who aren't being active. Good enough. Thanks!
NovaScotiaChic - not eligible
Mradamman12 - N/A
giantsfan123 - I've played a fair game, I've been loyal to everyone I told I was going to be loyal to, I haven't been disrespectful to anyone.
Anyone can vote. #blog #vote #HoH #bigbrother


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