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Who would鈥檝e won?

1 Russell11, Mar 24, 2020

I honestly think Susanne had a good chance of winning. Oh well.


BBCAN Cancelled

0 JoeDaManXD, Mar 24, 2020

Well Minh-ly was carrying the show anyways (and maybe maddy cuz of her drama).. But other than that, others were boring anyways.


Big Brother Canada 8

2 WannaBeeFriends, Mar 24, 2020

They should鈥檝e just done a frooks and made them play fast big brother all in one day 馃槀
Oh well. Cancel the entire show. Axe it.


BBCan8 Cancelled....

0 Brad13535, Mar 24, 2020

Its a shame because this would have been the best season to date.....


Sheldon won HoH again??

4 Dannny, Mar 19, 2020

Ugh they should just cancel the season


BBCan went downhill

0 useamint, Mar 19, 2020

After Olivia's eviction hope it gets cancelled again #bbcan8


BBcan 8

9 Dannny, Mar 17, 2020

Jamar sacrificed himself so Minh-Ly could stay, yes king
Minh-ly for HoH!!
Edit- nvm they didn't cancel the week, r.i.p minh-ly :(


Kyle is Gross

0 Brad13535, Mar 14, 2020

i hope he goes sooner rather than later


Big Brother Canada 8 winner picks

2 subfriend, Mar 14, 2020

Susanne- such an observer when she realised about the Evictors. Became one of the least Canada fav in 1st week, she did a lot of persuasion for her stay. She glued some of the alliances. I saw her aura as a good player in the Intro vid.
John Luke- Something bout him that eyes me Episode 1. When I checked, of course he is my taurus brother. Don't poke the bull. He's boring right now but he will do something shock if needed. If he can survive this week after his alliance shattered, he is good.
Jamar- likeable, playful, talk with the feeders, have a lot of connection, low key showmance. People see him as a child. But he has a lot of ideas how to play the game.
Brooke- the underdog who needs to rise to the power. She will gun for most of the alpha male and work an all girl alliance.
Vanessa- likeable , have a lot of shields and connections.


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