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Rewatching CBBUK 2006

1 WannaBeeFriends, Sep 22, 2020

Chantelle was such a fucking LEGEND.


Big Brother S22 Power Rankings (Top 10)

1 PowerRankings101, Sep 21, 2020

Ian was a genuine soul and incredibly classy player. I hope there’s a battle back. I pray for it honestly. Ian was great, easily a BB legend. Looking forward, and oof. This week already has me frustrated and upset. Memphis is HOH after consistently bullying Ian behind his back and voting him out (along with Enzo, Cody, Christmas, and yep Ian’s “best friend” Nicole Franzel). It’s going to be a LONG week.
10. David Alexander- David is the backdoor target, but he could easily survive the week if the guys like Tyler and Cody have his back. I don’t blame the house for not believing him…he made a really terrible move hiding his power from the house. But at the same time, Da’Vonne and Kevin need David to team up with, but they refuse to believe him. Nicole and Dani pinned the vote on David, and now David is a huge target in the house, likely going this week pre-veto.
9. Da’Vonne Rogers- Da’Vonne is very savvy, but she isn’t believing David this week, and it could be her downfall. If nominations stay the same, I think they’ll 100% evict Da’Vonne over Kevin. But David seems to be a backdoor option. I hope Da’Vonne finally sees that Nicole is the one who flipped on Ian, but it may just be too too late. I’d hate to see her go out this early AGAIN.
8. Kevin Campbell- Kevin is lucky he is probably third on the hit list next to David and Da’Vonne, especially since Nicole was able to throw her vote on David’s shoulders to burden, and how vocal Da’Vonne was in the whole situation. Kevin just needs to lay low and he’ll survive the week. I just don’t know how much further Kevin can go.
7. Dani Briones- Dani drew a semi-land in the sand last week showing her distrust for Tyler, but I don’t think it’s enough for the committee to flip on her just yet. The thing is, once the committee does have to turn on one another, I think Dani is the first target. She played too hard too fast, and could’ve been in some serious danger had the vote actually been tied. Not having Tyler on her side may be her biggest downfall. She should’ve just taken him out while she could.
6. Nicole Franzel- Nicole placed the vote on Ian, sending him out an creating an uproar between David and Da’Vonne. Nicole got away with it without blood on her hands, though I think things will eventually come back to bite her. She’s the only winner in the house now, and I think that target will start to really emerge once the committee is left standing. She made a slimy move (especially since we knew she was faking the tears as we saw from the feeds). It sucks because Ian trusted her. It was a good game move, but I do think it’s unfortunate to see the fallout from it. She has Dani and Cody in her corner, and both are bigger threats, so she’s still in a good spot. She just frustrates me more than any other player. Ugh. I need one of the committee to go SOON.
5. Christmas Abbott- Christmas and Da’Vonne already had a little tiff from..


Reason why BB22 sucks

0 Codyy, Sep 21, 2020

Is because this stupid pussy ass alliance The Committee is running the house , just like from season 16 when The Detonators got everyone out. Its gonna happen with The Committee. They'll be the final 7 (with Enzo). #BB22


Let's Play A Big Brother Game

4 Codyy, Sep 21, 2020

This is how it goes , From only the seasons of the BB USA version you've seen , You have to pick who you wish would have won out of the FINAL 7. You can only choose a winner from the final 7 on each season. My answers are below
Season 13: Rachel (I liked this winner)
Season 15: Elissa (6th Place)
Season 16: Nicole (7th Place)
Season 17: Vanessa (3rd Place)
Season 18: Natalie (6th Place)
Season 19: Christmas (3rd Place)
Season 20: Angela (4th Place)
Season 21: Christie (6th Place)
Season 22: TBA


Big Brother Skype Game || Pre Jury Magic..

0 hellocat, Sep 21, 2020

Week 1:
HoH Winner: Jessica
Initial Nominees: Jodi and Kaysar
PoV Winner: Will Mega
Veto Used: Yes on Jodi
Replacement: Jacob
Final Nominees: Jacob and Kaysar
Evicted: Kaysar (7-6 Vote)
Week 2:
HoH Winner: Clay
Have Nots: Amber, Audrey, Jodi, Ovi
Initial Nominees: Jozea and Ovi
PoV Winner: Ovi
Veto Used: Yes on Ovi
Replacement: Audrey
Final Nominees: Jozea and Audrey
Evicted: Jozea (11-1 Vote)
Week 3:
HoH Winner: Howard
Have Nots: Audrey, Clay, Jacob, Ovi
Initial Nominees: Audrey and Jessica
PoV Winner: Will Mega
Veto Used: Yes on Audrey
Replacement: Dominique
Final Nominees: Dominique and Jessica
Evicted: Jessica (7-4 Vote)
Week 4:
Initial Nominees: Howard and Ronnie
PoV Winner: Jodi
Veto Used: No
Final Nominees: Howard and Ronnie
Have Nots: Amber, Jacob, Jodi, Rachel
HoH Winner: Amber
Evicted: Ronnie (1-0 Vote)
Week 5:
HoH Winner: Holly
Initial Nominees: Dominique and Howard
PoV Winner: Audrey
Veto Used: Yes on Dominique
Replacement: Jodi
Final Nominees: Jodi and Howard
Evicted: Jodi (6-3 Vote)
Week 5 Double Eviction:
HoH Winner: Jacob
Initial Nominees: Kaitlyn and Rachel
PoV Winner: Rachel
Veto Used: Yes on Rachel
Replacement: Ovi
Final Nominees: Kaitlyn and Ovi
Evicted: Ovi (6-2 Vote)
Week 6:
HoH Winner: Dominique
Have Nots: Clay, Jacob, Rachel, Will Mega
Initial Nominees: Holly and Howard
PoV Winner: Howard
Secret Veto Holder: Jacob
Veto Used: Yes on Howard
Replacement: Rachel
Secret Veto Used: No
Final Nominees: Holly and Rachel
Evicted: Rachel (4-3 Vote)
Week 7:
HoH Winner: Clay
Initial Nominees: Dominique and Jacob
PoV Winner: Amber
Veto Used: Yes on Jacob
Replacement: Howard
Secret Veto Used: Yes on Dominique
Replacement: Kaitlyn
Final Nominees: Kaitlyn and Howard
Evicted: Howard (5-1 Vote)
Week 8:
HoH Winner: Will Mega
Have Nots: Audrey, Dominique, Holly
Initial Nominees: Amber and Holly
PoV Winner: Holly
Veto Used: Yes on Holly
Replacement: Dominique
Final Nominees: Amber and Dominique
Evicted: Dominique (4-1 Vote)
Week 8 Triple Eviction:
HoH Winner: Jacob
Initial Nominees: Amber, Clay, and Kaitlyn
PoV Winner: Kaitlyn
Veto Used: Yes on Kaitlyn
Replacement: Holly
Final Nominees: Amber, Clay, Holly
Evicted: Clay (2-1-0 Vote)
Evicted: Amber (2-1-0 Vote)
Week 9:
HoH Winner: Audrey
Initial Nominees: Jacob and Kaitlyn
PoV Winner: Audrey
Veto Used: No
Final Nominees: Jacob and Kaitlyn
Evicted: Jacob (2-1-0 Vote)
Week 10:
HoH Winner: Will Mega
Initial Nominees: Holly and Kaitlyn
PoV Winner: Will Mega
Veto Used: Yes on Kaitlyn
Replacement: Audrey
Final Nominees: Holly and Audrey
Evicted: Audrey (2*-1 Vote)
Final HoH:
Final HoH P1 Winner: Holly
Final HoH P2 Winner: Kaitlyn
Final HoH P3 Winner: Holly
Evicted: Will Mega (1-0 Vote)
Winner: Kaitlyn
Runner-Up: Holly
HFH's Favorite: Holly
Challenge Wins: Will Mega 5 Wins
HoH Wins: Clay, Holly, Will Mega & Jacob 2 Wins
POV Wins: Will Mega 3..


Gosh that Have Not Selection

2 Caliboy, Sep 21, 2020

Was brutal to watch.
Can't stand how entitled Christmas feels in this game. DO we know if any of her damn endorsements or work dropped her or anything. As I am sure if its more on her own personal followers its not going to change much for whatever reason.


Honestly, this is quite possibly

1 winner132, Sep 21, 2020

the worst bootlist of any season of Big Brother, like I'm struggling to find one that's even an ounce as bad as this
Keesha, [Redacted], Janelle, Kaysar, Bayleigh, Ian, and now Da'Vonne???
It's like they said what's the worst possible way to go about this season, let's just do that


Does Ian know

3 Matthew09, Sep 20, 2020

That Nicole F staged her sobbing eviction vote against him in the DR? I seriously hope he found out and someone sends him the video of her bragging to Dani about her ploy to gain sympathy for fans by her acting skills of voting to evict him.
Bcuz he does not deserve a friend like her. #bb22


When I lost interest

17 Jameslu, Sep 20, 2020

In each season of BB I've watched:
BB16 - Nicole's Eviction
BB17 - Audrey's Eviction
BB18 - Actually enjoyed this season because I was rooting for NicoleF to win even though she was a rat lol.
BB19 - Jessica's Eviction
BB20 - Rachel's Eviction (she was my favorite IDC IF SHE WAS INVISIBLE)
BB21 - Kathryn's Eviction
BB22 - I can't even say Janelle's eviction because I still kept watching hoping a power shift! So I guess once Da'Vonne is evicted I'll lose interest.


Y’all may find Kevin annoying

4 Matthew09, Sep 20, 2020

But you can’t say he isn’t woke:
Kevin thought big brother was a show for different people to come together and get to know each. He does not like this new style big brother but is glad he came back and got to see how it changed -silverspoons


Okay listen up y'all

6 hellocat, Sep 20, 2020

It is your duty as Americans (I'm British so I can't vote) to cast your vote of AFH to Miss Rogers. I'm going to explain why in this blog.
This queen has given you memes and laughter for 5 years! On Big Brother 17,18 & 22 and The Challenge Final Reckoning and War of The Worlds. She has fought so hard on every season and has fallen short (especially war of the world's 😭😭)
I love Janelle so much and she would be a great 2 time AFH, but does she need it? No. Da'Vonne is doing this for her daughter Kadence (such a beautiful girl) She is a SINGLE mother and a WOMAN of COLOUR. She'd be the first African American winner of AFH. if we can't get a black winner of Big Brother, let's get a black winner of AFH. Do you understand how much that would mean to her?!
Lastly, along with coming back for her daughter she came back for US, the fans. She put herself through awful stress for US! $25,000 could dramatically change her life. Plus think of the meme we'd get of her celebrating, seeing that smile on her face would be so beautiful! She is long overdue for this!!
Vote Da'Vonne and make a change ✊🏽
#bb22 cause I'm doing this whilst most Americans are asleep


Black Houseguest Magic Results

2 hellocat, Sep 19, 2020

Week 1:
Camp Director: Libra
Banished: Bayleigh, Godfrey, Jameka, Metta
Did Not Return: Jameka
HoH Winner: Beau
Whacktivity Winner: Da'Vonne (Nightmare Power)
Initial Nominees: Da'Vonne and Marcellas
Nightmare Power Used
Post-Nightmare Nominees: Ika and Lawon
PoV Winner: Beau
Veto Used: Yes on Ika
Replacement: Kevin
Final Nominees: Kevin and Lawon
Evicted: Kevin (7-5 Vote)
Week 2:
HoH Winner: Danielle
Whacktivity Winner: Kalia (Chaos Power)
Initial Nominees: Kalia and Metta
PoV Winner: Danielle
Veto Used: Yes on Metta
Replacement: Beau
Final Nominees: Kalia and Beau
Evicted: Kalia (9-2 Vote)
Week 3:
HoH Winner: Kemi
Whacktivity Winner: Libra (Panic Power)
Initial Nominees: Godfrey and Marcellas
PoV Winner: Marcellas
Veto Used: Yes on Marcellas
Replacement: Danielle
Final Nominees: Godfrey and Danielle
Evicted: Godfrey (8-2 Vote)
Returning Houseguest: Godfrey
Week 4:
HoH Winner: Danielle
Have Nots: Beau, Devin, Libra, Metta
Initial Nominees: Beau and Metta
PoV Winner: Danielle
Veto Used: No
Final Nominees: Beau and Metta
Evicted: Metta (8-2 Vote)
Week 5:
HoH Winner: Da'Vonne
Have Nots: Beau, Godfrey, Kemi
Initial Nominees: Godfrey and Kemi
PoV Winner: Beau
Veto Used: No
Final Nominees: Godfrey and Kemi
Evicted: Godfrey (5-4 Vote)
Week 6:
HoH Winner: Devin
Initial Nominees: Ika and Libra
PoV Winner: Danielle
Veto Used: Yes on Ika
Replacement: Kemi
Final Nominees: Kemi and Libra
Evicted: Kemi (5-3 Vote)
Week 7:
HoH Winner: Marcellas
America's Field Trip: Beau, Gary, Libra
Won Immunity: Libra
Chicken Suit: Beau
Automatically Nominated: Gary
Initial Nominees: Beau, Da'Vonne, and Gary
PoV Winner: Marcellas
Veto Used: Yes on Da'Vonne
Replacement: Lawon
Final Nominees: Beau, Lawon, Gary
Evicted: Gary (3-2-1 Vote)
Week 8:
HoH Winner: Ika
Initial Nominees: Beau and Lawon
PoV Winner: Danielle
Veto Used: Yes on Lawon
Replacement: Devin
Final Nominees: Beau and Devin
Evicted: Beau (4*-3 Vote)
Week 9:
HoH Winner: Bayleigh
America's Prankster: Devin
Initial Nominees: Danielle and Ika
PoV Winner: Da'Vonne
Veto Used: Yes on Ika
Replacement: Libra
Final Nominees: Danielle and Libra
Evicted: Libra (4-1 Vote)
Week 10:
HoH Winner: Lawon
Initial Nominees: Devin and Ika
PoV Winner: Bayleigh
Veto Used: No
Final Nominees: Devin and Ika
Evicted: Devin (3-1 Vote)
Week 10 Double Eviction:
HoH Winner: Danielle
Initial Nominees: Bayleigh and Marcellas
PoV Winner: Danielle
Veto Used: No
Final Nominees: Bayleigh and Marcellas
Evicted: Marcellas (3-0 Vote)
Week 11:
HoH Winner: Da'Vonne
Initial Nominees: Bayleigh and Ika
PoV Winner: Bayleigh
Veto Used: Yes on Bayleigh
Replacement: Lawon
Final Nominees: Lawon and Ika
Evicted: Ika (2*-1 Vote)
Week 12:
HoH Winner: Lawon
Initial Nominees: Da'Vonne and Danielle
PoV Winner: Bayleigh
Veto Used: No
Final Nominees: Da'Vonne and..


RIP Da'Vonne

0 Bogmire, Sep 19, 2020

I will not be surprised when there is an all-guy final 5.


Not Christmas threatening to run

0 Letal, Sep 19, 2020

over whoever nominates her


It's really painful to watch

1 Bogmire, Sep 19, 2020

that in no scenario for the next 4 weeks does fuckboy Cody get voted out...


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