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7 disneygeek, Jul 8, 2016

Team Slice:
Team dak236:
Team ninjohn:
Team JourdanBabyXoXo:
Eviction Order:
15th- #Aydanmac01
16th- #Christian_
17th- #JonMcGillis
By a vote of 4-2-1 #benp428 you are safe! Which means LoopyCoco1 & Aydanmac01, you have been evicted from the TGBB house.
Battle Back Competitors- LoopyCoco1 & Aydanmac01
Battle Back winner- #LoopyCoco1, you have returned to the TGBB house!
HoH- benp428
Winning Coach- #JourdanBabyXoXo
Coach saves- #ghrocky100
Pre Noms- mrcool, EyooMarcus, & LoopyCoco1
POV- Threedevils
Used?- On #EyooMarcus
Final Noms- mrcool, LoopyCoco1, & Blindside
Vote to Save 1 of the nominees! (Anyone but the nominees can vote)
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103 ElectraViv, Nov 16, 2014

And I'll post the first word that comes to my mind when I see you!
#Aydanmac01 - Polite
#imthtawesom - Trashcan
#zachbbs - Nice
#JudiCamille - Fatherless
#GrrrImABear - Bear
#jdog - Bae
#Guigi - Sweetheart
#SurvivorFreak13 - Salem
#acyuta - Lovely
#smuguy2012 - Grindr
#Ashleybabyx3 - Guitar
#Renegade628 - Humorous
#DiamondsArentForever - Don
#ItsAustin - Cool
#Thepug - Delightful
#somebodyawesome - Friend
#sosyomomma - Funny
#evilgenious448 - Fabulous
#RobertGuajardo - Disgusting
#Jgoodies - Awesome
#Totstrashy - Potatoes
#jessloveee - Fierce
#Weetmaster - Friendly
#LunaPark - Kangaroo
#Nosuchname2 - Mysterious
#Phenomanimal - Bitch
#panda6785 - Sweety
#Don_Draper - Walmart
#peterya - Visitor
#OMGitsGarret - Exciting
#MaggieGreene - Cute
#XxHeroxX - Heroic
#PurpleCows - Champion
#Mikey_Elite - Loyal
#Arcaninemaster - Sweetheart
#DrIcicle - Stellar
#MoooHades - Bailey
AustinRules6969 - Hilarious
Padfoot - Brave
pikachu142 - Fierce
Wiseman - Smart
Tetsuya - Loyal
hobnobgpro - Therapy
Oliviaxoxo - Lucky
macken - Victim
nikw98 - Cool
@Gaiaphage - Weed
lonelypuppie - Adorable
harrywasnak - Sweetheart
@Swaggy - Endurance
RArsenault - New
lexibear - Darling
@dayum - Friend
FoodIsBae - Cooking
Maxi1234 - Zealous
Justin_Hicks - Country
PureEssence - Lovely
Elvira - Wonderful
jenzie - Queen
Sheena - Shoes
Thumper91 - Popular
CarsonWorld - Chill
disneygeek - Stylish
Funnehliner - Drama


No title

56 joshlyn34, Sep 4, 2014

#Aydanmac01 I like you from working together in frooks
#Tadd like you because do not know you well so no reason not to lol
#happy202 I like you because we are like best bros and talk about everything with a lot of things in common
#owlb0ned I would not say hate but I do dislike you since we have never talked but any game we are in together you target me for obviously no reason at all lmao
#dhucking_quacks we use to be really close but not at all now but I will go with like you
#jayelveeisback we were really close then I really completely hated you but then we got on the same tribe an kind of made up so neutral
#stuartlittle16 dislike
#macken sorry I dislike you from games and kind of find you a bit fake
#notafraid never played a game or really talked but from your vblogs you seem like a very chill person so pretty sure I would like you
#carsonl dislike
#mooohades you saved me in stars and most of the time when we have played or talked you have been a chill person so I like you
#bigbrother_survivor you are like so fake it is unreal so I totally hate you
#mikespike from games an talking you are one of the few people I really enjoy seeing around on the site because your so laid-back and chill so like
#kasey2011 like
#laughalot Jess I love you more then anything your so amazing and so glad to have met you :*
#delete2544  like
#staymellow like
#sosyomomma dislike
#pauladeen like
#Cornelia neutral
#JamieAndre neutral
#Carlisle like
#Tommeh208 like
#timberlie dislike
#acyuta tbh Im flipping back and forth so ill go neutral bro
#Lennon dislike
#tonym101101 like
#noraw6842 like
#bowkane dislike you
#tyler93 like you remember survivor merges :)
JetsRock12 like you an love how you let me have your kill in hg  lol
Shonaynay hate because I have tried to work and talk with you in games but you have always been a cunt so
brenla love you how can you not love someone who likes the rangers like you just got to fill bad for them give them a big hug
alanduncan like we had that great wof moment that time
marwane neutral
Fluttershy_Joey like for the most part
Simpizzle use to like but now dislike
peterya like
koin your like one of my best bros so of course like
winner132 like
C00LDUDE1000 dislike
zachbbs like
rawr121 neutral
JasonXtreme neutral
SharpShooter4 neutral
PurpleCows love you lots one of closet friends
Zuelke like
8BitBlastoise like
zachbbs I thought I did you but I do like you more then most people so sorry bro


45 ElectraViv, Aug 28, 2014

Which song on Stars Dance best describes you! I'll even send ya a link to the song in mails if you've never heard about it before! I'm doing everyone who posts :)
#Aydanmac01 - Undercover bc we can keep it undercover anytime hun
#SomebodyAwesome - Forget Forever bc im sick of ur shit
#PurpleCows - Like A Champion bc you spam like a champion
#Lucinda - B.E.A.T. because I want your B.E.A.T. in my face
#maxcrosby2419 - Slow Down bc i wanna feel your body right next to mine
#Rocker917 - Music Feels Better bc everything feels better with you ou ou ou
#cfff - Write Your Name bc your name is written across my heart
@JudiCamille - Nobody Does It Like You bc nobody is as annoying or as fucking stupid as you are
tyboy618 - Save The Day bc you saved the day during my first HoH in Ria's game
smuguy2012 - Birthday bc you're So Yummy!
jdog - Lover In Me bc self-explanatory
unkown - Stars Dance bc instead of falling we're flying in love
chibideidara - Forget Forever bc go read Sim's explanation
owlb0ned - Come & Get It bc hun you're adorable and funny
hobnobgpro - Save The Day bc thats the song I listened to when i shot you dead in HG
bamold1999 - I Like It That Way bc I like when ur dead in HG lmao < 3
Qwertyioup - Love Will Remember bc I will always remember the first time I saw that red nose of yours
DanielKennedy111 - Birthday bc you and I always posted Jazz It Up! in the last HG we were in together and lmao thats truly iconic
Carlisle - Undercover bc you're a sexy machine you're a hollywood dream
Delete2544 - I Like It That Way bc I looove when u +10 my spam :)
Minie - Save The Day bc you saved my ass in GG's game multiple times
peterya - Birthday bc you can come and meet the queen in Toxics
Lynette - Love Will Remember bc I will always remember our time spent in Ria's BB game togetha
RobertGuajardo - B.E.A.T. bc OMG you are crack!
jacksonjoseph99 - Stars Dance bc we've made the stars dance togetha plenty of times :)
Tommeh208 - Nobody Does It Like You bc nobody is quite as shady or as intelligent in games as you are
BBLover96 - Come N Get It bc you're a slut
Ribbons - Forget Forever bc you Stole from Vitty's shop ya bitch
holllyy1230 - Write Your Name bc what we are is more than words, this love is art
Rennac - Music Feels Better bc the topblogs feel better with you!
TotsTrashy - Lover In Me bc you love plat weaves and so do I hun
Orlando652 - Slow Down bc if you want another g4g im accepting applications
WhiteBoy69 - Like A Champion bc ur name just screams that you are an irl champion
_Aria - Undercover bc you are an undercover..



37 DavyPrentiss, Apr 27, 2014

And I'll judge your character solely based on your first page of friends.
#Aydanmac01 - Chatty but nice, probably friendly and easy-going. You probably dont' get very upset over tengaged games.
#TheSexiestDude990 - Very nice, but possibly judgemental and you might not be like out of make friends, and you possibly exclude others, maybe on accident.
#PotatoSalad - Multi perhaps? Idk, maybe not but you seem like you'd be nice enough.
SomebodyAwesome - Maybe a good word would be exclusive -- you have your friends and don't really talk to a whole lot of others. But probably still civil to others, without getting too close.
RobertGuajardo - Respectful of others, but not to those who you don't like.
LewisC - There are a few people I really like on your first page haha. But I'd say that you're super nice to everyone, really funny, but hard to become good friends with.
nickp - honestly I don't recognize a lot of people on your page, so I'm just basing this off of a couple people. Anyway, I'd say that you're dishonest, and not super respectful to others. But I bet if I were to get to know you we'd be friends.
AndThenThereWasOne - Slightly dishonest but still civil to those that you play games with. Probably really likable and funny, too.
Delete2544 - Well. I was going to say super nice and awesome, but then I saw Oliviaxoxo and decided probably really rude and easy to be rude to. LOL just kidding! You'd probably be really easy to talk to.
useamint - Ooh, probably favorite first page yet. Based on your first page, I think I'd really like to be friends with you. You're probably a super awesome person!
sosyomomma - Super nice, but maybe too trusting when it comes to games.
magge555550101 - Welllll I'm on your first page soooo proabably the COOLEST PERSON LIKE EVER. Actually, you'd proabably be super cool and very funny.
Dhucking_Quacks - Really nice, but kind of fake tbh. And maybe a little bit immature.
Jkjkjk15 - Super super friendly, but almost kind of "elusive".
Oliviaxoxo - Really nice, really friendly, and very easy to become friends with.
BengalBoy - I like some people on your friends list a lot! So I bet you'd probably be really cool to talk to, if not a little bit exclusive with your group of friends.
Zinger - You have three of my favorite people added, so I'd say you're probably a super cool person and really nice and fun to talk to!
#Steel - Super exclusive with your friends, and possibly just self-entitled to your awesomeness. So maybe a little bit douchey.
Thumper91 - Nice, but only nice to people who you're friends with; and not mean to others, but you just kinda brush them..

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