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10th in Ween's QWRS Game Blog

6 KayleighWinz, Jun 3, 2017

Overall the game was great Halloween was a great host and all of the comps were really fun and cool. I wish I could've lasted longer or known really why I was sent into the Dungeon. I think I played a good game I guess I sheeped for a little bit but I wanted to stay under-the-radar and a lot of my friends were on opposite alliances to me. Even the duel that I got out in was really fun. I did the best I could in the game GL guys.
NotNicky333 - Didn't talk to you much
HowLovely - I'm sorry idk who you are wait is that lukey if ur lukey you were cool
Jkjkjk15 - Singled me out as a sheep like day 1 for no reason kind of a bitch but was respected me on my way out which i liked
Kelly0412 - Queen of taking 0 blame in getting me out by throwing a vote
#AlwaysVictorious - Romeo you are a queen and win it bitch
AlexaVonTrayne - Kicked me from a chat, Made everyone vote me in the dungeon, and then calls me entitled because I'm mad ??? Alexa is a fucking rat who will turn on you in a second for no reason. You're fake and I hope you die IRL.
MyBash_ - TBH the only reason you stayed in the dungeon is bc Ethan saved you but ur ok
Cyrus - I wish I would've worked with you. Screwed me over in the dungeon but you're a nice person so its fine.
I hope I get to play again bc it was really fun. Kinda sad I got out and how everyone secretly hated me/targetted me but whatever im pretty.


im gonna steal it from

5 lionsden121, Apr 29, 2017

others cuz it seems cool im giving a ? for idk why ur most up there and <3 cuz ur my friend :)
a #alwaysvictorious  ????
b birew34 <3
c coolnarwhal88 <3
d deathisgreat ???
e elvira ???? probs looking for ur first blog for group game shits lol
f fares ??? probs checking to see if ur banned ;)
g gamerden13 ???
h harley ???? must have been for group game
islandsurvivor <3
j joshbb17 <3
k king_lance <3
l lazeric <3 (i was techinically first)
m musicinme <3
n noah_kondon lmao twinsies ;)
o onemanarmy ????
p Pmmguy <3
q none
r rebelman2227 ur stupid blogs are the best i wish we could be better friends
s survivor8 ???
t thepug <3  i miss you come back to me :(
u unkown ??? checking to see if ur banned ;)
v vegasboy94 <3
w wuau ???
x #xxxaria123xx ???
y yummy ???
z zforzombie <3 i know we're shaky cuz of ur group game but i hope we can still be friends



4 Obstreperous, Apr 28, 2017

I type in tengaged.com/user/____ for each letter of the alphabet to see who'll come up!
stolen from noah_kondon
A: #Alwaysvictorious ( BritishRomeo17)
B: BrendaMeekz
C: Cryptspartan
D: Disneygeek
E: Elvira
F: fishingguy22
G: Galaxies
H: Halloween
I: Imopink1
J: JordanForReal
K: Kaseyhope101
L: Logie56
M: MasterB
N: noah_kondon
O: omggiraffe
P: Possiblythis
Q: QueenAmanda
R: raverKid
S: subfriend
T: Timster
U: unkown
V: VegasBoy94
W: WannaBeeFriends
X: XxLoveWakizaxX
Y: yummy
Z: Zuelke
0: 01Gohan
1: 1001games


Typing in each letter

8 noah_kondon, Apr 28, 2017

into http://www.tengaged.com/user/ and I will list below the first user to come up, if for N I get myself, I will use the next person.  Basically these will probably be the pages i've spent the most time on on each letter or clicked most
A: #alwaysvictorious
B: #brontesonly
C: chris2pei
D: deeannamorgan
E: epicwafflez23
F: Fares
G: Glinda
H: hsb123
I: IceBear
J: JustinV53
K: kwiens18
L: lionsden121
M: M_Davis1998
N: Nicole16
O: Obstreperous
P: pikaplayer
R: randomize
S: Swadles
T: tuter32
U: unkown
V: VegasBoy94
W: wuau
X: #xxxaria123xxx
Y: yr_2007
Z: ziggyzaggy16
If you are on this list, either there is nobody else who's page i've been on more than yours or i'm stalking you.



1 SashaBaby2010, Apr 18, 2017

UNBAN #alwaysvictorious -- his ban was only set to last 7 days, yet he is still banned!


TRG 6 All Stars - Ongoing

0 TotsTrashy, Apr 5, 2017

Host: TR1364
Memory Wall
Masami ( perfectprizetag)
Tyler ( YasGaga)
3rd: Nick ( BluJay112) [Orange/Purple] (1-0)
4th: Samia (None) [Green/Purple] (Quit)
5th: Kaleb ( yeyzo) [Purple/Purple] (2-0)
6th: Richard ( TotsTrashy) [Green/Orange] (2-1)
7th: Daivion (None) [Orange/Orange] (4-0)
8th: Gamo ( ThisIsMyGame) [Orange/Purple] (4-1)
9th: Cameron ( DrPepsi) [Purple/Orange] (MedEvac)
10th: Jakyl (None) [Purple/Purple] (5-1)
11th: Maddie (None) [Orange/Orange] (3-1-1)
12th: Nin ( ninjohn) [Green/Orange] (3-1-1-1)
13th: Cambell (None) [Green] (3-2)
14th: AJ ( aj1111) [Orange] (2-2-1/2-1)
15th: Sterling ( mike64mike64) [Purple] (4-1)
16th: Romeo (#alwaysvictorious) [Purple] (4-1)
17th: Matthew (None) [Orange] (4-1)


PYN for a 100% honest opinion

32 Kelly0412, Aug 25, 2016

Opinions won't be very long cause I'm not very articulate unless I start ranting in which case I pray for u
#AlwaysVictorious - icon in skype games, queen
Jenzie - absolute goddess you slay me with every blog you write
#Levonini - Rat. Don't bother messaging me again
Mastropola - maybe if you cared about our friendship instead of the xD Gemma Weave your getting from my shop I wouldn't have blocked you on skype!
Instagram - Ily Matt we used to be really good friends and you helped me through my struggles and breakdowns but that www a while ago and I miss you :(
#C_Shizz96 - lovely outside of games, absolutely awful to play with love ya
IceBeast - we've became really good friends recently and I appreciate you wholeheartedly
Sashababy2010 - absolute mom I regret not applying for your game
AlexaVonTrayne - I remember when we first met when we were the minority alliance in Sasha's Big Brother... I miss those days
NotNicky333 one of if not my best friends on this site. We're both pretty hated for being awful human beings but I think that's the reason we're besties
#Matedog1209 aww your such a sweetie ;)
#OldNewz - probably one of the most Shrewd people I've ever played a group game with but I loved the game you hosted
#Osiris - idk why you commented here my opinion hasn't changed of you, you are a lying backstabbing rat and I want nothing to do with you ever again
#Tdbigbrotherlover112 - Mom. We need to slay a group game one time
Mathboy9 - oh god lets see weve been through sooooo much an endless supply of Frookies/ROBLOX games being Nommed for 16th in stars together making full avis of a LEMON. Your one of the best people ive ever met on this site and ily
PureEssence - Man. But yeah your an icon and I love talking to you, I wish we were better friends but you have a great personality and dont let the uglies get you down boo
#Kittykatz553 - such a sweetie thanks for never hacking my account and your sunny personality ily
Rawr25 - ive never had any problems with you at all in fact in fact i actually admire you for the most part, I feel really bad bc you dont deserve any of the shit you get and ive heard really sad things that have happened to you irl that make me sad :( pm me if you ever want to talk!
Tpidude73 - Ily Mike < 3333 i wish we talked more
Kinggeek - we used to be friends I guess
Willie_ I used to have like the biggest crush on you which thinking back is like really sad cause twinky fags arent my taste
KatarinaDuCouteau - pls get off my blog you god damn..

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