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♥ Holly(Electracakes)♥

46 acyuta, Jun 17, 2015

Im tired of studying for my exam, so lets do this.
#africanwoman You are one of those people that I wish I talked to more.. We went against each other when I was spamming for Alex but you let my designs go to auctions.. You are nice and I hope we talk more this year atleast!
#Galaxies - You instantly became my friend when we played #Cromatique's random stars.. You are really nice and we talked more when you were #EC, but not anymore.. btw, missed you when you were banned!
#rowan22 - I know you are #RohanChaubey's friend and you always support him with your positiveness. I really appreciate that and I always wanted to talk to you, but idk why couldnt!
#Maxi1234 - Okay, you used to be extremely nice to me but not anymore. Idk why but i feel you dislike me(hope im wrong).. Besides that, I loved each and every time me, you and #sheena had a conversations(here, not skype). :) But from tengageds point of view, you are really liked and sweet.. 
ohheydudeski - You are easily one of my favorite people on this site and we have not even played many games too.. that says how awesome you are.. You always have something nice to say about me whenever I blog haha.. Thankyou so much buddy! :) Really really hope we start talking after my exams! :)
HeavyRain - Idk you but you seem really nice and GL in stars! :)
@Pegasus1234 - Oh Rose! < 3 You are genuinely nice and no matter what people say, ignore them and be yourself. It is quite normal to think you are fake because they can never be as nice as you are. Love you.
KyleDile - I hate my self for jumping into conclusions and hating you because of ONE frookies game, that was really childish of me. But really glad Sue told me many nice things about you and I AM sorry, for not talking to you for over a year. We have so many common friends and I really hope to talk to you more soon! :)
winner132 - Remember when we played RJ's Survivor Bora Bora and you supported me and voted for me to win? Idt you remember that but I'll always be grateful for that haha.. you made my day then with all of your questions directed towards the Jury, bashing them xD Love you, Parvati!
FairyBoss - okay, you are the personification of Happy(Fairy tale), you have a lively,cheerful personality! You are one of the nicest people on this site too! Im glad I met you, my anime buddy :D Aye, sir.
@sallyyisfabulous - I could not talk to you much but you seem really sweet! And nice < 3
@bamold1999 - Tyler, you are one of my people on this site, you have always been nice to me even when I was a noob haha.. You are just tooooo awesome at challenges and I hope i become as good as you someday.. :D And yeah, I really hope to be in a tribe with you someday
RoboZoe - I've seen you around but never got the chance to talk to you. If i recall correctly, you were banned or something, welcome back :D
Carlisle -..



15 SouthernSong, May 22, 2015

for an opinion from me and imthtawesom
ss: i don't know you very well, but you seem very nice
imtht: i like him and you stole owlb0ned from him
ss: idk who you are
imtht: weird n00b
ss: omg i love you
imtht: my sexy mexican daddy
ss: dont really know you
imtht: i don't know what to say
ss: you're one of the nicest people on tengaged!
imtht: you're a bully!
ss: you have kicked me from CYA like three times!
imtht: i like you but you don't like me #whatever #backstabbedinafrooks
ss: you seem nice from like the three times we have talked
ss: don't know ya
ss: i don't know who you are, i should get out more
imtht: why do you have double my games and i've never heard of you???
ss: you're funny and i wish i knew who's multi you were
imtht: annoying ugly n00b
ss: hey again xo
imtht: gift me on transformice!
ss: yeah i did
imtht: yes



5 Nattie, Oct 21, 2013



My Hunger Games WIN!

19 Nattie, Oct 20, 2013

Ok so you dont have to read this and if you wanna plus/neg feel free I just wanted to address a few things!
So at the start of the game I joined with Hints and #Africanwoman and was just doing xp circles the usual but I also had alot of other friends in this game which helped me alot tbh as I could trust alot of people. Then once it got to about top 20 people are getting arrowed 1 after another and like nobody was fighting so I just sat back and shot the people my alliance wanted to.
Anyway cut a long story short people died and me and africanwoman stalled in the corn at f5 so I wouldnt get attacked by the mutts. Elvira constantly moaned at us as if it was her charity game trying to force us to save and fight her so I got fed up and arrowed her it had to be done or she prob would have won.
Then at f4 african was banned and damo1990 was low so i just sat in the corn till he died and fought dusty and yeah thats pretty much it!
Thanks so much everyone who helped me ILY all!
s/o to DanielKennedy111 for sponsoring me :D


my hunger games experience,

2 damo1990, Oct 20, 2013

well im getting better, i got 3rd this time yay, i went under the radar for a long time and i realised nearly everyone had more xp then me, i didnt have too many friends in the game so xp circles were hard to come by,
i got six kills overall, so anyone that says i didnt do anything is lying through their teeth,
Sparky9171 was shot dead by damo1990
BB5lover was shot dead by damo1990
Saftronbtr999 was killed in a fight with damo1990
Saftronbtr999 was shot dead by damo1990
EliOrtiz1234 was killed in a fight with damo1990
aes222aes was killed in a fight with damo1990
unkown was killed in a fight with damo1990
firstly i want to apologise to thesexiestdude990 because i regretted not standing fully by you, i thought unkown was a friend but he was plotting my exit as confirmed by elvira , cocoabean #africanwoman and dusty12910
secondly i want to apologise to saftron, im sorry for accusing you of cheating when you happened to log in on your phone like me, i wish you didnt attack me and i dont know why you did you prob wanted me out early on, i hope we can be friends in the future
elvira i think you were robbed and deserved to win, i did promise id suicide to you if we were the f2 i would have kept that promise, your day will come:)
dusty you are the reason i got 3rd lol, if you didnt arrow me, you wouldnt have got second, id have done the same thing in your shoes,
cocoabean im so sorry about what happened, i really am i had to attack you to stay alive, i understand if you hate me and thats understandable, i hope you can forgive me someday
im glad i made two good new friends in nattie and #africanwomen,  i didnt agree with your racist remark but you seem nice, and nattie you deserved to win.
aes ily < 3
finally unkown, you filter me for arrowing you out, i wanted an f3 with you and elvira, but you went against me created a chat to get me out, friends dont do that, you can blame me all you want, i only turned on you cause i knew you were turning on me


Hey im powerful!

4 Elvira, Oct 20, 2013

Me  http://25.media.tumblr.com/66c0c4a44904859f2c9e8f408c86c032/tumblr_musiagzcKH1ra86ero1_500.gif
~#africanwoman 22 min ago
can you please learn english and stop being an immagrant ktybi xo
20 minutes latter...
Karma: 374
Played: 34 times
Last Activity: 8 hours ago
#Watchagonnado #frookies #rookies #castings #survivor



2 BlueDust, Oct 19, 2013

#africanwoman and Nattie on making top 4 in hg. xo


random.org stars final placements

4 jimmy1661, May 30, 2013

final placements:
1st Cornelia with 27 votes (survived against hatch and levonini)
2nd Lamia with 5 votes (survived 2 noms against prada and ronel)
3rd Africanwoman with 3 votes (survived 2 noms against moohades and danio)
4th MoooHades (against #Africanwoman) M 2, A 12 (survived 1 nom)
5th Hatch (against #Cornelia) H 3, C 17 (survived 2 noms)
6th Waggamuffin (against #MoooHades) W 3, M 4
7th Ronel (against #Lamia) R 5, L 17 (survived 1 nom)
8th JediJani44 (against #Hatch) J 4, H 6
9th levonini (against #cornelia) L 3, C 7 (survived 1 nom)
10th owlb0ned (against #Ronel) O 2, R 4 (survived 1 nom)
11th Prada (against #Lamia) P 2, L 6
12th Hakim (against #Hatch) HK 2, HT 8 (survived 1 nom)
13th danio (against #africanwoman) D 4, A 5
14th Cgyflames01 (against #hakim) C 1. H 3
15th: remorawr (against #owlb0ned) R 5, O 8
16th: Nattie (against #levonini)  N 12, L 13
congrats to Cornelia on her win and to Lamia and Africanwoman on making finals.
thank you all for playing hope to see some of you sign up again next time.


random.org stars final 3

39 jimmy1661, May 29, 2013

Africanwoman has made it to finals against MoooHades 12-2
the final 3 are Lamia, Cornelia and Africanwoman
vote for your favorite to win.
current votes: Lamia 5, Cornelia 27, Africanwoman 3
current players:
Lamia (survived 2 noms)
Cornelia (survived 2 noms)
africanwoman (survived 2 noms)
evicted list
4th MoooHades (against #Africanwoman) M 2, A 12 (survived 1 nom)
5th Hatch (against 3Cornelia) H 3, C 17 (survived 2 noms)
6th Waggamuffin (against #MoooHades) W 3, M 4
7th Ronel (against #Lamia) R 5, L 17 (survived 1 nom)
8th JediJani44 (against #Hatch) J 4, H 6
9th levonini (against #cornelia) L 3, C 7 (survived 1 nom)
10th owlb0ned (against #Ronel) O 2, R 4 (survived 1 nom)
11th Prada (against #Lamia) P 2, L 6
12th Hakim (against #Hatch) HK 2, HT 8 (survived 1 nom)
13th danio (against #africanwoman) D 4, A 5
14th Cgyflames01 (against #hakim) C 1. H 3
15th: remorawr (against #owlb0ned) R 5, O 8
16th: Nattie (against #levonini)  N 12, L 13

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