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SBB Earned Trial — Public Poll Update

1 SuitMan13, Jun 13, 2020

TIME IS RUNNING OUT to cast your vote for someone to win a spot on Suitman's Big Brother Endgame.
Candidates, the poll has received 109 votes so far so it's STILL ANYONE's GAME before it closes at 4pm EST TOMORROW. This is your last reminder to get those votes in!
The poll is on an EXTERNAL site which only allows each person to vote once. As an extra precautionary measure, each voter will be required to enter their Tengaged username at the end.
- None of the 40 candidates are allowed to vote in the poll themselves.
- Each user that votes in the poll MUST be Orange level or higher.
- Each eligible player may only cast ONE vote.
Votes that breach the rules or do not have a username attached will be deleted. If I see two different votes with the same username attached, I may contact that user directly to clarify who they are voting for in the poll, in case one of the two votes was someone else entering a vote pretending to be them. I will also delete votes of users clearly inactive on
I will reveal the results of the poll just before the live Brantsteele Chance event at 5pm on Sunday June 14th.


SBB Earned Trial — Escape Room

0 SuitMan13, Jun 12, 2020

On Saturday June 13th - live from 5pm EST - the biggest Suitman blog scavenge will take place with the Escape Room. This test incorporates the translation, cipher and morse code styles of Suitman competitions into one big Amazing Race-esque dash to be the first to enter the Final Keycode, earning a spot on Big Brother Endgame. It's all about Suitman history, so get your wiki hats on ladies and hoes.
Check in occurs between 4:45pm and 5:05pm EST in the SUITMAN VL. Anyone yet to earn a place is eligible to attempt, but only those who check-in can claim victory. The attending players will then be moved to a new Skype chat where the Escape Room will take place.
We are nearing the end of the trials so I'm now offering those yet to get onto the season to mail a PERSONAL STATEMENT as to why they should be picked as Entitled. These will be read by myself and Wyatt as we formulate our decisions for the remaining season places.
Stay tuned on Saturday for confirmation of the Brantsteele cast, and an update on the number of votes cast so far in the Public Poll, which closes on Sunday with the vrant read.
Follow along with regular updates on the Big Brother Endgame Earned Trials with the hashtag #WhateverItTakes


SBB Earned Trial — Big Brother Redemption

3 SuitMan13, Jun 11, 2020

Introducing the 10 players for the fifth and final Big Brother Earned Trial, taking place live on Friday June 12th from 5pm EST on Skype. One of this group will win the next spot on Suitman's Big Brother Endgame.
This cast was formed initially from the 2nd and 3rd placers in the first four Big Brother trials, returning for a 'redemption' opportunity. NJKoda1998 was removed from the lineup after winning a trial himself, leaving 3 wildcard spots, which I have filled with three available players who have NOT yet had another shot in Survivor or The Genius.
Check in occurs between 4:45pm and 5:05pm EST. Those who do not comment on the trial Skype chat between those times will be ineligable to compete, and we will continue with those that did. Those that remain will compete in a series of fast challenges, nominations and voting. Ideally the trial takes no longer than 2-3 hours, however this depends on cast size and how fast we do challenges, which have been purposely designed to be as fast as possible.
Stay tuned on Friday for information about the Escape Room game which takes place on Saturday, open to ALL remaining Earned candidates.
Follow along with regular updates on the Big Brother Endgame Earned Trials with the hashtag #WhateverItTakes


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