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1 realityfreek, Jan 11, 2014

#TheOC vs #PGA2k13


Gossip Girl

10 bigbrother17, May 29, 2013

Any good?
My favorite show is #THEOC cause I loved the quirky characters. #GOSSIPGIRL is from the guy who made The OC so I wanna know if it's just as good...


I'm pretty much fucked...

3 MikePerko, Apr 9, 2013

I need the support of diva1 #theoc #thelair & jenzie to make it out of this shot


tbh if I had a penis

5 ShayyBayy, Jan 15, 2013

I'd probably be a major gay whore.
because I love the males.
And people have seen videos/pictures of me.
And #TheOC talks to me every single day and I have the same voice!
& BBDamian has heard the same voice for like 5 years.
< 3


★ Stars 208 Finals Blog ★

17 Aquamarine, Nov 10, 2012

Alright before jumping on the “dmann and kindly have never won” bandwagon, read this first because it’s very important to me that you read and understand how I played this game.
Ok, so naturally I came into this stars game with just two goals: one, to get Shay and myself to finals at all costs and two, to go unnominated for the third time. Neither of these wound up happening but that’s how stars goes. Shay and I had the biggest targets on our backs from Day 1. It seemed that every day until Day 11 when they finally got us up that we were targeted. Unlike playing stars for merely myself, I had to play a game such that Shay and I would be kept safe each and every day. Here’s how the game was ideally supposed to finish:
•        For seventh, Fred vs. Potato
•        For sixth, Survivor vs. Dmann
•        For fifth, Shay vs. Norris [She volunteering to take him out]
•        For fourth, Kindly vs. Dmann/Potato/Fred
When Shay and I went up, it dismantled my game for a short time. Everything I had anticipated happening was now gone. Immediately Shay and I made sure that Norris went up for flipping on us like the idiot he is. We told him if he did he’d get 6th, and sure enough…
Anyway, I continued on without her nominating Norris and Fred for sixth, and then [Sorry Matt] Kindly and Potato for fifth. I knew I had to tell Kindly that the noms were splitting on him thanks to Norris and he bought it and as a result kept me safe from fourth. My fourth place nominations were the ONLY nomination I made that didn’t go through aside from Shay and I’s nomination. I nominated Dmann and Kindly for fourth, hoping to go up against Fred in the finals because I thought he was an easier beat and I’m not exactly a popularity threat. Fred and Dmann went up and so ended the gameplay portion of the game.
Now I plead to everyone, don’t vote for Dmann or Kindly because they haven’t won before.
Me and Shay played the best games in there as stated by various people who were evicted. If you ask anyone, you’ll here that of the people left I definitely played the hardest and played the best game. I had every single nomination go through except for my own and half of fourth. No one else can say the same. While Kindly went offline for 10 hours (though understandable, he had school), I had to work my ass off to keep all of us safe.
I’ll conclude with this: I don’t have the luxury of surviving evictions like Dmann or Kindly. I have to work my ASS off to try to go unnominated or at least go up against someone that I can beat. I controlled every single person in that game asides from MAYBE Meyaar at one point or another. The pollbox comments every day called for Shay and I to go up and time and time again we didn’t. We weren’t a shield, or a sacrificial pair, we were great gameplayers. Every single day we turned our chats into a majority and got our noms through. It was just inevitable that we would go up eventually.
Quick thank you to everyone..


No title

2 ShayyBayy, May 17, 2012

#TheOC isnt even the ones negging LOL!



0 Toast805, May 17, 2012



Is this still going on?

0 Deceased, May 17, 2012

eh whatever, Ya'll gotta sleep sometime #TheOC


oh, fiona,

1 ShayyBayy, May 8, 2012

blitszims (that's probably so wrong)
because they are randomized now.. so every frat gets a chance, pretty much. LOL #TheOC is in the star game, and there aren't even any active people in that group anymore. Awkward.


uh oh

4 ShayyBayy, May 4, 2012

TheThomas caught us.
#TheOC has been the illuminati the entire time, Macabre. We are all doing these terrible terrible things and implanting subliminal messages throughout our blogs that you all read. It's the 30+ members of the OC! that's why that one night we all took pictures of our eyes and put it as our display pictures on Skype!!
There's even a subliminal message in this blog!!! finklestein123 is in on it too tho tbh.


This Update

0 Runner430, Apr 30, 2012

Is a shitty one since #TheOC is going to love it.
Inb4 they overuse the hashtag shit.
#hotgirlproblems ;(


No title

2 ShayyBayy, Apr 30, 2012

#theOC will love this tbh.

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