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6 s73100, Oct 15, 2015

[7:42:23 PM] bryce: when s73100 sends u shower snap and u pop a boner :/
[10:55:26 PM] Wes: Sam suck my toes
[9:02:32 PM] Wes: Jk I’m a fag
I'm gonna share my #takedownmilliebobbybrown story… I was about to check out in sephora using my VIB Rouge card, then #MillieBobbyBrown pushed me and said "move faggot, ladies first" then she took my VIB Rouge card and used all my points and redeemed my birthday gift ;(
Incredibles 3 is coming out sometime in June 2021!
I am part of the crew so I know everything that happens. Jack Jack is age 13 in this movie and still hasn't grown any hair for some reason. Violet's married to her boyfriend from TI2 and in her late 20s. She gave birth to a son named "Andrew". Dash just got out of the Military and is finally home with his family. He's in his mid 20s. Mrs Incredible is still shook over her divorce and spends every day wishing she has her husband back. Edna Mode is dead after dying a slow painful death in the 2nd movie. Last but not least, this one will leave you shook. Pixar wanted to send a strong message to their fans so they decided that Mr Incredible marries the recently out of the closet Frozone. They adopted a kid from Uganda named "Lajos" and he is the same age as Violet. Believe it or not, they hook up in the movie and leave Violet's husband SHOOK!
Sam is a hot twink
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