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7 zakisaboss, Dec 26, 2013

who did #thethomas gift and what did the gift message say? I missed it all smh


A tengageder from every state

37 GayJohnny, Aug 9, 2013

Hawaii- #TheThomas
Washington- #BigJoeFrimodt
California- Caliboy
Arizona- Nocturnal
Colorado- BorisXBorisette
New Mexico- soxroks247
North Dakota- StRaNd24
South Dakota- Torimarie
Kansas- Chad123
Oklahoma- #haiiderr
Texas- jakehou97
Minnesota- GayJohnny
Iowa- TheSexiestDude990
Arkansas- BOBROCKS333
Louisiana- Inb4
Wisconsin- carleebear
Illinois- Zimdelinvasor
Michigan- Clone (?)
Indiana- aaronstevens4444
Georgia- Robinhood99
Florida- MBG93
Pennsylvania- Connor_
West Virginia-
Virginia- Ronnie262
North Carolina- treytrey97
South Carolina- Thumper91
New York- BbDamian
New Jersey- lucas1993
Delaware- Mikey04wp
Vermont- Cyrus
Massachusetts- TDATrentsgroup
Connecticut- randomshows4815
New Hampshire- muffinman
Rhode Island-
Maine- tinabeena


Big T

2 Meyaar, Jul 21, 2013

are you going up for eviction in 2 hours ?


Hunger Support blog

2 Meyaar, Jul 20, 2013

It goes to eyoomarcus, bye #TheThomas


Why is

2 Meyaar, Jul 20, 2013

#TheThomas trending and i am not. Jealous!


Tag one person

3 Meyaar, Jul 6, 2013

that never impresses you with his blogs.
for me its #TheThomas.
Go on let me know which person u guys dont like bloggin.


I cave.

79 Insanity, Nov 25, 2012

PYN for an honest opinion.  I just want attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plus I can't recall the last time I've had a top blog.  It'll be fun! ^_^ So ye PYN mothafuckas!
#TheThomas - Well I don't really know you, but I think you're a real decent guy from what I've seen, and you seem to have a good head on your shoulders, so good for you.  You don't get on my nerves so yay!
#VanZiti - You added me to that Pretty Boys Group thing but that's all I've done with you really LOL I wouldn't mind getting to know you better though. ^_^
#LouisRibarich - Thanks for your participation in my Ultimate Slut game.  You're a worthy opponent.  You're a super cool fellow, and I could see you prospering on this site.
#SSDZ - You're the black one, right?  I always get you and Sihz confused LOL.  You're an alright cat.  Meow.  Nothing else really.  Idk ya well.
#Glam - I'll be your friend.
#heatherbear - Hahahaha Ohhhhh Heather, you're a really interesting broad.  After Sarah asked me to join the streeterbears frat for lolz, I think that's when we really started to become friends, and even more so in Ladi3sz in Tank Topzz.  You're such a mature and classy woman (Even if Volcom doesn't think so), and I wish more Tengagers were like you to be honest.  You're very friendly and you should not get the shit you do about being a bitch.  Thanks for all the laughs, the scandalous stories, and your friendship! :']
#LaFierceBrittany2 - We have quite a history now.  We were always allies in those TD and TP Camps.  I loved it.  We were such an obvious F2 LOL And Tengaged made our bond even stronger.  I sorta wished we talked more, but I know you'd always be there for me if I ever need it, and that's awesome! :) Thanks for being amazing!
#Runner430 - Keith, you're like the little brother I never had.  You're so adorable in wanting to make me happy, and I always feel some sort of bond that siblings have together.  You mustn't always discredit yourself like you always do.  You're a friendly person, who cares a lot about his friends.  I know you backstabbed me in Stars and all this other shit, but I've gotten over that, and now you're a true friend, and I'm very happy for that. :)
#chelss - You, by far, had the most memorable first impression EVER!  LOL!  I swear I'm not a multi. :P But ever since you switched accounts, you've been a lot nicer, and I respect you a lot.  I may need to ask you for more college help due to my late deadlines! ;) But you're cool! :D
#doodleshugh - I don't know you all that well, but we have a common bond with our love for Etienne, and you always comment really nice things on my blogs, so thank you for that! :D
#Austin - Well I've never had a problem with you, so that's always a plus! (y) I haven't really talked to you all that much, but you seem like a really cool guy, and it would be awesome to get to know ya more. :P So yeah.
#Tigger - You were really fun to work with in Stars.  That was SO INSANE though.  LOL Now we..



23 TheThomas, Jul 31, 2012


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