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6 D882, Feb 21, 2019


That Moment When

3 woeisme, Feb 21, 2019

Zach was more heartbroken over his friendship with Bananas possibly ending then we've ever seen him after a fight with Jenna. 馃


The Challenge

3 woeisme, Feb 21, 2019


Amanda, Ashley, Kam,

0 Russell11, Feb 18, 2019

Da鈥橵onne, Georgia & Zahida were all roommates
What an iconic room tbh


Who is your favorite team on The Challenge

4 Matthew09, Feb 16, 2019

I鈥檓 going to have to say mine is a toss up between Wes/Dee or Nany/Turbo.


I honestly miss the old edit

3 Russell11, Feb 15, 2019

Even with all the TBC鈥檚 at least we saw most of what happened. Theres so much that happened within Episode 2 that we鈥檙e prolly never gonna see (Josh going off on everyone, Zach going off on Hunter, Cara vs Amanda) like wtf



0 D882, Feb 14, 2019

16th - Ash & That Bachelor Boy *Forgot his name - Ashley had it coming. Both of her past wins she had CT carry her/Cory screw over Camilia, then she entered half way through the game for no one to throw her into elimination...her partner legit looks like a bad clone of hilter's fav boys ugh
15 - Amanda & Josh - Josh is there based off bad luck to another comp and Amanda legit protects people who could honestly care less if she was there or not hahah omg girl.
14. Zach & Zahida - Less be reall the layup team. Zach is a piece of shit for what he does to my girl Jenna, he is a scum Trump Supporter too so he can go soon and fast..Zahida is the weakest girl as of right now.
13. Kyle & Mattie - Kyle is so fucking ugly and he only makes it far based off his basic ass alliances. Mattie looks like a beast, but will still have to see. I would like to see her without that broke pirate of the trash bin
12. Leroy & Shaleen - Leroy always cries when he gets put into an elimination and usually loses, he gets carried by his alliance and never wins comps. Shaleen with that wig ain't happening girl ..she is pretty though... this will prob be her first and last challenge.
11. Bananas & Morgan - Bananas is legit so overrated he has a terrible elimination record. He has lost pretty much anyone he has been in. Morgan legit tried to drag bad ass competitors/yet she is a wack ass betch and Im thinking Wes sends them home hahaha yasss
10. Natalie N. & JP - Natalie is a terrible competitor hahah she is so pretty though and JP legit could get it, but social game seems more physical and we all know that doesn't help you survive in this game
9. Hunter & Georgia - Georgia might be my Baby Spice Dark Horse, but Hunter sucks at the social game. He did make a good choice taking out Ashley or was it a bad choice??
8. Kam & Ashley C. - Something about this team screams mid season elimination. We all know the super buff dudes never really do well cause they have bad cardio. Also, Kam has a huge target saying she a queen when she has only played 2 seasons. GL
7. Jenna & Gus - Jenna is mentally not in it if Zach is not there and it is sad af. Gus seems like a good comp however the older boy vets would rather eliminate this team instead of carrying them to a final. Lastly, Jenna lost some points for dealing with Zach like she was at fault.
6. CT & Julia - Hate to put them here cause CT a beast, but not feeling twin girl. Alliance wise they will make it far unless they have a purge challenge where I don't know if Julia can handle it...I dont know her
5. Da'Vonne & Bear - I would love to see this team go far, however they both are emotional players and that can ruin a good team. I think they could take a couple wins though in the comps, but I bet they don't make a final.
4. Paulie & Natalie D. - Huge threats and Paulie is legit a lunatic. I believe they are fighters and will legit break their necks..


Btw is anyone else wondering

2 Russell11, Feb 14, 2019

Just how tf Amanda and Josh beat Nany and Turbo? Like.......


Glad Ashley M is first out

1 Steven999, Feb 14, 2019

Can鈥檛 stand that bitch #thechallenge


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