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does anyone know

5 Imthtawesom, May 4, 2015

if #superfreak is gay irl because hes kind of cute and i know hes single with that fourhead so i wanna know if i can woo him or if hes straight or maybe hes just not into my type or something idk but im too scared to ask and get rejected so please if anyone can tell me anything please do


0 AllieBoBallie, Jul 12, 2014

#Superfreak : AllieBoBallie is a sweet girl and stuff and I sorta wanna ask her out but I feel like she'll just reject me. Actually to be completely honest, I know she'll reject me. The only THONG stopping me from asking her is the idea that this moment right now won't exist. The moment that I've been living in all these years I've known her. The moment that let's me fantasize about the possibility of us growing old together and sharing ourselves emotional, spiritually and sexually (of course) together. All that would come to an end after she rejects me.
[10:21:12 PM] Stefan: you're a funny girl i like talking to you and i feel like if we kept talking we could be best friends
[11:58:29 PM] Sagar: allieboballie is nice
[11:59:47 PM] alexa: Allie youre more tolerable than everyone elsei n this group
[12:01:24 AM] alexa: allie you used to kind of scare me because you knew everyones secrets but now that we've actually been talking youre super girl and fun 2 be around
Lucinda 0 min ago
Shoutout to AllieBOBAllie for having the best eyes i have ever seen
From Timberlie
to BengalBoy
[12:48:07 AM] Ben Milkisgood: ily Alliebohottie I mean Allieboballie, we've been friends for ~a while~ now and you're one of the funniest people I've met, and on top of that you're also able to be sweet and honest, all of which contributes to your likability by just about everyone. We make fun of each other sometimes, but it's only because deep down we really love each other and all that junk =]
[1:03:47 AM] Cesc is 2OvaDaTop4Vivz: but still get a shop
[1:04:01 AM] Allieeee (✿◠‿◠): ill compete to take u out
[1:04:03 AM] Allieeee (✿◠‿◠): =]
[1:04:12 AM] Cesc is 2OvaDaTop4Vivz: i will lick u
[1:04:35 AM] Allieeee (✿◠‿◠): NOW I AM DEFINITELY DOING THAT (inlove)
[1:05:06 AM] Cesc is 2OvaDaTop4Vivz: WOW
[1:05:17 AM] Cesc is 2OvaDaTop4Vivz: id bang ya if u dont compete
[1:05:40 AM] Allieeee (✿◠‿◠): OMG DONT STOP TELL ME MORE
[1:05:48 AM] Cesc is 2OvaDaTop4Vivz: LOOOOOOL
from aimers: AllieBoBallie OK WE ARE NEW FRIENDS, AND YOU SUCK FOR MAKING ME AND CHRISTIAN LOSE EM :( actually it's his fault because he didn't see through your poker face!!! ALSO YOU GAVE ME A 6 I SWEAR!!! alright this is weird but let's stay friends =]
AllieBoBallie more like AllieBoBallsy for posting that starships vlog in a public forum
Sent by donaam,Aug 6, 2014
#Rebelman2227: allieboballie: So we met in that one hunger games and honestly I said to myself, oh no, another one of cam's shitty girlfriends. Little did i know that underneath all the shit was a cute little accent, an adorable little face and most of all, acne. Ok no but seriously, you're one of my favourites to talk to now and i know that we will keep talking more everyday and you will continue to mean more to me everyday and i love knowing that that will happen. Can't wait till that day where we meet because we'd have so much fun together and..


#31 to #60

3 NotAfraid, Jan 1, 2014

My favourite feature of you in your collage pic =]
Fritzyyyyy: your mouth
2008girl: your eyes
FlameonX: your smile
Survivor8: your facial expression
Kizzi: your facial expression
donaam: your smile
GothicZebra: your hair
Ados707: your lips
TolisKalkas: your facial expression
heatherbear: your smile and dimples
DawnM: your hair
Zurks: your lips
Insanity: your smile
Jakehou97: your eyes
Kittykatz553: your nose
Mexash: your hair please tell me how you take care of it I need some tips for myself!!
Rebelman2227: your cute awkward smkile
#Superfreak: you've lost a bit of hair grandpa jk your eyes
Jogon: your nose
imbue: your eyes
JonoB: your eyes
Donagal103: your eyes
Mrpokeguy9: your lips
obscurity: your lips
Teddybear: your eyes
brookie_cookie: your eyes total model status
Milkisgood: your lips
Kaay: your smile
Steel: your eyes



0 tommyboy614, Feb 9, 2013

hes banned

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