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Random.org TGBB20 (4)

9 disneygeek, Jun 10, 2017

Eviction Order:
14th- #Streamx
15th- #BrainJak
16th- #skylord
By a vote of 5-1, #Streamx you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoHs- Libanz00 & Jenna2010
Pre Noms- ( aj1111 & Darriusdabest) & ( ImGonnaWin & Queenisha)
BOB Winners- ImGonnaWin & Queenisha
POV- Jenna2010
Used?- On Darriusdabest
Final Noms- aj1111 & jojo7784
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees may vote).
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PYN for a (brief) opinion #SkonyLives

68 skyler1822, Aug 26, 2016

Edit: Going to try not to write novels and I need some t's again lol
#Streamx - Hey Kaya, you and I have never had any beef before. I don't think you're a bad person. But if I remember correctly, you seem to get caught up in drama a bit. Try to stay away from it if you can
#Galaxies - Another person who gets caught up in drama. I always think that drama can be really overrated and unnecessary. I like you as a person and you and I have always been good
#YasGaga - I feel like you are someone's multi but I'm not sure
#HipposUnite - Hey Christian, I remember you from ages ago (about 3 years or so) when I first started doing castings. I remember you had like a pokemon avi or some and thought that you were nice
#Tanner_ - I always thought you were kind of hyper and a bit over the top lol. Sometimes it seems like you try a bit too hard to get attention (I definitely saw this more with you when you were younger btw)
#Downeaster - One of the realest people on here who knows how to mind her own business and stays out of messiness. If anyone wants to or needs to talk to a girl who will be straight up with you, then this is one of the girls to call. I feel bad for people who don't know you because they're missing out, love you girl
#Brandt69 - Nice kid all around but we don't really talk much. However I do remember being on a skype call with you I think earlier this year and I was really chatty and it was fun haha
#SexyBanana - Idk you personally I don't think. All I know about you is that you're one of those designs people lol
#Jaxon - We used to run into each other in castings I think? I don't really remember tbh and I apologize lol but from what I can recall, you are a nice person
#Petro - Another person who gets caught up in drama for whatever reason. I always thought you were cool and never had any issues with you hun
#BluJay112 - Sorry but idk if I know you so I can't say much lol
#Haileyyy - Same thing again, idk if we have ever spoken before tbh
#LivvieBoo12 - I think you are a sweet girl that gets misunderstood on here. You managed to come a long way though especially when it comes to working with shop owners in order to get designs so get it girl
#KingGeek - Good kid, love your avi, haven't talked to you in ages though
#Arris - I swear you are like the king of selfies on here rofl. I hope you know that I think you're a nice guy who is upfront and well-rounded so keep doing you. I think you're lovely
#m7md26 - Mo, I have known you for a little bit now lol. We used to talk more before. You have always been a friendly and respectful guy no matter what situation you're in
#tryandbeatme16 - Colton, wow I cannot believe we have known each other for like almost 2 and a half years roughly (that's insane). Although we have been very tight for such a long time, we have always been pretty consistent when communication comes to question. I know I can be bad when it comes to trying to stay in touch and for..

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