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11 GiGi10, Feb 20, 2016

KPG - 30 something
Stars - 2nd, 16th, 9th (avg. 9.00)
HG - Won 3
Survivor - 46 merge streak (HOF)
Survivor Streak Blog
It's OVER. Part of me is happy I don't have to worry about getting votes or playing last minute immunities anymore, but overall it kinda sucks that I didn't make the HOF after being so close. Anyways, it was a pretty fun experience for the most part, and I made a lot of good friends, and also became closer with a lot of old friends. This next part is probably gonna be TLDR so yeah skip if you must.
My streak started on tribe catholic icons in FUCKING JANUARY (yikes) and slowly moved into tribe neg finn, which lasted until I merged into tribe litty titty for the final few merges. If you wanna know the secret behind getting a streak, its about 10% skill and 90% luck, especially with swaps. If you get swap fucked there really isn't much you can do, and I could've been voted out a few times because of that if it wasn't for some of my pals looking out for me.
Basically, you need a strong core alliance with mostly non-useless people (ex. ak73) but also a few useless people (ex. hints) that will sheep you if necessary. And then you need to have connections on the OT in case they are winning most of the comps and you need them to throw (this happened so many times). But again it's mostly just luck.
Okay now imma do shout outs and if I forget you I'm so sorry but I've merged with like hundreds of people so yeah.
#shyannemystik - you being voted out was the first TRAGIC vote of my streak, we were all idiots but yeah.. ILY and hope you are doing well <3 (merges 1-15)
#icebeast - we got a lot closer during this which was nice, idk where the fuck you are now, but yeah you getting voted out was also sad, FUCKING VLAD! (merges 1-19)
BrenLa - fuck you for wanting to be voted out like 4 merges in, we could've merged so long dumb bitch (merges 1-7)
Oysterman11 - you went inactive like 2 merges in and basically became my multi so thanks ig (merges 1-16)
TRIBE NEG FINN (merges 23-43):
adrius - you were SUCH a good ally, you did literally anything for us, thanks so much for your help <3 (merges 21-27)
alanb1 - you merged twice into our tribe, the first was a lot less dramatic than the second. I don't know why the fuck I trusted you after you fucked me over like 3 times with votes but it worked out. You're alright but you need to lose some of your paranoia (merges 12-18 & 23-24)
hints - erm.. we had our ups and down during our time on the tribe didn't we x. I don't really know if you don't like me or if you are just trying to be "funny" but you are a cool woman and I'm glad you joined our tribe like 6 times, gave me a nice sheep for many of the swaps we had together. Sorry for voting you out that one time hehe (merges 23-39 on and off..)
violets - probably..


Please unban my boo

1 djrnc33, May 18, 2015

@shyannemystik #shyannemystik


someone answer me

4 ColdWaters, May 12, 2015

why is #shyannemystik banned



0 macken, May 12, 2015




7 Oliviaxoxo, Nov 10, 2014

Mar 6, 2015 09:22:11
hellooooo :) i am in love with your bubbly personality, hahha youre just so cute and fun all the time! i feel like I always say we should talk more and you always agree and then we never get around to actually doing it! :P but yeah i think that you are one of the nicest people on this site, and people should look at you as an example and stop being so rude to one another!
Mar 6, 2015 16:29:38
No title
Olivia there is so much to say!! I love how genuine you are. Rather it be in kindness, humour, personality and compassion. You are one of the few girls on here I consider a good friend of mine and I'm glad I can say one is you. I'm glad we finally shave spoken more after always tagging each other in blogs saying we wished we talked more. You are now my favourite welsh and I'm very glad we met. Ignore anything negative said about you  the person who says such bad things is probably either drunk, high, or suffering amnesia. You're lovely!!
Oliviaxoxo - WORST FOR LAST. Thank you absolutely everything you do for me, you certainly do a lot and I appreciate all of it. You're the sweetest person I have come to meet on this website and I just adore you in every way possible. We could talk literally about any topic in the world and you would still find a way to make me laugh and make me look awkward in front of the family D: I'm so glad I am able to call you one of my best friends on this site because you always improve my day and make me smile just by being you :) You have such an amazing personality and perfect sense of humor, as well as many other perfect things about you! Thank you for all the help and support you have given me this past year that we have known each other, you have really impacted me in a positive way and I can't thank you enough for it :) Just talking to you and seeing how caring and positive you are always improves my mood and makes me think even higher of you. I think you're extremely kind, loving, hilarious and cute, don't let anyone's opinion make you think any other way. And I love your adorable accent on call too, it's perfect. Love you :) #Smoothstalker12
Mar 6, 2015 14:03:16
you said bullshit so i dont know if you deserve one?
OLIVE GARDEN, you know what I think of you..you are a very sweet girl and you are really funny too especially when you are drunk..you make me laugh cause you copy everything I SAY SOMETIMES FOR. NO REASON..im not giving you a long ass one cause you KNOW everything already..love you :)



11 samnala, Aug 16, 2014

And special guest
#Shyannemystik 's dick
Coreyants :
#Shyannemystik : I'M NOT DOING IT
#Yoboyy_luke : I don't even know why your last name is ants...bc...i don't know. TIME OUT LET ME RESTART. Coreyants you cool or whatever. I had 2 lv ur frt kuz i had to join sheena den I leve sheenas then I joine Hujain then Jack yelled at me for not starring people and you're kool. GL on stars when youre unable to be nommed
#Samnala : Lol I like you in a non sexual way
#Aydanmac01 : When I ever I think of your name, I think of a large gay bear ready to pounce on me
#Shyannemystik 's Vagina : Oh, man if you we're straight you still wouldn't get @ me woww
#Yoboyy : CHELSYYYYYY U IS MY BITCHHHHHH IM JK U IS MY BITCH BUT STILL> *lols* I SAVED YOU IN THAT 2- whatever vote and I d cif you don't know but we still talk to eachother in games and you my home *black people words*
#Aydanmac : Chealsea, lets send u to the slaughterhouse and turn you into PURPLE BACON
#Samnala : Hey, you're cool. I'm cool. Meet me after school k?
#Shyannemystik : NO LOL
#Yoboyy : *Nuh uh* *Scratches head, fleas flying out* Like oh wow she's got some rodents. DONT PUT THAT I SWEAR TO GOD. Anyways..... Bb lover 96 u thirst. Butt... we gots some ups and downs butt.... U MAKE ME MAD... Butt... u cool. YOu have those people that you love them, but then u like o we cool, and yea. But I don't Know if I can trust you. Because you always stick a knife in my butthole. And we haven't played a game in forever. Lets keep it that way. Anyways, jk. Anyways byeeeeeee. LOL Jk. Oh by the way. Gift me. If you want. Idk. *More rambling about whores* and liek yeahhhh
#Aydan : I don't have any opinion on you. Like why jocasta. And on your avatar theres something about what you're wearingggggg? And likeeee? You ain't no angel hun. Gurll.
#Shyanne : Im not doing any opinions!
#Yoboyy: Oh my god. Whats with you and ducks. Wtf. OOO let me talk. You got it? YOu good? You good you ready? Anyway u ready? Ducky quakc quack luls. Idl you. That was a LONG time ago when I was a noob. And I was lying to you. And you like "Shut uppppppp" and then like excuse me dun tell me to shut up. Also allan is cool. Also why do you lick ducks. Laughing ducks. And ducks quack. u dismisssed. And u gun try and get ppl to vote me out in our gayme and like u cummin at the wrong person u dismissed quack quack whore.
#Aydan : I just met you five minutes agooooo? And she corrects me when I say her name wrongggg. And your eyes on your avi make me want to stab them. [ Yoboyy adds: O what the fuck is with her eyes. *Nuh uh* dismissed ] Also, if you..

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