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400th Game Charity Success!

8 mminervini219, Jul 24, 2015

Thank you guys so much for helping!
Let me know if you ever need anything :-)


Nice job

0 Vindaloo, Jul 22, 2015

Seems #rohanchaubey has been caught as the attacker?
In England the punishment is 1 year imprisonment and/or a fine of 5,000....in some cases people have had to serve a sentence, community service and a fine of 100,000+...good enough for him!!


Next Time you have $50

7 Yoshitomi, Jul 22, 2015

To offer to anyone, don't give it to hackers.
Give it to a charity, or to your parents, or to a homeless person.
Or to a friend.
Or to Rando because you want it to benefit Tengaged.
Or to Tengaged_Moderation because they get paid in virtual money.
My sister gave me £40 to buy clothes because I haven't bought clothing for a long time. XD
That's how broke I am. ^_^


I miss

11 krrais, Aug 21, 2014

is he coming back? :(


i said i'd finish the pyn!:)

2 Oliviaxoxo, Jul 31, 2014

..better late than never!!:p
OldNewz I dont really know you that well but we used to be in the same frat! i think we've played a handful of games together and you seemed really nice!
panda6785 omg im so glad i met you in that frooks! we dont talk much outside of games which is a shame but i always love playing with you because you're always 100% loyal and such a lovely lovely person!!
acyuta i've never come across you personally but i've seen you around and we have a few mutual friends! you seem really nice and i hope we can play together/ chat soon!:)
rowan22 ive played a few castings with you and you're quite random and funny lol!!
Argai thank you for the grats! i dont think we've ever come across each other but i love the people on your first page friends list and get along with them really well so im sure we'd get along well too :)
JamieAndre Awh Jamie you are great fun to be around! i love that we're becoming even closer friends even if it means youre getting sassy with me ;) you're such an approachable person who is friendly to anyone and really knowledgeable with stuffs going on!! loves yoou < 33
GoodAllan awh we met in thg which was the first time playing for both of us (And we did great lol!) you were such a trustworthy ally and im so glad we got to meet! i love having you in the frat because you're always up for frat games and is great company :) loves! < 33
#rohanchaubey we've been great friends for some time now! you're always so sweet and such a good friend to me! we haven't spoken in a while, probably because we've both been busy but we should play a game together soon definitely because i miss talking! love you lots!
edit: omg posting this i realised you were banned, WHAT?!:(
Striky i dont think we've ever met? but im always up for making new friends lol!
C00LDUDE1000 i think we've played a few games together because i definitely recognise your avi name! but idk if we talked much? sorry my memory is bad lol, i probably play too many games!:p you seem like a nice person though so i hope we play together some time:)
Sam_Hamwich we've definitely played games together because i remember thinking your avi name was cool lol!:p i dont think we talked much though but you seem friendly!:)
Claud awhhh every time we're in a game together and im like yeeey finally we have a chance to get to know each other better, one of us gets voted out really early!:p you are really sweet from the little time we have spoken and i hope we get a longer game together sooon Claudieeeeee!!


Survivor RANDOM

2 rodrigueseve, May 17, 2014

Choose one of the team and coment your name and the team. You choose:
The tribes:
La Mina:


finally im black level :-)

4 yr_2007, May 4, 2014

joined on october 27th and took 6 months to come this far :-)
thanks all for being a part of my tengaged life
some special mention to my dear frnds without whom i could hav never reached till here
special thanks to m7md he taught me so many secrets to level up so luv u mo my tengaged bro
and my 4 bffs rohan,jj,carter,mo :-)

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