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[Advantages Added] Survivor: Roblox

1 Ryan_Jambe, Aug 3, 2019

New advantages have been added and you can play the updated game here >> https://www.roblox.com/games/3435258945/ADVANTAGES-ADDED-Survivor-Roblox


Black Tribe Wins Tribal Wars

7 Loopspeare, Aug 2, 2019

So Tantivities just hosted his solo season for round four of Island of Loop 4 and after a mostly one-sided season (Jason almost made a comeback for his tribe, but he got beaten by someone in the end), I say that we officially have an all-black tribe as winners.
This wasn't a coincidence. Karen_Needles deliberately chose black people as her tribe members and then claimed that the season was predetermined ahead of time. While I can say that the later is false, it's pretty iconic of them to stick together. I bet that Timster is shaking right now.
So yeah. Play Tribal Wars on #Roblox if you wanna play in seasons like this one.


Blowout Tribal Wars Game

2 Loopspeare, Aug 1, 2019

Welp. I just played Tribal Wars on #Roblox hosted by DLS again and my tribe destroyed the other one. It was six on five with us having the six and we won every single challenge. It was a longish season because the other tribe chose meritocracy, but it was overall fun.
Like last season, we were dressed up as a tribe all nicely again. We stan.


Intense Season of Tribal Wars

1 Loopspeare, Jul 30, 2019

Well I just played in quite an intense season of Tribal Wars on #Roblox.
Sog won light captain and Riley won dark captain. I was picked on Sog's tribe alongside Kris, Diana, Bay, and ShaneDawson12345 (called Skinny). Dark tribe was mostly flops. We voted for autocracy and elected Sog as autocrat while the other tribe was a theocracy.
Anyway, we were the red tribe and we Sog, Kris, Diana and I colour coordinated. Skinny tried to but couldn't really since he was playing on Kindle.
We won the first challenge (human joust) and Blizzard (one of the few good players on the other tribe) self-sacrificed.
In the second challenge, it was the truss obby. It was 4v4 and we were winning when it was 3v3 but then the only person remaining on their tribe, Shimmer, quit the game and so we lost by default. Sog eliminated Skinny since he threatened to overthrow or something. ROFL
After that, I single-handedly won trivia for our tribe and their weakest member self-sacrificed. After that, it was an uphill battle.
We lost tag challenge which was fine since we eliminated a noob named Bay. Then we lost the 2v2 ladders challenge and lost Diana. Sad.
Finally, we lost the tightrope challenge as well. I volunteered to be eliminated and so Sog granted me my final wish. I then left the game for a bit returned to see that Sog beat Riley in the final challenge, allowing her to win. Overall, it was an intense season. Thanks for hosting, ddllss! :)


TrIBaL WaRs.

1 Yoshi_1111, Jul 22, 2019

You've waited for it, it's finally here! Season 93 is about to be underway! Starting with 8+! https://www.roblox.com/games/447356739/Tribal-Wars


Come Play Tribal Wars

0 Loopspeare, Jul 16, 2019

Come play Tribal Wars hosted by Yoshi_1111! We're starting in 1 minute.


NEW Survivor: Roblox

2 Ryan_Jambe, Jul 8, 2019

It's finally out. It is the early stages but hopefully many new features to come over the next few weeks.
Come and play here >> https://www.roblox.com/games/3435258945/NEW-Survivor-Roblox-Beta
#roblox #survivor


Tribal wars.

1 Yoshi_1111, Jun 29, 2019

Well, time for Tribal Wars yet again! I'm hosting, and starting at XX:12! https://www.roblox.com/games/447356739/Tribal-Wars


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