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PYN for opinion

16 MaggieWong, Oct 17, 2014

Sheena - Beautiful girl! Haven't talked much, I just hope you have a personality just as beautiful! Love to talk!
MelihV - I think you where on the fist ever group game I played, now I'm hooked on them! :D thanks for introducing me to them and love you!
Lol4ever - Love the name! We all need to optimistic and happy! Enjoy our life! :D. We should talk!
magge555550101 - Love you so much! I can always rely on you and you are one of my first friends I had on this site! You are such a nice guy and I support you through whatever! Show the world who you are cos you are amazing Hun! Big thank you for making my time on this website amazing! #BFF
Maya10 - One of the best role players I have EVER seen, your characters are so realistic and I love rping with you! You are such a contribution to group games and a lovely person to be friends with! Keep being amazing because you are a superstar! #RPLegend
Blatastic1234 - Group game legend! I love your group games so much and I love to RP with you! You are so much fun and I always have a good time talking with you. I would love to participate in another of your awesome RP group games! Love you so much and stay awesome!
Tuter32 - Love you so much! A great host and friend! You are amazing at RP! We are so good as a team! Love you to pieces! Bffs for life! #AmazingGuy
Kenu67 - Amazing host and rper, i am entranced in your dark days RP! I love it! I would love to be in more group games with you, you are awesome!
Kokidd - Very cool guy! I love your RPing as it's always fun and different. You always bring something different to your characters which is great for rping! I love rping with you and you are one of the best rpers I have seen! Love you! Xox
Snowgirl57 - We rped quite a lot in Xmen but then we stopped talking, I miss our rp :(
Warthhogs - Bestie! You are so much fun and I love talking to you! I enjoy every moment I am with you and you are a great person! Keep being awesome!

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