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Kitty Girl vs.Read U

3 adamsel, Mar 21, 2018

I think my problem with Kitty girl is that the attentions less on the contestants. Read U Wrote U and Category is had very little RuPaul and backup dancers and like it was the contestants time to shine. This one had hella backup dancers and a huge chorus from rupaul. Like there was literally a section of just the judges.
Category Is > Read U Wrote U > Kitty Girl
Trixie > Shangela > Bebe > Kennedy for lyrics. Bebe's was nonsense but at least it was sort of funny? Kennedy's wasn't anything
Katya > Shea > Alaska > Peppermint > Trixie > Sasha > Detox > Shangela > Trinity > Bebe > Kennedy > Roxxxy Overall verses


Rumored All Stars 4 cast

2 Matthew09, Mar 19, 2018

*Victoria Porkchop Season 1 first eliminated queen of #rpdr *


RPDR Entrance Rankings (First 10 Mins)

2 _Adidas_, Mar 19, 2018

FUUUUCK This season looks so promising I can see it beating Season 6/4/5 in terms of looks/drama/lip syncs
1. Monet Exchange
2. Eureka O'Hara
3. Miz Cracker
4. Yuhua Hamasaki
5. Vanessa Vanjie
6. Asia O'Hara
7. Aquaria
8. Mayhem Miller
9. Kalorie Karbdashian
10. The Vixen
11. Kameron Michaels
12. Monique Heart
13. Dusty Ray Bottoms
14. Blair St. Clair


What queens said no to All Stars 3?

6 Jake6991, Mar 19, 2018

According to this video, Willam said there were 7 queens that said no.
around 37:10


Who had the most potential?

8 Jake6991, Mar 18, 2018

Victoria "Porkchop" Parker
Venus D'Lite
Alisa Summers
Penny Tration
Kelly Mantle
Tempest DuJour
Jaymes Mansfield
I'd say Kelly.


RPDR 10 Cast Pre-Season rankings

3 sihz, Mar 17, 2018

1. Miz Cracker - Gorgeous, funny and there's something about her that is so cool i can't quite grasp what it is, maybe it's her Barbie-sque look gone draggish. I can't wait to see what she delivers and I usually dont root for NY queens but she won me over
2. Blair St. Claire - Gorgeous fish and humble and one of my favourite things is her aesthetics, 50's - 60's retro queen she reminds me of the ladies in the Edward Scissorhands movie, amazing. And her makeup is flawless I think the comedy and the dancing could be her weakness though
3. Yanua Hamasaki - I didn't like her initially but I feel like she will be one of the frontrunners of the competition so yes for talent.
4. Monique Heart -  her face reminds me of Dax ExclamationPoint and I think that even though she says shes on a low budget, she could have a lot of hidden talents in her. Her personality is pretty charming so that's a plus!
5. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo - I'm pretty sure she's gonna be a big personality and I looooooooove her "I'm a whore, I'm ghetto, I don't give a fuck" attitude. LOVE HER
6. Kameron Michaels - Hot out of drag, muscle queen I like that she's breaking the boundaries of trying to mix their day life with their night life I don't think we have had this stereotype broken before so props to her. He's kinda self centered on social media though so that's a turnoff, I think she can deliver a lot of good stuff but she's gonna reach her peak and that's when she gets out
7. Mayhem Miller - She gives me Peppermint vibes, not a polished drag but her charismatic and charming personality will get her far but girl that makeup... yikes.
8. Eureka O'Hara - I dont think people will be as hyped for her as they were the first season, Cynthia's effect. I still believe she will be be great tv character and hopefully she makes it further than she did before she was removed for injuries. I still don't care much for her
9. Aquaria - I feel like she will be overrated and the Aja of the season. Her work is alright, not impressive looks but she has earnt her own fanbase and popularity somehow so she's hard working, but her personality is bratty
10. Asia O'Hara - She's just not memorable enough for me sorry but I might be highly surprised by her I feel like
11. Dusty Ray Bottoms - A kinder version of Acid Betty I think and with that, an downgraded version of her drag as well. I hope she doesn't disappoint me though bc part of me still wants her to succeed
12. Monet X Change - I don't know about her, she might deliver good stuff but I'm not impressed yet. Also girl where's the makeup?
13. The Vixen - Dancing queen, but what else?
14. Kalorie Karbdashian - I'm not buying her "big girl" shtick, she's annoying, her looks aren't interesting and I don't think she can bring any talent onto the show honestly and she's fan of the kardashians, that's enough to give her last place.


Just watched Alaska's reaction

1 iiVoloxity, Mar 17, 2018

To her winning AS2 and Trixie was right beside her when she found out, coincidence?


All Stars 3 is over

6 iiVoloxity, Mar 16, 2018

And we still dont know who Bebe sent home and brought into the competition. Fucking bitch


AS3 Final Ranking

3 AlanDuncan, Mar 16, 2018

1. Shangela
2. Aja
3. Kennedy
4. Trixie
5. Chi Chi
6. Thorgy
7. Morgan
8. De La
9. Bebe
10. Milk


I loved Thorgy's keeping it real ass

4 Matthew09, Mar 16, 2018

this season, she's like our all stars 1 tammie brown
she was not here for the shenanigans bullshit LOL
wut an icon #rpdr


All Stars ≠ Drag Race

6 _Adidas_, Mar 16, 2018

I feel like Ru is making All-Star seasons more of an actual Reality TV competition show (like Survivor/Big Brother/The Challenge) while a regular season of Drag Race is more skill based (like ANTM/X Factor/Got Talent/Face Off)
In regular seasons Ru makes the decisions based on the new queens performances
In returning queen seasons they are all well known in the Reality TV world and have already shown their skills. The All-Star concept just changes the show to be competitive from a "game" perspective (Working in teams/Voting each other out/vote for a winner) where social/strategy comes/floating/alliances comes in play
In this version, Shangela could have voted out Trixie. Detox could have voted out Alaska. Chi Chi voted her best friend. Roxxy was saved by her alliance. Alyssa could have voted out Roxxy weakening the alliance). Mandora could have worked as a team. In case of a double lip sync winner, both TOPs could have chosen 2 lip sticks.
Edit: Okay yeah also they didnt really know there would be a jury so thats riga morris


Let's talk about this messy finale

1 Matthew09, Mar 16, 2018

Almost as messy as season 9s finale lol
I actually like how they let them vote BUT the decision was wrong we all know should have been Shangie/Trixie f2. AND Kennedy murdered Trix in that lip sync. I'm so tired of the same boring moves Trixie has been doing since season 7 (well she hasn't progressed in that area) shade.
Ru knows Kennedy killed that lip sync, but I agree Trixie should have won over Kennedy BUT this is proof the show is rigged if Ru wants to say "lip sync 4 your legacy bs"
Been calling it rigged since all stars 2. It's about who has the biggest brands. Shangie robbed. #rpdr


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