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Just finished watching RPDR

3 Etienne, Jun 21, 2018

Honestly I think I'm rooting for Aquaria to win. She's been serving amazing looks the whole season, her personality can be slightly annoying at times but I think she deserves the crown for being the fiercest of the final 4. This is a really strong final 4 tho, I can see why Rupaul kept all of them, I'd be happy with any of them winning tbh.


Ranking RPDR Verses

7 adamsel, Jun 16, 2018



3 Neximos, Jun 15, 2018

Ok, I loved Aquaria from the beginning and I want her win so badly. It would be homophobic if she wouldnt win.
If she wont win. I will myself


They are so shady

2 nikw98, Jun 14, 2018

For showing kameron doing the same move on all three lip syncs LMAO #RPDR


RPDR Prediction

1 CalebDaBoss, Jun 14, 2018



6 Neximos, Jun 14, 2018

Mariah Balenciaga (s3)
Valentina (s9)
Gia Gunn (s6)
Trinity Taylor (s9)
Naomi Smalls (s8)
Latrice Royale (s4+AS1)
Monét X Change (s10)
Blair St. Clair (s10)
Farrah Moan (s9)
Manila Luzon (s3+AS1)
Ongina (s1)
I think that this is pretty good cast. Better than AS3.
I think that Blair and Farrah shouldnt be there.
Just saying lol


For the ladies watching from the back...

0 fearlessfoxy, Jun 14, 2018

...that is what we call a lip sync for your life! YAS henny! Monet did that!

#RPDR #DragRace #Casting #Rookies


Big Brother Stars #185254 My Opinion

9 FoxyWinters, Jun 11, 2018

The_Domany is 15th
Well i dont know him,i was expecting a cool guy that goes far in the game but...no,he was one of the first tengagers to be evicted and i dont know what to think,maybe he wasnt that good or he just need more days in the house to see what he have?
For me is a good player,i think he can also be libe Domany but right now he is playing a good game.Is not one of my favs but he will go far in the game
I love her!Is one of my bet to win this season.As i said before i think she can win if she dont get nominated becouse i remember when people were causing drama with her so maybe is evicted
Omg defo a threat,he is a very good player and he can easily win.He know how to play this game so he has everthing to win
He is so sweet!!!I think i love his skin hahahaha and also is one of my bets,i just think is making a good game and that is doint great,i hope he go far
Another threat for the players,i think she can win becouse she was nominated one time but saved by so much people so i tink she can go far and even if people dont take care of her,win
i rellly think that he must be saved,in his speach he said so many beautiful things,is so hard to be nom with a very good friend and i think they nominated togeather becouse they think they are a threat,if you stay please go far!
Yay my sister of #rpdr is in the game!She is my fav to win this game becoue se represent the drag comunitie and i love her so much,at this moment she is doing a great game and i hope she also go far
She is a threat for everyone becouse she has many fans.She can go far but i think not to win becouse she was so close to leave the house with the last poll
I dont know you but you are making a great game and you can go far,gl
You are cousing drama and probably you will be evictedim so sorry for you to be nom with your friend
Another of my favs to win this season,queen!You are so cool and you now how to play BB in a great game
Im so appy to see you here,make your best and try to win
M_Davis1998 14th
Queen i was hoping to see you at the house,im so sorry
maturo 16th
Everyone hated you and i dont know why,im so sorry for your eviction
I dont know you but you are making a good game,gl
Tell me your opinions!


I love Monet X Change

4 Macda27, Jun 10, 2018


Drag Race PYN Community

5 Macda27, Jun 10, 2018

Hey RPDR fans, ever since I started my own Drag Race PYN series, many others have made their own series which I love. This blog is mainly just me trying to share the love and tag people who I know have got their own series:
Macda27 (Series completed; 15 normal seasons/3 All-Star seasons/2 Second Chance seasons/1 All-Winners season)
Hellomynameis347 (Still running; 12 normal seasons/ 2 All-Star seasons/ 2 Rudemption Quest seasons)
immaxyman (Still running; 16 normal seasons/ 6 All-Star seasons)
Sloth_Roman (Still running; 8 normal seasons/ 2 All-Star seasons)
TheDiamondWls (Still running; 5 normal seasons/ 1 All-Star season)
jihyosus (Still running; 4 normal seasons)
Neximos (New series; 2 normal seasons)
:D what an amazing community! Comment more Tengagers if I’ve missed any!


Drag fans

3 Macda27, Jun 10, 2018

Comment every type of drag queen possible (Campy/Pageant/Gothic) below


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