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24 acyuta, Jul 11, 2015

OMG Thankyou to 48.5% votes
Hello for the last time from inside the Stars house #347 Tengaged! :D
The game has been one hell of a ride. A game full of various kind of people and it was hard as no one seemed to be trustworthy. I did not know anyone from the cast properly prior to the game, so I had to be more social to them ofcourse. It was difficult not because there were no one to trust but because not even a single nomset would go through without being split by someone, atleast 1.
Being called a popular threat never helps you. People came up with various sets which included me and I had to find a way to avoid being nominated. With a cast like this, I am proud i was not nominated more than 3 time and that says it all. Till the final moment of day 13, lies were said easily.
I had to lie and try to play a strategic game too, because of how well this cast was at lying which is not an easy task against some of the people really good at it. In the process, I made some haters that I regret. But they all either targetted me or lied to me, so it was not for nothing.
I was never in a Duo, never in a so called premade and still managed to alter nomsets whenever I could. I tried to gain trust from people I thought could be trusted from single digits onwards but the splits went on!
After losing by 1.5% last stars, this is the second time I am in finals. It is totally upto you tengaged, as I said in my speech, all I need is #OneLastPush because I really hope to win it after a really hectic game.
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